Based on studies, the most successful online store has about 54,000 followers on Facebook. With numerous likes on Facebook Page allows creating an online community of people to engage with on your niche and products.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

It has been noted that the store sold a high volume of products due to Facebook popularity. Wanted to have many followers,  but don’t know how to do it? Here are some tactics used to increase followers:

Tactics Used to Get Facebook Followers

Facebook ads to influencer marketing are popular ways on how you can get Facebook followers that will grow your fan page.

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is one way you can get followers on your page. To be able to increase the visibility of your brand, you can run an Engagement ad. Any ads can increase your followers. Aside from Engagement ads, another form of ad is called Conversion ads. If people like your ad contents, they will begin to engage in your post like them,  follow and share. If your main goal is to have sales then you can run a conversion ad.

2. Like Invitation

Invite people to like your page. After you have created an ad Facebook will instantly notify you to invite people to like your page. As observed running an engagement ad allows you to invite a higher number of people to like your page. There is only an allowable invite, inviting more than the allowed number will get you blocked. It takes 24 hours or more before you can again invite someone. It is not on the number of people who liked the page, but the effectiveness of your ads.

3. Create Unique Contents or Viral Content

What is viral content? It is often sometimes contagious and unpredictable. In creating a viral content discover what people are talking about. You need then the power of social listening. Know a certain topic that is trending at the moment and create your own version that can attract attention as well as valuable to your audience.

In some popular Facebook page, they usually ads funny videos, memes, and quotes. When people like it they usually tag their friends that increase social media engagement. An example of an online retailer that creates viral contents is Chubbies. They create funny content using their products on a regular basis. If you don’t have the talent to create viral contents, you can share viral contents related to your niche but make sure you give credit to the owner of the content.

4. Give a Free Gift

Giveaways can attract peoples attention as well as like your page. Share your giveaway to Facebook groups or forum. This will not only increase your followers, but you can also gain traffic to your website. Examples of giveaway ideas:

  • Coupons
  • Photo contest
  • Hashtag contest
  • Themed giveaway ideas
  • Or you can ask your customers about what they want

5. Post Contents that Can Attract Attention

Catchy content is an eye-catcher. Creating unique contents that can be an eye-catcher can increase your followers.

6. Facebook Like Up Tools

Have you seen websites that asked for your email before you exit? They use it as an email list. In Facebook, you can use like up tools or often called as “Pop-Up like”. You can Use OptinMonster, it is a popular pop-up tool that allows you to have new leads that can be converted to Facebook likes. A timer is used, that after someone visited your site a pop-up will appear. Do not add too many pop-ups that might annoy your visitors. Only one pop-up will work.

7. Facebook Live

Some viral videos can is seen on Facebook Live videos. General niche tips can be an ideal topic for your niche store. You can also showcase new products. You can schedule your Facebook live once a week to follow –up your possible customers. All Facebook live videos are shown on the map for higher visibility of viewers.

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8. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing works best for more Facebook likes. Partner with an influencer. If you are on a budget partner with someone on a niche fan page. There are a lot of pages that show cool products and contents. It is cheaper than hiring an actual influencer.  If you want an actual influencer the easy way to look is through Google. Type your  “[niche] blogger” in the search box. Look in their Fan Pages and try to know their rate. You can send over your sample product for them to model in pictures or video. When uploading to Facebook, ask them to tag your page. This is one way that the influencer audience can notice your page and begin to like them and follow you.

9. Tagged by Other Facebook Pages

Shout outs from other Facebook pages can also get you more followers, especially if it is a bigger one. How will you do it? Look for pages that usually display their products and other brands on Facebook. Make sure that the page or brand has similar interest to your niche. It is more effective to reach out to pages with similar audience interest because it is easy to market.

For example, you sell headphones in relation to another product you can post the picture with a mouse. They can show or share your post considering that headphones and mouse (other brands) correlates with their product.

10. Use Automated Tools

It takes time to post on a specific time every day. If you never post how can people like your post? Posting on Facebook needs to be done regularly several times of the day. Two or three times a day is good just to increase awareness. If you don’t have time to do this every day, you can use automated tools that allow you to schedule your post for the whole week.

It will save you time posting. Running an online store can get busy so posting can never be your problem if you have already scheduled a post for the week. The more you post, the more chances of getting more likes and followers.


Posting several times a day on Facebook is advisable to gain more followers. Be active most of the time to let your audience know your presence.  Follow the steps given above to increase your followers. These steps are proven and tested by many successful online stores in increasing the number of likes and followers.