Are you looking for a Google Form alternative? With the online world becoming increasingly competitive, businesses need to find more efficient and cost-effective ways of collecting data from customers.

Google Forms are incredibly versatile tools that come with a variety of benefits. The most notable strengths are that Google Forms can be used to collect responses from many people easily and quickly.

Additionally, when using the ‘multiple-choice question type, answers are automatically collated and displayed in easy-to-understand formats, ensuring efficient data analysis.

However, there are also certain drawbacks – for example, users cannot customize the design or layout of the form beyond changing colors or adding logos.

Moreover, while question types such as ‘short answer' allow you to gain more in-depth insight into respondents’ opinions, questions are limited in terms of length and therefore may not always provide a full picture of how respondents really feel.

There are plenty of options available that offer features such as customs forms, surveys, polls, quizzes, and more. From free solutions to paid tools with advanced features, there is something out there for everyone.

Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 best free and paid Google Form alternatives in 2022 so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your business needs.

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ClickUp is an innovative project management tool that helps individuals and teams work better together. It helps you stay organized, focused, and productive, by giving everyone the same view of tasks, enabling a transparent workflow for all. 

ClickUp offers more than just a basic form-building tool – it takes your data and turns it into actionable tasks.

Create client ticket/request systems, record survey responses, or turn info from multiple forms into visuals all within Clickup's innovative Form view.


With ClickUp's forms, you can easily create custom-made forms for collecting data from your team members or clients. You have the flexibility to customize it according to your needs, making it easier for you to collect information quickly and accurately.

Here is the list of features offered by ClickUp that you should know about:

  • Provides security and stored your data forms in the cloud to get access to them anytime
  • Allows you to use pre-built automation recipes and customize them to make your work easier
  • Use hundreds of available templates in creating different tasks such as checklists, docs, views, and more
  • Easily create and manage your forms either surveys or polls for your customer feedback with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Link your favorite integrations to boost your workflows and manage them in one place such as calendars, cloud storage, and other tools you use


With ClickUp, users have the flexibility to choose from a variety of pricing plans tailored to their needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a free plan or need access to advanced features, ClickUp has something for everyone. From personal projects to enterprise-level teams, their pricing options are designed with scalability in mind so you can scale up as your business grows.

Forever Free – $0.00

  • Get 100MB of storage
  • It has two-factor authentication and sprint management
  • Use collaboration boards and Kanban boards with whiteboards
  • Create unlimited tasks with unlimited free plan members

Unlimited – $5.00 per member per month

  • Access everything from the free plan
  • Get unlimited storage and connect unlimited integrations
  • Create goals and portfolios with form view and resource management
  • Use and create unlimited Gantt charts, dashboards, and custom fields

Business – $12.00 per member per month

  • Access everything from the unlimited plan
  • Allows unlimited teams and custom exporting
  • Get advanced public sharing and automation
  • Manage your workload with advanced time-tracking
  • Use advanced dashboard features, timelines, and mind maps

Business Plus – $19.00 per member per month

  • Access everything from the business plan
  • Allows custom role creation and permissions
  • Create subtasks in multiple lists with team sharing
  • Increased automation and API with priority support

Enterprise – contact sales

  • Access everything from the business plus plan
  • Includes white labeling and enterprise API
  • Allows unlimited custom roles and default personal views
  • Get live onboard training, a dedicated success manager, and other manager services


Typeform is an online form builder that allows users to create interactive and engaging forms quickly and easily. It enables businesses of all sizes to create beautiful, professional-looking surveys and quizzes with ease.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Typeform makes it easy for anyone to design custom forms in no time at all.

Whether you need a survey for customer feedback or a quiz for employee training, Typeform has the tools you need to get the job done right. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with other popular software solutions like Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, and more.


It offers an array of features that make it easy to customize the look and feel of your forms while also providing robust analytics so you can track the performance of each one. With Typeform, you can easily collect data from surveys and polls, capture customer feedback in interactive quizzes, or embed signup forms on any website.

Here is the list of features offered by Typeform that you should know about:

  • Use the customer feedback survey to get more details and know your audience's interests
  • Share your forms with everyone by launching on email and share your links in different socials
  • Easily create different types of forms with their form builder and use different template designs
  • Catch more leads and make them curious by helping you make branch questions that are captivating
  • Allows integration of other tools that you are currently using such as Slack, Mailchimp, and other webhooks


Typeform offers a wide range of pricing plans to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Whether you’re a small startup looking for an affordable option, or a large enterprise requiring robust features and integrations, Typeform has something to fit your budget.

