Are you looking to earn money by sharing your #AmazonFinds on social media? The Amazon Influencer Program allows you to monetize your content through product reviews and recommendations, provided you have a sufficient following and engagement.

The program utilizes social media marketing to reach a targeted audience, allowing Amazon to collaborate with influencers and increase its exposure. In this post, we'll discuss the program's specifics, functioning, and tips on thriving as an Amazon influencer.

Understanding the Amazon Influencer Program: A Guide to How it Works

The Amazon Influencer Program is a marketing initiative for influencers and content creators to earn through affiliate marketing.

Amazon defines an influencer as someone with a significant social media following. However, the company does not specify a minimum number of followers or define what “significant” means. The acceptance process is case-by-case; approval can be immediate or within a few days.

Amazon Influencers earn commissions, like any other online affiliate marketer, by directing traffic to the site through unique affiliate links, which are then tracked and credited with purchases. However, they can access more marketing tools, and may be showcased in Amazon search results.

Amazon Influencer vs. Amazon Affiliate: Understanding the Difference

Although influencers under the Amazon Influencer Program are still considered affiliates, the term “affiliate” typically refers to those enrolled in Amazon Associates.

Unlike Amazon affiliates, influencers have access to a broader range of affiliate tools, such as personal storefronts, shoppable photos, and live streaming. Additionally, influencers receive vanity URLs, like the example shown below.

While commission rates for influencers and affiliates are comparable, influencers have more tools, as discussed further in another section.

Amazon Influencer Eligibility: Who Qualifies?

To qualify as an Amazon influencer, you must maintain an active account on any of the listed platforms:

To determine your eligibility for the Amazon Influencer Program, Amazon assesses your follower count and engagement rate. While the company does not specify the number of followers needed for approval, having a substantial following can increase your chances of acceptance.

The engagement rate is also a crucial metric that Amazon considers. If you have thousands of followers but only receive an insufficient number of comments or reactions per post, it may hinder your application.

In addition, to qualify as an Amazon influencer, your site must contain original publicly available content. This means no paywalls, and your account should have original posts rather than just shared or compiled content from others. For example, TikTok compilations on YouTube are not considered original content.

If Amazon denies your application, you may reapply after meeting the requirements at any time.

Amazon Influencer Tools: What Can You Access?

As previously mentioned, Amazon influencers have access to a vast array of marketing tools not available to regular affiliates. Here are some of them:

Storefront: Amazon influencers have a dedicated storefront to showcase their preferred products, videos, and photos, which their followers can browse.

Idea List: An idea list is a board where influencers organize their recommended products by category for their followers to view.

Shoppable Photo: This tool enables influencers to link to Amazon listings within their social media photos. They can also be featured on the influencer's storefront.

Video: Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they see it in action. Amazon influencer videos don't have to be lengthy, nor do they require fancy editing. As long as the video and audio are clear, they can be effective.

Live Video: Live stream shopping is expected to reach $35 billion by 2024. It's an excellent way for influencers to engage with their audience and showcase their personalities in real time. However, Amazon's live video for influencers is now limited to iOS.

Earning as an Amazon Influencer: How Does It Work?

Amazon Influencers generate income by earning commissions for directing people to Amazon using their unique affiliate links. These commissions are paid directly by Amazon and not by the product's seller or brand owner. The number of clicks and purchases made through the affiliate links determines the amount of commission the influencers earn.

Apart from the affiliate program, Amazon Influencers can also earn through the Bounty Program. This program allows influencers to recommend Amazon's services and programs, such as Amazon Prime, Audible, and Amazon Music, in addition to products.

The Bounty Program offers new promotions daily, so it's beneficial for influencers to check regularly. Amazon Influencers can earn commissions by sharing their unique links and getting people to sign up for qualifying Amazon services using these links, just like with the affiliate program.

Amazon Influencer Earnings: How Much Can They Make?

The amount earned by Amazon influencers can range from a few dollars to thousands per month, depending on the number of sales generated from their referral links. The commission rate for each sale can vary from 1-10% based on the product category.

After earning commissions, influencers can receive payment from Amazon through direct deposit, gift card, or check. However, a minimum withdrawal amount must be met for each payment method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Amazon Influencer Program

If you're contemplating other affiliate marketing programs to concentrate your efforts on, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon Influencer program is essential. However, being an Amazon influencer can be profitable part-time or full-time.

Tips for Amazon Influencers to Optimize Their Performance

As a content creator, turning your passion into a full-time job is possible. However, it takes more than creating visually appealing content to earn a steady income and keep your followers engaged. Here are some Amazon influencer best practices to help you succeed:

  1. Make your links prominent: Include your storefront link in your bio so that people can easily browse through your content on Amazon.
  2. Know your audience: Although you can promote any product as an Amazon influencer, it's beneficial to establish yourself as the go-to person for a particular niche. For example, Holland Paterno is known for fashion; most of her recommendations are clothing and accessories.
  3. Optimize your sites: Reach the right audience by optimizing your content to make it easier for them to find you.
  4. Engage with your audience: Interact with your followers to keep your community growing. Building trust with them increases the likelihood of them following your recommendations.
  5. Keep creating: Regularly creating fresh content keeps your followers engaged and ensures that your Amazon Influencer account remains functional. According to Amazon's terms of service, if your account remains inactive for more than three years, it might withhold commission and may escheat any unpaid accrued commission.


Becoming an Amazon influencer is a financially lucrative way to provide more value to your followers by recommending products you genuinely enjoy and have confidence in.

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