Growing business in 2020 has been relying more on social media and online tools. Business owners decided to play that way as more and more people are going online. 

It even became rampant as the pandemic arose in mid-2020. The incident allows people to rely more on what’s online, and that’s what businesses should take advantage of. 

And one of the best ways to keep up and let your brand be known is through social media. One that you can try to utilize is Instagram, the photo-focused platform where you can optimize your brand’s reach. 

The first thing that you might want to focus on when you decide to delve into Instagram is gaining followers. 

Why? Because if you have a wider audience, there is a bigger possibility to drive sales and grow your business.

And did you know that every day, there are 500 million people who stay active on Instagram? Imagine the reach that you can achieve with these million people who are searching for products every now and then. 

So, it is essential to include growing followers on your Instagram strategic campaign.

But you might have been asking how you can gain followers? Well, here are some of the tips and tricks that we have gathered to make it easier for you and your business. 

Know your target followers

You don’t want to create content for people who aren’t interested in it in the first place, right? So, knowing and finding the appropriate audience will be your first step. 

The best thing about Instagram is having the right tool for your needs. It’s Instagram Insight, for instance, is the tool you need to know more about your target followers. 

It provides analytics and information that you can use to gather insights about your target audience.

Knowing your audience will help you create the right content to make your engagement rate rank up. 

Use image that could grab people’s attention

Instagram focuses more on images, so it is understandable to keep your images engaging and interesting. Make them stand out among billions of pictures within the platform. 

Moreover, it is important to use high-quality images. Because, why not? It’s a visual platform, so your photos should be presentable. 

And make sure to take advantage of the layout tools laid on Instagram. Use them to create stunning photos that could define your brand among others. 

Utilize Instagram stories

Instagram stories are also one of the many ways that you can use to market your brands. 

Equip your stories with cute and interactive stickers to grab more attention. In that way, people will notice your brand and eventually gain new followers. 

Know the importance of relevant hashtags

Like any other social media site, Instagram is also powered by hashtags. They use these hashtags to categorize posts and catalog them for search optimization.

So when users type in certain hashtags, there are various contents will be laid for them. That’s why it is essential to input relevant hashtags on your posts for your audience to find your brand easily. 

However, you have to be careful not to stuff your content with irrelevant hashtags because it will only lead you to nowhere. 

Researching is what you need to come up with the perfect hashtags for your post. Search up for your competitor’s most used hashtags and what your audience is using. Then, leverage on that by innovating and making it stand out. 

Don’t forget about your bio

Your Instagram bio is your business upfront. It is where you input valuable information about your brand. 

It is important to incorporate links that redirect to your sites and add some description of the products or services that you offer. 

Moreover, having a clear and direct point bio is what you actually need to gain followers and brand awareness.

Engage with your Followers

Growing your business through a social network sometimes depends on how you engage with your followers. So, try to connect with your network, as that is one of the critical parts of growing audiences. 

Respond more to what other people are saying about your brand and try to build rapport as well as trust. Because when you already gain their trust, it will keep on attracting more and more audiences as they share your content.

Make use of Instagram Ads

If you’re starting out on Instagram as a small business, it will be hard to attract many followers. However, you can utilize the platforms’ Ads to make your brand visible. 

Instagram Ads will be your asset to reach a wider audience that can convert into potential new followers. 

Make use of the story ads as well as the feed start ad campaigns and target potential followers. If you utilize them both, there is no doubt for a better result. 

Be the brand that tells a story

If you have an outstanding image combined with a well-written caption– the result will be influential!

Tell a compelling story that could make them keep on reading and eventually click the follow button. 

Although you still need to rely on your audience, if your targets are those business people who are always busy with life, try to make it shorter. 

However, if you are to target those people who are fond of reading, then you should go for a longer and enticing story. 

And also, remember to include all the essential information on the first part of the caption as Instagram shows only the first 125 words, then users need to decide whether to read more or not. So, always equip your first few sentences with a clear and interesting offer. 

Learn about the best time to put up your post

People are not always active on social media, but there are times that most users are active. So, you have to figure out that time, the peak hours when people are most active on the platform. 

Utilize the Instagram analytics to know which time of the day is best for you to put up your posts. 

Timing is also one of the critical aspects that marketers should take note of, especially when trying to boost brand awareness and reach. 


Instagram followers are highly essential to reach more audience for your brand. So, you should start to include gaining more followers as one of your marketing campaigns for your social media sites. 

Moreover, try to research some Instagram tools that could help you grow your business.