In this article, I will be discussing ways by which you can make money blogging through the use of affiliate products.




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Blogging can be fun when doing it for free but it can more fascinating when you make money off it. If you don’t have a blog yet you will be motivated to build one by the end of this article.

If you want to make good money from your blog today, then you’re on the right track!

In this article, I will be discussing these following things, that will make you understand different ways you can make money through blogging. This is what we will cover:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • How to find affiliate opportunities to promote as a complete newbie
  • 6- Figure blogger’s strategies for creating content to promote affiliate products.
  • How affiliate marketing could be your endless stream of income for years to come.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual who sells other company’s product or services and makes a commission from the sales of the products. Let’s assume you run a blog on camera lens, and someone approaches you to help promote their camera.

You can easily tell the person that for every sales made from your blog, you will be given 20% as commission.

You accept this offer and proceed to sell the camera on your sites.

Now, you’re an affiliate of that person product.

The buyers do not have to pay a fee, neither do they have don’t pay for your affiliate program; it rather comes from the owner of that product once someone buys the product from your blog. One of the benefits of Affiliate marketing, you’re not limited to a product or brand, you can affiliate across various niches, platforms and mediums.

You can become an affiliate through forums, blog, YouTube, whenever you can have access people to the targeted audience. Being an affiliate is one of the best ways to make money off your blog.

If you don’t have a income in stream through your blogs or don’t want to go through the hustle to create your own product, promoting affiliate product is a better solution in that case. You can put out  review right now and you will be making money, from that review in years to come.

People who start online always ask, What Can I Sell?

My answer is simple, anything you think it will be beneficial to your target market or your blog audiences. If you have a blog post where you recommend a product, you can turn it into an affiliate link.

If you have a resource page of the tools that you personally use you can turn that page into an affiliate page. You can easily recommend all the product and services that you use to your readers.

If you have a blog post that focuses on ways to building muscles and getting six pack, you can turn in to a blog that promotes affiliate product related to that niche. Big supplement companies like GNC has their own affiliate programs for people who are interested to promote their product and services.

But before you promote anything make sure that you believe in the product and you willing to go out and use the product yourself. If you don’t trust a product, don’t bother selling to your reader.


If you’re considering to plunge into affiliate marketing, you’ve got one question to ask yourself, how can I become an affiliate?

To become an affiliate is very easy.  All you need to do is sign for the affiliate program for the product that you want to promote. However, there is some product that has hidden affiliate program.  A good example of this services, they don’t publicize their advertising program. They rather keep it enable for influencers that will give them the required results. These are one of the complex categories of affiliate marketing, so don’t bug yourself much on it.

If you’re interested in a product and you are unable to find their affiliate program, you can always send a mail. Most of the time their teams will follow up with you if they have an offer. No lets talk about different affiliate programs that you can join and start making money from

How to Become Affiliate with Amazon Associate Program: 

There’s a program on Amazon called Amazon Associates; this enables people to make money from almost all the products available on their site.

You can at least make 8%-10% commission on the products each time people buys any product through your affiliate link.

Now I will describe, How does the whole Amazon Associate Program work.?

Step 1: Sign up for an account

You will go to the Amazon Associates page of your country and sign up for free. You will need to open an account for every country, if you chose to promote product from Amazon from various countries.

An example, if you’re in Canada but want to promote a product that’s only available to the US market only, you will need an account on American Amazon Associates site.

When you sign up, you will be requested to fill in some information such as your location, business and the site you operate on, etc.

Ensure you fill the information to the best of your knowledge.

Step 2: Search for the product you weren’t to sell

If you don’t have an idea about a product you’d like to sell, you will have to dig up to find it yourself.

This can be done by browsing through the sites.

Then you can navigate your way via the Amazon and search around different products from Amazon catalogue/categories. If you are just a beginner I would prefer you to select a single niche rather than trying to promote everything that you see in the site. It’s easy if you master one and then move to various other niche.

Find a product that you can easily find an audience for online. It will make your life much easy and less miserable.

Step 3: Add them to your content

By now you already have products that you would like to promote in Amazon. So simply log in to the Amazon Associates account and get the link for the product that you want to promote. You can simply follow the video above to see how you can get a link.

The next step is add the link in your content while you promote. You can embed the HTML code or simply use the link in you article by hyperlinking the text. Write an article or Promote products via youtube video use the link to prefer products to your audience.

With this, you will be able to have a link people can click on, and when they buy through your link, you could earn 8-10% per transaction.

These perfectly works for virtually all the product, in as much the product is relevant to the site. You can also add as more of these to your content, in other to give the products maximum amount of promotion and make a good amount of money by showing people how this product could be beneficial to them. If people find your article or review beneficial then they will definitely take your words and will buy through your link.

One of the instructions for being an Amazon Associates, you will have to declare yourself as an affiliate of the products. However, is not compulsory you post these on every page. Although most bloggers prefer doing this. I rather recommend you create another disclaimer page.  An Amazon Affiliate page. With this method, you’re completely transparent.

Below is an example of a text you might wish to use, in creating the Amazon disclaimer page for your site.

