In this article I will teach you how you can find trusted sellers for your dropshipping business. If you want to build a brand with Shopify and make money for a long time by building  a strong community and brand by dropshipping, this blog will guide you to the right path.




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In this blog I will explain everything you need to know before you decide to work with any new sellers in AliExpress. If you want to focus on your dropshipping business full time and want to build a successful business online you have to think long term. You have to make sure that you are treating the AliExpress seller like your business partner not just someone who is selling on AliExpress.

You have make sure you prioritize them and build a long term relationship with them which will help you to scale your business. Now you must be asking that’s all good and dandy but how can I figure out these sellers in China are legitimate and not another scammer.

Well in this article I will show you everything you need to know before putting your trust on any sellers and start listing their products in your shopify store.

What Is Dropshipping:

Now you might be someone who heard about dropshipping from youtube or other social media or you friend circle and you are doing you research to figure out what is dropshipping and how you can make money selling things from China.

So for any newbies here is 10000 feet overview-

Dropshipping is selling method where you don’t have to own any merchandises or warehouse to sell any product. You need own an online store and leverage the 3rd party seller who owns the product that you want to sell in your ecommerce store. All you do is list the product in your online store and run ads to the product page. Once you get a sell, you turn around and buy the product from the manufacturer who then will pack and ship the product to your customer in your behalf.

The main reason why dropshipping became famous is because you don’t have to own or spend money for any products before you make any sale. In traditional retail business you have own a lot of merchandises in order top start your business or else people will not trust or buy from you. But in this case you are leveraging products for free in your store and only buying the products after someone purchase the product from you.

Best Platform to Find Third Party Sellers:

Now before deciding what to sell you need to learn what product is selling in the market place. It crucial that you know that, the product that you going to sell and spend money behind ads for has a potential buyer market. If you don’t know how you can profitable product in your ecom store check out the video that I posted where I explained everything you need to know in order to find products that you will be able to source and sell in your online store.

Now after you find the product that you want to sell you have to find a third party seller who sells that product. Ideally most of the dropshippers use chinese manufacturer cause they are cheap. Also, any product that you research in Amazon to find your hot product is sources from Alibaba, which is the biggest B2B market in China and the world.

Now most dropshippers turn into Alibaba to find third party sellers who can work as your supplier for the product that you gonna source and sell in your store. Majority of the dropshippers starts their dropshipping business using AliExpress, aka the Amazon of China. They also has the largest amount of individual sellers in their paltform with the largest amount of product collection in the world.

You can literally search for any product and you will be able to search and find sellers who is making replica of that product, which you can list without any permission of the sellers.

But here is problem, not all the seller in AliExpress are equal. Though you see hundreds of seller making the same product you need to focus on finding the seller who would care about your business and will stick with you the longest. Also, you have to chose the seller who sells highest quality, product because that’s the only way you will be able to stand out among your competition.

Now let me show you what you should look for when you are sourcing product from AliExpress.

Sort the Product Catalog By Order:

After find the product that you want to sell in your shopify store, you can simply go to and search for the product using using the product title. There are millions of sellers out there may be selling the same product which is normal. Now your job is finding the sellers who has a good track record.

So the first filter you should use to filter out the best sellers – Sort the list by “Order”

When you sort by ORDER, you will see the product with the highest amount of order worldwide. When you see a sellers get huge amount of order for a particular product, proof that the product quality of that supplier is better than others. Or else there would not so many people would buy the product from that particular seller.

If you can stay from the seller who offer a lower price for a product but has no sells record. Thats a indication that they are new or something wrong with their product quality.

Look Over the Review:

The second thing you should look at the real reviews from the customers who actually buy that product. I tend to look for the photo reviews from the sellers, which shows actual quality of the product.

More positive reviews with the pictures gives you the assurance that the seller is not a scam bag and they really care about the customers. Also you can tell the actual quality of the product.

These images could be used in your website for real life proof that the product has some serious quality. But before you take any images from the customer review ask to the seller and they will never say know.


Look for Higher Quality Images for the Product:

As the proverb goes, a picture worth on thousand words. If your manufacturer does not care about higher quality images for the product, then he is not about the business to serve you. Every great product seller should have high quality image for their product because they well aware of the dropshippers and their customers. Always select a product that has great images that you can use in your product listing.

Your product images will sell your products, so make sure any seller that you work with willing to have real life images in their listing. Also, they going to cooperate with you if you are asking for additional real life images of their product that you going to sell in your store.

Third Party Seller is Responsive and Willing to Work With You Best on Your Needs:

The last and most imaportant thing you should focus on is finding sellers who are responsive and willing to cooperate with you best on your need. An ideal seller will answer your question within 12 to 24 hours. If they care about you and you business they are willing to answer anything that you want to know about them and their company. Simply send a message and have a conversation with them. Ask question such as how big is their company, if they are manufacturer of the product and if they can branding of the product if needed.

If they are legitimate seller they will not hide anything from you except confidential information. Also, confirm things like – if you sell a lot of product will they be able to send out the product quicker to your customers and will be able to keep making and supplying product for a large amount of daily order.

It is crucial for you to know that before hand because if you find a winning product that you can sell profitably, you need to have a manufacturer who will be able to support you. If they can’t than they are not your potential business partner.

Also, you can ask if they will consider giving discounts and do special customization for the product if you consistently order the same product from them. If you want to be in this business than you must have to build a brand. and to build a brand you only need one hit product that will make you known within your niche.

Any good seller willing to negotiate and willing to work with you to build your brand if they care about you and your business.

Final Words:

Alright that’s the end. Hopefully you found some golden nuggets out of this article. Now you need to take action. Follow the steps and find your own business partner in China who will help you to build your brand and make a lot of money online.