There are a lot of tutorials on the bare bones basics of Google AdWords. We’re not going to try to replace those at all. We see no need to regurgitate what’s already all over the internet. Instead, we’re going to focus on a few other points when it comes to advertising on AdWords.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

It’s extremely easy to lose a lot of money quickly with AdWords. You may be surprised to find out there are advertising agencies that specialize in setting up and running AdWords campaigns for clients. You won’t be so surprised after you’ve set up a few campaigns of your own.

The hope here is that you have a realistic view of AdWords and how it can help your business. Those who have a pie in the sky approach will end up losing big time. It’s funny how people will buy advertising while thinking it’s like a lottery ticket.

You’re not gambling, and it shouldn’t be seen as such. It’s only a gamble if you’re not willing to take the time out to learn how to set up successful campaigns. You will get to the point that it’s possible to deploy highly effective AdWords campaigns that are profitable. It happens after you learn the system and how to target specific customers.

Be prepared to lose money:

That’s not what you wanted to hear. It’s true. You are going to lose money. Your first few campaigns are going to be duds. You very well may be the one in a million person who sets up campaigns that are pure gold from the very getgo. Almost all of you reading this right now are not those people. It takes a while to understand how something like AdWords works.

Too many people go into it without doing the proper homework. You will not make money right out of the gate without knowing how to do it. Some people have this idea that they’ll be able to ride a bicycle without ever first sitting on the seat. They learn fast that it’s not so easy. You will too, and it’ll be devastating if you think you’re going to hit a home run on your first swing.

Don’t target keywords that have large amounts of traffic:

Are you the type who constantly looks at their traffic stats? If so, you’re probably the type who will burn a hole in your pocket when buying AdWords. The more broad keywords are the ones that have the most traffic. Beginners often believe that it’s just a numbers game and they’ll eventually get sales. The goal here isn’t to make your hit counter go up. The end goal is to make sales and nothing else.

You’re buying advertising with the express hope of turning the visitors into profit. If you’re a huge company, then it’s entirely possible that the goal is only building your brand. If you’re reading this, then you probably don’t fit into that category. Big companies have money to burn, and they’ll go through a lot for the purpose of brand building.

Be Very Niche Specific:

The success or failure of your campaign can in large part be determined by how much work you put into keyword selection. It’s not unheard of for people to spend hours or even days coming up with the exact keywords they want to target. Why? It’s all about user intent. You want only to target those people who have expressly shown an intent for what you have for sale.

Anyone else is a waste of your money. A person who visits your site and buys nothing is useless to you. They are if you’re spending a few bucks per click. That may sound brutally honest, but sometimes you’ve got lay it all out there. You’re a marketer trying to make sales and not just gain eyeballs.

Target keywords that receive less traffic:

It may go against the norm to think that you should go after keywords that receive little traffic. The thought process here is that you may be targeting keywords that don’t have much competition. You have to bid on keywords, and that’s how the cost is determined. It’s possible to find some hidden gems that don’t get much traffic and can be had for a low price. You also don’t want to blow all of your money on keywords that have high volume, but won’t convert very well.

Split test and tweak for a higher ROI:

Your ad will probably need to be tweaked to get the maximum results. It’s not likely that your ad will be perfect right from the getgo. You will probably also have to make changes to whatever page that the person is landing on. The big mistake here is throwing a lot of money on an ad thinking that the results will change by just having more visitors. It doesn’t work that way, and you need to understand this from the very beginning.

Not being flexible and changing ads that don’t work will end up costing you. The people who make the most money doing this are those who are willing to make changes. They understand that it’s entirely possible that an ad or a landing page may not be performing the way it should.

It can be quite difficult to admit that somewhere you’ve made a mistake. You’re going to have to get over that if you have any hopes of being successful buying AdWords. Anyone who isn’t willing to admit flaws in their approach will not see conversions.

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Set a limit and don’t go over it:

You’re anxious and want to see results. Everything you’re doing is to try to make some money. You couldn’t be more excited and want to see dollar signs. This is the type of mindset that allows people to open the floodgates and set wild limits. You can quickly end up blowing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in a matter of a day. If you’re not getting the results you want, then don’t think that more traffic is going to bring conversions. It’s not going to, and you’ve got to figure out where the problem is.

Can you go over the limit if the sales are rolling in?

Sure. There’s no reason why you can’t scale. Though, those reading this probably won’t have that happen for quite some time. Don’t be afraid to scale up a successful ad. Milk it dry for all its worth. Though, be very careful and keep an eye on spending and conversions.

Rarely do people find an ad that works so well that it’s like an ATM spitting out money. It’s a dream that is rarely turned into reality, and anyone who has played around with AdWords knows it. Slow and steady is what will make you the most money.

Never take your eye off conversions:

Getting distracted is easy when there are so many different aspects to running and maintaining an effective AdWords campaign. The only reason why you’re doing this is to make money. This isn’t something anyone who isn’t profit driven should get into. You also need to keep an eye on the entire buying process from start to finish. You’ll need to figure out what are the hangups if any that traffic sent to your landing page is experiencing. It’s your job to figure out why they aren’t buying.

The entire process from when a person lands on your page until they checkout can be monitored. You don’t want to skimp out on anything thinking that it’s only going to hurt your ROI.

Some people may feel a heat map, for example, is a waste of money and they’ll just wing it. If your ads fail, you want to have as much information as possible. You’ll never succeed if you can’t pinpoint the exact reason why people aren’t buying. No matter what you do, it’s not going to work.

This is a game for people with deep pockets:

All of this may sound very negative towards AdWords, and it wasn’t meant to be that way. Instead, it should be a sobering look at what you should expect when using AdWords. You are going to lose several thousand dollars. You should go into it expecting your first campaigns to be total duds. Be prepared for late nights of trying to figure out why the traffic isn’t buying.

It’s not because Google traffic isn’t worth buying. No, the reason is something that you’re doing. People all over the world are making millions of dollars every day promoting their products and services using AdWords. They can make money and you can too. It’s only a matter of you tackling this beast for precisely what it is.

If you’re a small business trying to target people in your area, then you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to be successful. The average person reading this is either trying to sell a product or are an affiliate marketer. You’re not someone selling above ground pools in Tampa, Florida. You’re selling digital products or physical items that need to be shipped. The approach is different when selling these items compared to a local sandwich shop trying to get customers to eat their subs.

A final thought:

You are also going to want to focus on traffic from specific regions of the world. You can also target people based upon the device they’re using. If you want to be even more targeted, then you can only display your ads on Google search results. Just understand if your ads are only displayed on search results, then there will be much fewer clicks.

You do have the option to have your ad displayed on sites that promote AdSense as a way of earning money. It’s entirely possible that you may wish to not advertise on those sites and stick to search results. As always, the choice you make must be determined by ROI and nothing else.