We all know what a hook is – the thing that draws in customers, the thing that is enticing or irresistible about your advertisement. You know what I’m talking about, like the rainbow-pooping unicorn with Squatty Potty or the PooPourri commercial. Hooks can even be simple: like catchy headlines, for instance. These are hooks, things that make people remember your advertisement and pay attention to your product. So, what’s yours? And is it memorable?




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If you don’t know how to hook your customers, you just aren’t going to be making the most of your advertisements, so it’s important to focus on your hook and what is enticing for your personal audience. Below we’re going to go over the steps but here’s the important part, the reason you need to follow this guide: once you have your hook, you have your message, you have tested your advertisement, and you know you have made the best hook you can – you can release your advertisement into the world and you will, without a doubt, watch it prosper.

From video advertisement to images to something as simple as the right headline for your post, this is how you are going to make the most money on your advertisement and see the most profit doing so. Think about clickbait here! When you read those types of titles, that’s what gets you to click to read more. This is why a hook is so important, and why you need to find yours and know that it works.

How to Find a Hook:

In business, it isn’t all about the best copy or the best image, which a lot of people seem to think it is. A lot of it is just about position and messaging. Find the pay point of your audience and appeal to it, and you’ll make money doing so because that is what is going to hook people more than anything.

Let’s take Squatty Potty again for example, they knew a lot of people had issues properly going to the bathroom. As for PooPourri, they knew a lot of people were trying to conceal the smells in the bathroom as well. That’s their message – they’ll help you fix a problem that you are having.

Use this: tell people why they want your product, what it will do for them, or what problem it corrects within their lives. This is what is going to hook them in. Sure, the first fifteen seconds of a video advertisement needs to be enough to keep people’s attention, but it’s ultimately going to be about what the advertisement says about itself or about the product that truly hooks people in.

How to Figure Out Your Hook:

Now the biggest thing you want to focus on with your hook is messaging, which is what you found before. What message does you hook send? Is it memorable?

Is it something you would want to buy? Most don’t know how to even get to this point to start off, so brainstorming and testing different ideas is a must. This is when you would test out something like BuzzSumo. This is a helpful tool to help you figure out what your hook could be, which is the first step in the creation.

To create your hook, you should look at your options first and foremost basically and go off of these ideas to figure out which might be the most successful. BuzzSumo and options like it are going to help you do this in a way that’s easier, cost effective, and proven successful, all without being time consuming or energy consuming, which is detrimental to any good business.

How to Test Your Hook:

Ready to move on from figuring out your hook and working to implement it? Before you go live, test it! Testing is going to help you make money. So, before you spend all that money putting forth an advertisement, even if you worked incredibly hard on that advertisement, test it.

You want to make sure it is successful, and testing is the only way that this can be done. Sites like SurveyMonkey do this for you, by figuring out customers’ pay points and if they work with your ads. This is a way to test your messaging with real people, which will increase your profits. That’s what this is all about anyway, right?

You’re doing all of this work to actually hook your advertisement, so make sure that you are actually hooking them to ensure that your hook doesn’t flop. Just because you love it, as many businesses have sadly found out, does not mean everyone will. You want something everyone in your audience will like.

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How to Create the Best Hook:

An alternative to all of the above is to hire people. That’s right, you can save all that time by hiring someone – but this is expensive and ultimately makes it better to be able to figure out the messaging and hook by yourself. Still, it’s an option worth considering it if you have the means to consider it.

If you’re considering it, though, check out the Harmon Brothers. They’re expensive, but they’ve also been proven to work. They’re behind the famous PooPourri and Squatty Potty ads we talked about earlier that are incredibly memorable and super long lasting, both ads having already been proven to work time and time again. This style of ad didn’t just work once, but several times over – and they have a course on how they do it, which you can use to do as well if hiring them isn’t the option here that you’re looking into. Another thing you can do here is draw inspiration from the people who create the best ads and use that inspiration to do so.

Hiring someone is expensive but getting inspired from the great advertisements and proven success is entirely free. Check out some of them, see how they landed their message, see how they hooked people in, and use that to your advantage – all for free!

Marketers Guide: How to Use HOOK to Get Attention from Your Audiences?