We all need search traffic to run our business, but a lot of times people are set up to pay for this traffic and it can end up being incredibly expensive. Now, paying for this traffic increases your revenue but it also takes away from that increase because you’re paying for the traffic, so this just isn’t ideal.




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Today we’re going to discuss how to get search traffic fast and free. Now, this is a process that usually takes a year or more to succeed in, because SEO is just not an instant process. However, with these tips and tricks you can get more search traffic for free within thirty days.

One month and you can have more traffic which leads to more revenue, something that is always the goal for our businesses. Basically, search traffic leads to customers and we all know having more customers leads to making more money and achieving the fiscal success we are all dreaming of. The truth is that you don’t have to wait a year or more to get search traffic. Just follow the steps below, you’ll earn more from these long-tail keywords, and you’ll soon find out that they convert much better and much faster as well.

 Google Search Console:

First things first: go to Google Search Console and check out the pages getting the most search traffic. These are the pages you want to be like, so study up on them some to do what they’re doing. By checking them out from here, you’ll be shown the main keywords that are bringing in the most traffic for these sites.

These keywords are important because this is how you are going to be found, and here we’re seeing this in action already. These keywords are already working for these sites, so why not make them work for you as well? By finding these main keywords, you can utilize them for yourself on your own content and profit off of them as they are proven to have been profited on in the past.

Ultimately, this is the easiest and most effective way to make search traffic because it is already being proven to work, right this very second. These keywords are the link you need to more search traffic, so make sure you’re grabbing hold of them and using them effectively in your own work.

Keyword Tips and Tools:

Now, knowing our keywords, we can use different keyword tools (check out UberSuggest!) and type in these same keywords that we found before. This is going to then give you the long-tail variations and then you can integrate them into your own copy, which allows you to utilize them as well and make the traffic you’re wanting to create.

We focus on the long-term because this gets you more traffic as well as more conversions. This is going to make you more money, so make sure that you’re focusing on the long-term here and really looking into what is continuing to work when you check out these keywords. Adjust your content to include these keywords and profit off of them.

These keywords are already working, and the tools to find and utilize them are free! Why wouldn’t you profit off of other people’s experience and make the job easier on yourself, if it’s possible? Why struggle for search traffic when it’s as easy as this? The truth is: you don’t need to rebuild the wheel, you just need to keep it rolling for yourself.

Reusing Content:

Now, if you just throw keywords into your content, it’s not going to work. The content isn’t going to flow and it isn’t going to do anything for your business. Instead, actually rework your content around this. Make your content valuable! Repurposing content can be as easy as just fully rewording paragraphs or even removing old content and adding newer and more relevant content instead.

For this, make it easy on yourself: use the content re-usage framework from Aleyda Solis to take the guesswork out of it. What this is is a flowchart at its most basic that tells you when things need to be updated and helps you to go step by step through the process of truly updating your content and adding value to your content.

The reason for this is that creating more content takes more time and that costs more money. Repurposing content saves this time and this money, and also makes the most out of everything you have. By doing this you save yourself time and make yourself money, which should always be a goal when putting forth content. The more time you have to make content will convert to the more content you have which then converts to the more money you will make, and that’s always a goal we need to set for ourselves.

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Free Search Traffic This Month:

Now, go back through these steps and make sure you’re doing them not only in order but as effectively as you can. Find the keywords, make sure they’re long-tail keywords, repurpose them into your older content, and then use them in your newer content. This is going to be the fastest and most long-lasting way to create search traffic for you to utilize, and best of all it’s completely free as long as you’re utilizing the free resources available to you.

These are simple steps to ensure you are releasing the most traffic-inducing content, and it’s worthwhile for you and your business in the end because it makes sure that you are using the tips and tricks that those before you have already proven effective.

The best search traffic is free search traffic, so be sure to remember your keywords. After that, rejoice in your new traffic. Some have seen a 20% increase or more with these steps, so why wouldn’t you put them in place for yourself? This is going to make your more search traffic and that will make you more money in the long run.

Blogger Guide: Skyrocket Your Search Traffic Within Next 30 Days