(include your name) is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising scheme which is platform design to enable the sites to make earning through advertising and linking to  [insert the applicable site name (amazon.com)].

These look pretty easy, right?

Trust me the process gets smoother as you take action and start doing it. So don’t feel overwhelm. Take one step at a time and try to do your best.

Promote tools you use for your blog:  

If you are a blogger just link I am, you always need tools that you need to use in order to build your blog. You need a good premium theme, email autoresponder to capture and communicate with your subscriber, landing page builder and many other tools. If you are using any of those tools then refer them to your subscribers and readers. If you are actively using the tool and like what it does for you, why don’t you suggest that to the reader.

Every tools that you use could be an opportunity for you to create a different stream of income. For example, I am an Amazon FBA seller, and I am quiet successful on it. So I show people how I became a successful seller in Amazon. And In my blog I recommend the tool that I use to do my research as an Affiliate which is pre simple and straight forward. I provide value and recommend what I use myself.

Most bloggers make use of email marketing software. You can go to their site, search to see if there are any affiliate program there. One good example is Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. He always refers his reader things he uses for his podcast and tool he use in his blog. He is a very unselfish guy who shares all the secrets openly and which is why he earned trust of his blog readers.

Search for the brand you’d like to work with.

Think of a product you are sure your readers would love, that’s the right point to start with. Think of a product that you use and would like write about. Why don’t you just refer that product using affiliate link. You can always reach out to those companies whose product you use and ask them if they have an affiliate program available. You can also find if they have any affiliate program available online.

You can go to Google and search for:

[Brand name] affiliate program, “[brand name]” + “affiliate program”, “[brand name]” + “affiliate rewards”, “[brand name]” + “referral”

Ensure you change the brand name for the name of the brand you want to work with. The searches will display the results displaying affiliate programs for that brand if it exists.

For instance, I decided to promote marketing tool call Clickfunnels, because I used it before and I know my readers will appreciate my recommendation, since the tool is all in one marketing solution for online marketers. So all I did was made a simple search for ClickFunnels affiliate program and there I found the result that I was looking for.

But not all the product that you want to promote will have affiliate program available. A popular brand like Spotify and Buffer don’t run an affiliate program. However, you will be amaze with different companies that run an affiliate program.

So go out their look for things that you are passionate about and start writing about them. If you are honest about what you use and how that will be helpful for your audiences you will always find people who willing to take your recommendation.

Affiliate Marketplaces

Affiliate marketplaces is where you go to find product to promote from any niche. It could physical or digital products that you will be interested to sale to your audiences.

On this site, you can browse various products, and there are various categories whereby you can find a product that can be beneficial to your audiences. You can simply select the product you want to promote and then proceed to promote them. It’s that simple.

Also, there are tons of affiliate marketplace online. Some of the most famous ones are ClickBankJVZOO, ShareASale, Click Junction etc. They are all free to sign up and works the similar way. If you just starting out you can simply sign up for only one and then you can scale out from there.

The most famous and the biggest digital marketing affiliate platform in ClickBank. They handles billions of dollars of transaction a year and they been in the game for the longest time online. In this blog I will discuss about ClickBank and how you can get started with them. You are always welcome to discover other marketplace of your wish.


ClickBank is one of the oldest and the biggest digital product market in the world. The reason why I always ask my readers to start with ClickBank is the process to get started is very simple and instant. Also, you have a huge amount of product that on your fingerprint that you can promote. Not only that. What I love about clickbank product is the high margin of affiliate payouts. ClickBank vendors who makes all these products payout between 50% to 70% commission per sale. That gives you a huge leverage, because you make bulk of the money on each sale that you make.

Now if you are starting out I always recommend anyone to start promoting things that you understand and know about. For example, if you know a lot about cooking, find a product in ClickBank, that teaches about cooking and promote that product. The more you know about your targeted audience, the better you will be able to communicate with them. Also, that create more your chances of making sales because you will be able connect with your audiences easily. One of the major principles as a startup blogger, don’t choose a product because you will earn more from it. That’s the fastest way to losing your customers. If you have no clue about how ClickBank and affiliate marketing works and you can select a product from ClickBank, then watch the video below where I walk you through, how you can select a product from ClickBank.

Once you have successfully selected a product that you want to share with your audience, you can then go ahead and start promoting the product by writing reviews about that product on your blog. It’s that simple. Now you might be asking how can create content for the product that I selected from Amazon Associate or ClickBank. Glad you asked cause  I will show you step by step how you can create content that sells your product. Don’t worry it is really easy. All you need to do is spend some good amount of time to make it worth it.

Create Blog Content That Sales:

Step 1: Create a Blogging Site

Now you know three ways to find products that you can promote to make money on. I hope you will find the product that you know about already! Now let me walk you through the process of how you can create content that converts.

First of all you need to learn how to build a blog and if you have no idea how that works then you can check out my step by step training where I walk you through how I build a blog under 15 minutes, from starting to the end. Don’t get scared or run away because you don’t know how! My job is to help you with every step of the way so you could be successful online by working smart.