Basic – $25.00 per month

  • Get 100 responses per month with 1 user access
  • Receive 1GB storage for file uploads
  • Create unlimited forms and questions
  • Allows up to 500+ integrations from Zapier
  • Make personalized links for your custom forms
  • Allows question branching and email notifications

Plus – $50.00 per member per month

  • Access all features from the basic plan
  • Receive 2GB storage for file uploads
  • Get 1,000 responses per month with 3-user access
  • Allows a custom subdomain and add your own log
  • Remove the Typeform brand name logo on created forms
  • Allows redirecting to URL with end screens plus customize your brand with the brand kit

Business – $83.00 per member per month

  • Access all features from the plus plan
  • Receive 4GB storage for file uploads
  • Get 10,000 responses per month with 5-user access
  • Includes Google Tag manager and advanced embed options
  • Allows auto-close forms to new responses with a custom close screen

HubSpot Form Builder

HubSpot Form Builder is an online tool that helps businesses create and manage forms for their websites. With HubSpot, users can easily create custom forms to collect data from customers and prospects, helping them quickly gather valuable insights into their target audiences.

Additionally, Hubspot is a complete CRM platform where it also includes a top-notch online form builder that allows you to create custom forms in different styles depending on the use cases.

It also offers analytics which helps you track form submissions, gain insights into user behavior and optimize your forms accordingly.

Furthermore, it is fully integrated with other HubSpot tools such as workflows, email marketing campaigns, and lists so that users can create engaging forms that drive conversions.


Whether you’re looking for a simple contact form or a complex survey form for gathering customer feedback, the Hubspot online form builder has everything you need to get started in no time. With its intuitive drag-and-drop design interface, it’s easy to customize the look and feel of your forms with a range of features including customizable fields, validation rules, email notifications, and more.

Here is the list of features offered by Hubspot that you should know about:

  • Capture your target audience's interests to get and reach more leads
  • Makes you convert your visitor into leads by helping you create customized web forms
  • You can automate follow-ups based on the information you receive from your form
  • Get more relevant information by customizing form fields and send professionally to your target prospects
  • Install the form quickly on your website without using any developers by just simply copying the installation code


Hubspot's online form builder is the perfect tool for creating and embedding forms on your website. It makes it easy to capture customer information, collect feedback, and track leads – all without having to learn any coding. Plus, it's totally free. If you want to make your form more advanced, you can choose one of their paid plans available.

Starter – $45.00 per month

  • Get up to 1,000 marketing contacts
  • Receive support via email and in-app chat
  • Helps to create your form and email with automation
  • Remove the brand name of Hubspot in forms, email, landing pages, and live chat

Professional – $800.00 per month

  • Get everything from the starter plan
  • Get up to 2,000 marketing contacts
  • Manage your video hosting plus multi-language content
  • Automate your engagements on your channels with ABM tools and automation tools

Enterprise – $3,600.00 per month

  • Get everything from the professional plan
  • Get up to 10,000 marketing contacts
  • Access to advanced reporting tools
  • Allows you to extend your platforms and manage your teams and brands

WP Forms

WP Forms is one of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress. It provides a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create custom forms with ease. With WP Forms, you can easily customize your forms with various field types such as text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

Additionally, it also comes with handy features like multi-page forms and conditional logic that allow you to tailor your forms according to user input. There are also up to 300 form template options, which can be used to quickly build forms for almost any purpose.

It also integrates seamlessly with other popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce for online payments or MailChimp for email marketing campaigns.


WP Forms provides an intuitive user interface with lots of features and customization options to help you quickly build forms that engage users, capture leads, accept payments, or whatever else you need them to do. With WP Forms, you can easily add contact forms, surveys and polls, payment forms, registration forms, and more directly into your WordPress site without any coding experience required.

Here is the list of features offered by WP forms that you should know about:

  • Security features such as Spam protection to avoid receiving spam submissions
  • Manage forms with entry management that allows viewing your leads in a single platform
  • Use pre-built form templates with Smart conditional logic to save time and create high-quality forms
  • Easy interface with their drag-and-drop builder to create your forms in just minutes without any use of codes
  • Analyze the data of all of your submitted forms with interactive reports and split long forms with multi-page forms


WP Forms offers both free and premium pricing plans to suit the needs of all users. The free plan provides basic features such as a contact form, simple survey, and payment form without any cost. For those looking for more advanced features like multiple-page forms, spam protection, file uploads, and other features, WP Forms Pro is a good choice.

