If you’re looking for further insight on the Funnel360, we have you covered. We’ll go over everything this all in one funnel build has to offer and whether or not it’s the right choice for you and your business.




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What is the Funnel360?

To start, let’s actually cover what exactly the Funnel360 is. The Funnel360 is an funnel builder for the business owner, marketer and entrepreneurs who wants to build a system online . It comes with a built in Video Creator, Graphics Editor, and Page Builder, offering the the quality of life convenience of having everything you need in one program. The Funnel360’s ease of use is such that anybody can pick it up and put it to use; you don’t need to be tech savvy at all.

The Features

The Funnel360 is a Drag-N-Drop style funnel  builder. That means that most anything you want to do to your site — any changes, edits or creations you have in mind — can be done with one simple click and drag, or vice versa. For example, you can resize pieces of your website and relocate them with the greatest of ease. No fuse or hassel. Whatever you change will still be responsive on the site. So if you wanted to make something smaller or larger and move it to a new section of the page, you can, and it will only take but a second.

The Funnel360 allows you to create all kinds of funnels with just few simple click. You can create optin funnels,webinar funnels. Traffic funnels and lead funnels are at your disposal, too — all of this with just one click.

If you were worried about needing a domain or host for your sites, you don’t need to because you don’t need them. The Funnel360 instead provides your sites with access to its fast CDN servers. Best part: it does all of this for free. So there’s no need to spend absurd amounts of money on maintaining hosts and domains when you use the Funnel360. The Funnel360 will personally keep all your pages, websites, and funnels up and running for free. It will also see to it that their load times are minimal.

If you have ideas for changing up the look and feel of any of your pages, the A/B testing that comes standard with the Funnel360 has you covered. You can use it to create a variety of different variants for your funnels and pages. Anything you don’t like you can scrap. You can keep going until you find the style that best suits your taste.

The Funnel360 also comes with automatic pixel placement. This gives it the ability to create all kinds of retargeting lists. You can use it for any sites you have in mind as well. For example, if you wanted to create a new list for your Facebook, the Funnel360 can do it for you. Sites likes Google and other platforms are susceptible as well.

With most of society browsing the Internet through their phones, you’ll probably want any site you can create to be mobile friendly as well. The Funnel360 can handle this. You can use it to create fast-loading mobile sites just as easily as you would desktop sites. These sites will be just as intuitive and appealing as their desktop counterparts — possibly even moreso.

You’ll want to keep track of your sites success once you’ve gotten it up and running. The Funnel360 can handle this for you too. The software grants you the ability to monitor the analytics of your pages. You can track all sorts properties anytime you want. These properties include things like clicks and conversions. The level of impressions to minute can also be monitored. Like most everything else with the Funnel360, all of these things are accessible with a simple click. You can do this with all of your pages.

The Funnel360 will also let you monitor other things. If you want to see the stats of your pages’ gross revenue, you can. It also allows for to keep track of the total amount of orders made for any of your products. You can even look at the number of opt-ins made at specific times. You can keep an eye on any and everything in order to make sure your site is running smoothly.

The Funnel360 is GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data is protected and that your privacy remains private. You won’t need to fear any of your personal information getting out through the Funnels use. On top of this, the Funnel360 is SEO friendly and allows you to produce any number of ultra fast pages that you desire. Sites will be polished and quick to load, giving them the professional feel that you desire.

Finally, the Funnel360 comes with an autosave feature. With this, every change that you make to your pages will be saved, eliminating any chances for accidental data loss. For instance, if you accidentally close the tab your working in or your computer runs out of juice unexpectedly, all of your work will be still be there when you get things up and running again.

Funnel360: How To

Use of the Funnel360 can be broken down into three simple steps:

Pick out your sales funnel.

Edit your sales funnel.

Publish your sales funnel.

All of this is made easy. Funnel360 offers you a variety of different funnels to choose from. You can pick from sales, conversion email, webinar, lead, traffic, and even product launch.

Once you’ve done that, you can add and edit all of your site’s elements from headline text and paragraphs, to videos and images. You can add, calls to action, interactive forms, social icons and even countdown timers if you like. There are also over 1000s of different shapes to pick from.

There are over a hundred different templates that you can choose from too if you would prefer not to create your website or landing page from scratch. You can edit the templates to look however you like as well.

If you already have a website or landing page, you can import it, edit it as much as you wish, and convert it into an ultra-fast page that’s ready to be publish in less than a few minutes.

All that’s left after is to publish your work. Everything will be live the moment the funnel is.