Like any other platforms, YouTube is changing and growing. Before YouTube is dominated by videos of cats and dogs.




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Right now if you happen to notice  YouTube now is a place for marketers. Over than a billion hours videos are being watched on YouTube. More than Facebook and Netflix. But you know what, only 9% of US small-business use YouTube.

YouTube is a very powerful tool when used effectively. To increase your sales, you need more YouTube views. The more exposure you have, more people will be aware of your business. In this post, you will learn the different ways to get more views, build your brand and increase your sales.

Video Making Guide on YouTube:

1. Plan the Video that You Are Going To make

It is very important that before you make a video, you have a clear picture of what kind of video you want to produce. Make a story outline of every scene. Relay every message you want your audience to know.

2. Make Your Story

Writing a video script is the next thing you need to do. Make use that you are using words and languages that your audience can understand. If you want to make a video such as beginners guide, always remember not to use highly technical terms. Use words that are related to the industry. Don’t make your script too long when your storyboard is short.

3. Organize Your Scene

Determine what kind of video you want to make. What are the things that you need in making the video interesting to your followers? An organized scene looks professional and can build trust. Place branding on the background and thumbnails to look more like a pro.

4. Edit the Video

Editing the video after a few scenes. Correcting and omitting mistakes right after a few scenes will save you time than editing after the whole video is done. Take time to check each line and delete lines that don’t fit.

5. Upload the Video

After you have finished re-checking the whole video, you are right now ready for uploading. Place the title, description, tags for your audience to find your video. Place captions on the video to help users navigate on your channel easily.

Get More View On YouTube

1. Create Appealing Videos

One of the determining factors that a video can get more views is based on the content. “How to videos” are educational and valuable the reason why it can get more views. Determined what your customers want to know and create videos that can answer their need. This will surely work, how to contents on YouTube got lots of views.

How will you know what your customers want to know? It’s simple, try to look for related topics in your niche and read the comments of the audience. You can look over on other social media channels. Asking people of what they want and make something that can answer their wants and needs. Make contents that can solve their problems.

2. Encourage Your Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

As the saying goes, your best new customers are your old customers simply means retaining your customers is the best way to grow your business. Encourage your customers to subscribe to your channel for new updates. Gaining subscribers can surely increase your YouTube views in every video you added to your channel.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning of your video and at the end and turn on the notification bell after subscribing. They will be notified once you have a new update or video uploaded.

3. Create Playlists For Continous Watching

Playlists work because of autoplay. It gets the attention of the viewers when the video keeps playing and when they see its value they will just continue watching. Another advantage of the playlist is it help on improves search rankings. Include your target keywords in your title as well as in the description. It is very easy to create a playlist just navigate to each video you would like to add and click the “+” icon located under the video.

4. Promote Other Videos

Tools that are necessary to promote your videos for more views are cards and end screens. Verify your YouTube account to access these tools. Click on your profile picture in the right and go to “Creator Studio”. Click on the “Status and Features Tab”.

On the page, you will see extra features and set- up. You can see the end screen which you can place at the end of the video and cards are tools that you can set to pop-up. This will direct your viewers to another video. You can also create a poll card to directly ask the viewers what they want to see more.

5. Add Watermark

You can promote your channel by placing a watermark in your videos. Something that represents your brand such as a logo or brand name that when they try to hang about on the watermark, it prompts them to subscribe to your channel. To be able to add a watermark go to Creator Studio and click “Branding” and then click “Add Watermark” and upload the image.

6. Enable Embedding

Allow viewers to embed your video to increase more views. They can share it on their website or blog.

7. Promote Your Videos On Other Social Media Sites

Your followers need to be informed if you have uploaded a new video or updates on your channel. You can create a teaser video and link it in your new video on YouTube. You can schedule your post on social channels by using Hootsuite or Buffer to save time.

8. Understand the Usefulness of “Watch Time”

Every channel on YouTube or video uploaded is being ranked by their “Watch Time”. Watch Time determines how much time visitors on your channel spend watching your videos. YouTube knows if your video is in good quality if more people speed time watching your videos. YouTube has a “reward quality” by increasing your Watch Time minutes and can earn “watch time credits” by referring your viewers to other videos like affiliate marketing.

9. Actively Engage With Your Audience

As you are building a community on YouTube in the form of your subscribers. It is a must that you must actively engage with your audience. Respond to comments when ask directly or join in the conversation of your audience. Subscribe to other YouTube channels related to your niche and leave comments or suggestions that might help.

10. Optimize Your Video Title

The first thing that you should do is include your chosen keyword in your titles, descriptions, and tags. How will you know the right keyword to use? Use YouTube search bar by typing your potential keyword and take a look what appears in the auto-complete. Other helpful tools are Google Trends Ad Google Ads Keyword Planner. Make sure that your keywords are related to your niche or else YouTube will penalize you. Just like Google, YouTube is strict as to relevancy. Your title must be between 60-70 characters only.

11. Optimize Your Channel

Channel optimization is necessary to strengthen your brand and increasing your YouTube views. The site provides lots of ways to optimize your channel:

  • Create a strong, consistent brand aesthetic.
  • Optimize your YouTube channel description.
  • Add your social channels, links to your website, and a way to get in contact.
  • Add channel keywords.
  • Enable related channels.

12. Create Fascinating Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images must be attractive because it is the preview image of your video. First impression last as they say. Upload your own thumbnail images and don’t rely on the auto-generated images. Top-performing videos on YouTube have thumbnail images that are eye-catching. Your thumbnail images must be:

  • Brightly colored backgrounds
  • Close-ups of faces
  • Text overlays
  • Subtle brandings — like a small logo or watermark
  • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio, as this is the most used aspect ratio in YouTube players
  • Have a resolution of 1280×720
  • Have a file-size of less than 2MB
  • Be formatted as a JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG

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To summarize what we have discussed. Focus on creating a quality video with valuable content that your audience will love. Optimize your channel and content. Promote your content on other channels by actively engaging on other channels related to your niche and of course, get involved in your niche community and build a good relationship with your viewers.