Many people all over the world are looking for marketplaces where they can buy, sell their unique products.




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One of the famous marketplace is Etsy. You can sell your own handmade products, vintage collections, and craft supplies.

It is an extraordinary website where you can find collectibles and originally crafted items. Listed below is a guide on how to start your online business on Etsy.

1. Collection & Preparation

Before you start you need to gather the necessary things that you need to open your store, such as photos of the product, prices, and your bank information. Being prepared is beneficial, it saves time and effort.

2. Select a Name

Think ahead of the name of your store, make three options. In selecting a name don’t feel frustrated if your first choice may not be available. This is the purpose why you need to prepare other options.

You can also add the word “shop”, online store, your location or your initials to make your name more unique. Don’t worry about the name because you can change it whenever you like before you open your store. Once you have already opened, you can only change your name one time.

3. Goal Setting

In setting your goal, make it specific and time- bounded. Do not make goals which are not attainable. Have short term goals one at a time. SMART goals are used by most successful entrepreneurs (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bounded). Set meaningful goals and be motivated to achieve these goals.

4. Product Title

In choosing the right title for your product, consider using keywords. People are using keyword to look for a product. Using keywords will help your product more searchable.  Make a list of relevant keywords. Another important area is your product description, product description must be trustworthy and it should be relevant to your product.

Be specific in your and it should be definite and substantial. Aside from the title and description, keywords must be in the tags. It allows up to 13 tags, but avoid using longer ones. In Etsy, all keywords are gathered that matches to customer queries. The site ranks the gathered listings, so choosing the right keywords will have a bigger opportunity for your products to be shown on the search results.

5. Attractive Product Photos

See to it that your uploaded product photos are attractive. Learn to capture simple yet captivating photos.

People are often influenced by wonderful images of the products. This is one way to win a customer. Here are some photography mistakes that you should avoid: low light, use flash when shooting indoors, focus the settings on your camera to avoid blurry shots, choose an applicable setting for your product and provide enough information for the customers.

6. Organize your Products

always make a category of products, an organized store that is easy to navigate attracts more customers. Make a banner that compliments your product design. If you have the same category of products, arrange your products based on colors or complimentary products.

7. Done is Much More Better than Perfect

in selling it is somewhat an experimental process. You develop and improve as you go along with the business. You can add more products gradually based on the need of your customers.

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Benefits of Selling on Etsy:

  • Customers on Etsy are looking for unique products that can’t be found on other websites. It has millions of active buyers and sold billions every year.
  • For those sellers with a limited number of products, Etsy allows sellers to set up a collective store wherein products are combined for a bigger store.
  • Takes less than an hour to set up a store.
  • The site accepts wholesale sellers.
  • Collaborative Community. Sellers share their experiences and tips with one another.
  • Very ideal for sellers who specializes in handcrafted products.
  • Etsy is designed to drive traffic to new stores.
  • Low listing fee.


Etsy is an online marketplace ideal for creative sellers. Customers from Etsy are different from other websites. People here are looking for originally made, vintage, and collectible products. If you are one visionary seller Etsy is the right fit for your business. Starting your business on Etsy is a competitive method of selling online.

It is low in cost since you do not need to have a physical store or location, lesser requirements for beginners, you can run your store without having employees to manage your customers billing and inventory. You can sell your products all over the world without the limits of time. They can order and buy anywhere they are located any time of the day, unlike a physical store with store hours. An online store is very economical and reasonable.

Tip: Communication an essential tool to a happy customer.