Starting a business is a bit hard even on small businesses. The competition is very stiff and consumers are overpowered by too many advertisements and ads but still, you got to get the attention of the people. How can you do that?




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One of the best and effective strategies to attract attention is through guerrilla marketing. This kind of strategy can withstand competition. Every small business can adopt the strategy of the guerrilla marketing campaign to get the attention of the consumers and generate sales.

This article will give you an overview of what guerrilla marketing is all about and how can you use it for your e-commerce business to be able to compete with your competitors. An example will be given for you to better understand how it works.

All About Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing uses unique and unusual strategies or ways to capture the attention of the consumers and create something interesting that can boost the popularity of a product or a brand. It can be distracting, challenging and exciting that creates something memorable that consumers can easily remember the brand or products.

CEO of Renegade Marketing, Drew Neisser stated: “It simply isn’t guerrilla if it isn’t newsworthy.” As the name implies, this marketing method is named after guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla in a sense that is can be disturbing that you would really notice it. Small groups that use unusual tactics to fight a larger and more capable force, somewhat like an ambush, sabotage or raids.

A good guerrilla marketing campaign can surprise consumers as well as create an emotional reaction. Emotional reactions that lead people to action, talk about with friends or family members and get involved in the campaign. The campaign spreads far and wide that others are too curious to discover what it is all about. These emotions will surprise the consumers and develop into curiosity and admiration.

The use of this marketing strategy is made popular by Jay Conrad Levinson, Advertising Expert in his book Guerrilla Marketing.

In the book, it is presented how guerrilla marketing campaigns differ from the usual or traditional marketing:

  1. Invest time, energy and imagination instead of investing money on the marketing process.
  2. Follow-up on customers after they have made a purchase.
  3. Dedicate the efforts on building relationships rather than making sales.
  4. Guerrilla marketing believes that advertising is not the only marketing weapon but a combination.

Levinson said that one of the benefits of guerrilla marketing is cost-effective. It takes creativity, impact, and connection.

Guerrilla Marketing That Has a Tremendous Impact

1.Ex-Machina Infiltrates Tinder

This guerrilla marketing was created to promote sci-fi film “Ex Machina”. This campaign took place in Austin, Texas during the SXSW (South by Southwest). It is a festival celebrated by the people of Austin every year. It is a music, tech, media, and arts festival that is participated by thousands of people in Austin and other nearby areas.

Many brand and businesses are participating to capture the attention of festival-goers and none of them uses Tinder to promote their messages. Marketers instead created a Tinder profile for Ava. Ava is the artificial intelligence character from the film Ex Machina. To give you a closer idea, here’s a quick example:

When a user swiped a profile of an appealing young woman, they received a question from a Tinder boy. It is tricky, fun but some kind of heart-breaking. Here’s a sample of the conversation with Ava.

When Brock is ready to meet this attractive girl, he suddenly noticed that something was weird.  He visited Ava’s profile on Instagram and he was surprised that it has only one photo and a video promoting the movie Ex Machina and be premiering during the festival.

This impressive guerrilla marketing campaign that uses artificial intelligence for the movie’s theme. The campaign is somewhat spammy and presumptuous but got people attention and made headline news worldwide.

Be creative in incorporating aspects of your brand into actual experience and look for communication channels to get your message widely that other brands are not using.

2. Médecins du Monde Creates a Tent City

A campaign created by a French charity called Médecins du Monde or Doctors of the World that wanted the city of Paris to attract attention to the homeless population in the city that is fast growing. This campaign is simple but powerful. The said charity was concerned with the problem of the homeless and wanted to create change. People are not fully aware of this growing problem in the city. They created this campaign to raise awareness of the people. What they did was, they gave tents to 300 homeless people to use it as their homes on the streets of Paris. To make the story short the streets and the canals of the city were transformed overnight into a tent city.

The homelessness problem in the city was now revealed and the government officials are forced to act and as a result, the French government promised to allot more than $10 million for emergency housing of the homeless. As the saying goes “Action speaks louder than words” look for possible actions that can capture people’s attention and rely on your message.

3. King Kong Invades Los Angeles

King Kong Invades Los Angeles is another film promotion. Marketers on King Kong Skull Island came up with an idea to bring King Kong to life to Los Angeles.

They come up with ideas of creating scenes with giant ape footprints in the five locations within the city. On the beach, Microsoft Square, near the Hollywood famous sign. These led to the countless sharing of experiences and photos on social media and news coverage. The novel concepts created was the success of their objectives.

4. Burger King Breaks Up Couple

In this campaign, Burger King uses social media specifically Instagram wherein a couple breaks up when the guy comments on Burger King’s profile saying that his girl took 20 minutes ordering in the drive-thru. The girl unexpectedly replied to the comment she hasn’t remembered ordering something from Burger King last night.

People who saw the comments couldn’t believe they have witnessed a break up on Burger King’s Instagram. The story was a headline all over America and got a lot of attention from the people.

5.     UNICEF Sells Dirty Water

The abundance of our natural resources such as clean water should not be taken for granted. In this guerrilla marketing, UNICEF’s objective was catching the attention of the people by letting the residents of New York City taste the unclean water from a vending machine. Each vending machine has eight different flavors or diseased water: dysentery, malaria, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, dengue, and salmonella. Can you imagine someone selling unclean water that is contaminated with different diseases?

News channels helped spread this awareness campaign that led to an increase in donations. This is a campaign that can shock everybody, right? And it works; it draws the attention of the people disturbing their normal lives.


An effective guerrilla marketing is a campaign that spread rapidly all over the world. Their impacts greatly affect people normal lives. It is a talk of the town that can shock people and requires public involvement. The examples given above are very impressive, creative and newsworthy. Find a way that people will keep on guessing. Don’t be afraid to create a scenario that adds drama and create a big impact using minimal resources.