Make money online using the best programs. What I’m trying to say is,  you can do affiliate marketing by promoting these programs. One good program to promote is Clickfunnels.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

Have you heard about Clickfunnels? For those who have not heard about Clickfunnels, it is a software where you can build landing pages, click leads, webinars and courses. You can promote this software by signing up as an affiliate. It is a great program with a strong commission structure that pays 40% commissions. A lucrative program to promote and one good thing, the landing pages can be shared.

Commissions are based on the plan you acquired.For a Starter Plan you can get $38.30, Enterprise Plan $118.80 and FunnelHacks Masterclass $398.80 per month. This program has a dream car challenge, if you can get 200 people to stick on a trial basis you can have an $1000 extra per month. You can do this by building a website and promoting products by providing importance.

Write an article about Clickfunnels and do keyword research. Keyword research is important because it is your key on how your article can be found by Google. You can use different keywords related to your niche. For example, you can write an article on how making money using Clickfunnels, you can also compare Clickfunnels to other similar programs like Samcart.Offer a free course to attract more readers that can give traffic to your website.Be creative with your content, you can never run out of topics to write and never forget to place your affiliate link on the articles.

Steps to get started:

1.Choose a domain name

Bluehost is one web hosting company that is very affordable, especially for beginners. The company offers free domain name for 1 year, free SSL certificate, 1 click WordPress install with 24/7 customer support. Start building your website by adding content on a particular topic.

2. Create affiliate contents

Content must have keywords and you need to have the right keywords. Do this by doing keyword research. This will help you be found by Google. May it be short tail or long tail keywords, exact match or broader match. If you don’t have an idea about keyword research you can Google it. There are a lot of resources that can help you.

3. Optimize your page for search engine optimization (on-page seo)

4. Build backlinks

Build backlinks in a natural way using white hat techniques

5. Facebook pixel

Place Facebook Pixel in your website and start to run ads. It is a helpful tool that can measure ads results, track conversion and remarket your website visitors.

Keep adding contents on your website to get traffic. Stay consistent and be patient. Useful and valuable contents can bring backlinks from other related websites. The more contents you have, the more traffic you can create. Using Facebook ads and sales funnels strategy can bring you money. You can enroll in online courses on dominating facebook ads and sales funnel to broaden your knowledge and improve your skills.