Basic – $49.50 per year

  • Access to 1 site with unlimited users
  • Create unlimited forms with unlimited submissions
  • Access to form templates and entry management
  • Create multi-page forms and layouts with page builder support
  • Security features including spam protection and privacy compliance
  • Form fields with notifications and smart conditional logic

Plus – $99.50 per year

  • Get everything in the basic plan
  • Access to 3 sites with unlimited users
  • Automate your forms with smart workflows and data routing
  • Allows marketing integrations such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and more

Pro – $199.50 per year

  • Get everything from the plus plan
  • Access to 5 sites with unlimited users
  • Add digital signatures and integrate up to 500+ Zapier
  • Access to advanced features in creating surveys and polls
  • Allows to accept payment from different channels

Elite – $299.50 per year

  • Get everything from the pro plan
  • Access to unlimited sites with unlimited users
  • Manage sites with advanced access control and multi-support
  • Allows premium integrations such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Webhooks


Jotform is the perfect way to get your questions answered and capture information in a swift, professional manner. It's an easy-to-use form builder that makes creating mobile and web forms hassle free – no coding required! Plus, it lets you collect valuable data like surveys or feedback so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

With its great selection of templates, custom themes, and integrations with popular services like PayPal and Salesforce, creating forms is simple. You can even access your data anytime, anywhere with the mobile app or online dashboard.


It offers a wide range of features designed to help users get the most out of their form-building experience. From drag-and-drop form builders to powerful conditional logic options, Jotform has everything you need to create beautiful and functional forms in no time at all. Plus, with its intuitive user interface and easy-to-use templates, even novice users will find it simple and straightforward to design the perfect form for their needs.

Here is the list of features offered by Jotform that you should know about:

  • Stores and secures data with its SSL encryption, password protection, GDPR and PCI compliance, and more
  • Customize your thank you page and get the right information you need with email validation
  • Use up to 10,000+ pre-built templates to save time and avoid any hassle
  • Create an appointment form to organize your scheduling and booking for your business or any other use cases
  • Advanced form options such as multilingual support, allow making offline forms and making them interactive for your target audience


Jotform is available for free but if you want to get access to more advanced features, they offer affordable pricing plans that you can choose depending on your needs in creating your forms.

Starter – Free

  • Access to 1 user per team and all features
  • Allows 10 monthly signed documents with Jotform brand name
  • Create 100 fields per form plus 1,000 monthly views
  • Allows to create limited 5 forms with 100 monthly submissions
  • Get webspace for up to 100MB and 500 total submission storage

Bronze – $34.00 per month

  • Access to 1 user per team and all features
  • Allows 100 monthly signed documents without Jotform brand name
  • Create 250 fields per form plus 10,000 monthly views
  • Allows to create limited 25 forms with 1000 monthly submissions
  • Get webspace for up to 1GB and 10,000 total submission storage

Silver – $39.00 per month

  • Access to 1 user per team and all features
  • Allows 250 monthly signed documents without Jotform brand name
  • Create 500 fields per form plus 100,000 monthly views
  • Allows to create limited 50 forms with 2500 monthly submissions
  • Get webspace for up to 10GB and 25,000 total submission storage

Gold – $99.00 per month

  • Access to 1 user per team and all features
  • Allows 1000 monthly signed documents without Jotform brand name
  • Create 1000 fields per form plus 1,000,000 monthly views
  • Allows to create limited 100 forms with 1000 monthly submissions
  • Get webspace for up to 100GB and 100,000 total submission storage

Enterprise – contact sales

  • Get a multi-user platform with user management
  • Unlimited to everything
  • Allows customizable domain with white labeling


Overall, there are a variety of Google Forms Alternatives available for businesses and individuals to choose from. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select the most suitable form-building tool that meets your requirements. Whether it’s free or paid software, each option has its own advantages and features that will help make creating forms easier than ever before.

With these alternatives at hand, you no longer have to be limited by what Google Forms offers; instead, you can find the perfect solution tailored to meet all of your specific goals and objectives. So take some time today to explore all of the options out there – who knows? You may just discover something new!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question # 1: Why do you need to make forms in your business? Forms are a vital part of any business, allowing for the collection of important data and information about customers, products, services, and other areas. It allows businesses to quickly collect customer information such as name, contact details, billing and shipping addresses, purchase history, preferences, interests, and more. Having an accurate understanding of customers can help businesses make better decisions, improve customer service, and increase sales. Plus, it can also be used to keep track of employee information, manage inventory, collect payments, track orders and shipments, generate reports and analyze data for insights. In short, forms are essential for businesses of all sizes.

Question # 2: What types of forms should you use in your business? There are a variety of different types of forms that businesses can use. Depending on the type and size of the business, some popular options include registration forms, contact forms, lead capture forms, order forms, survey forms, feedback and comment forms, appointment and booking forms, payment processing forms, customer registration forms, and more. Each form type can be customized to meet the specific needs of the business, ensuring that all data collected is accurate and up-to-date.

Question # 3: Why do you need online form builders? Creating a form for your business can be a simple process if you use online form builders. These tools allow you to quickly and easily design a customized form that meets all your needs. Depending on the type of form, you can add fields for collecting data such as customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, address details, purchase details, product preferences, and more. Many online form builders also offer additional features such as templates, drag-and-drop form builders, and the ability to embed forms on websites or social media.