Step 2: Create High Quality Content

Now lets get some content done shall we? But How?



This steps is quite tedious and consume most of your time, however, is the most crucial part of them all, you won’t be able to make good money from any of those products. Write the content based on your research and your knowledge. Provide some good reviews, pros and cons about the provide and then make the recommendation to your reader.

Get the product link for the product that you want to promote and then lay that in onto your blog. All the affiliate sites gives you affiliate links that you can use to track you sales. Lay them in the blog once or twice but no more then three times. That will be hard sale. Neither Google likes it nor the reader. So don’t hard sell, instead talk about the pros and cons about the product.

Step 3: Get Some Research Pages DONE for the Blog

In this segments, I will highlight the different ways to write a good and simple content that will assist you on ways to make money from blogging with just a few pages.

There are three steps a new blogger you must know to when promoting Affiliate links.

  1. General Resource Page: This is a page on the whole blog that covers the top sides of product you’re using.
  2. Specific Resources Pages: This is a resource page for some particular problems.
  3. Product Specific Blog post: A blog post design, like a product review that covers a product or covers the functions of a particular product.

This is one of the best way to promote and make a good income from your site. You will discover that you can still promote these pages and at the same time still add value to your audience.

Step 4: Lets Get Some Traffic for the Blog

Now you have some content, and you have your blog setup the right way! Awesome now you need to get some traffic for the blog, so that you can make some sales for the product that you are promoting. Traffic is not hard to get. You can actually get a lot of traffic for free. Here are some of the strategies will get you some free traffic Fast:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Commenting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Sharing.

If you are complete newbie on Traffic then I get an awesome news for you. You can easily learn about traffic from this post where I explained step by step how you can get plethora of Free Traffic for your blog. Simply check follow one or two strategies and you will be gold.

How to make use of Affiliate Products to Create an Unlimited Stream of Content

Affiliates products help in creating an unlimited source of content that will intrigue your target audience and contributes to your earning.

We will take micro leggings as an example. How many contents can you create from this? Below are five different content that can be created out from this. You can take a product and create various style of content one at a time and your content will be ranked for various keywords and contents:

  • Product review: After making use of the product (what can you make of the product after using it? does the product worth it? Do I think it will be beneficial to my audience?)
  • Experiment: Ensure you post the before and after use of the product. What was your experience before and when using the product, and what is It?after using the product.
  • Important Products Post: These post can be included on the list of important running products you need to purchase.
  • BEST POST: Write out the overall performance of the product within a month.
  • Tutorial: Methods on how to use the leggings to get the needed results. When you can put them on, how to use them to get the best results

These are five examples of content that can be created from your affiliate product.  This isn’t suitable for all the product, imagine what you could create if it were to be a [product such as personal computers, or mobile phones.

For every affiliate product you find, search for ways to integrate it into your niche. , make use of the listed examples, however, ensure you look at what other blogs in your niche are up to as well. These are great opportunities to create multiple contents.


To ensure you understand these pretty well, here are some crucial vital point to catch up with.


  1. Search for the products in your niche that you often use a lot.
  2. Search for the product you’d love to have or work within subsequent time
  3. You can search for it on Amazon on their personal Affiliate programs


  1. Sign up to be a member of Amazon Associates.
  2. Apply to the affiliate program you are interested in.
  3. Sign up to CLICKBANK (or similar) sites.
  4. Crate an affiliate disclaimer on your blog.


  1. Create a general resource page that displays how you run your daily activities.
  2. Create a specific resource page that offers solutions.
  3. Create a specific [product post that posts about reviews, presentations, and functions.
  4. Research on the opportunities your link presents you create valuable and numerous contents.

The rest is mainly up to you.

The Best Article Writing Strategies for Affiliate Marketers

Credibility, Increase Trust and Increase your Conversion Rate

Both small and large business and now involve in affiliate marketing to promote their products or services via an affiliate network. Various affiliate marketers over the years have now discovered the importance of article and its contributions to their traffic, trust and credibility. Article writing is a powerful tool that helps in building trust and increase of traffic to a blog or websites. All what is required of you is make use of a skill that is, knowledge and experience and spends time in editing, writing and posting to utilise these opportunities.

Let’s assume you have a product that was launched recently in a market.  By writing articles about the product in the product niche will increase your credibility. You as well build trust with your targeted audience by giving them quality write-ups that are free from biased and based on fact. In return, the readers will click on your link to learn more about the product and read more information, and as well your products and services. , With a good experience on your blog, the readers will surely return to your site.

If you considering affiliate marketing or affiliate market, and you’re trying to increase your conversion rate, below are articles writing and marketing strategies that will help you to succeed.

Select a Niche You Have Experience

Don’t choose an affiliate program because it has a high dollar in return. Without the right experience, you won’t be able to make a good fortune out of it, and as well won’t be able to provide quality informative content about the product. Identify and choose the niche you have experience and search for the suitable affiliate program. This will help build trust with your readers and strengthen your articles.

Information and Encourage Transparency

Reader’s searches online to look for solutions that will help solve their problem. They wouldn’t like to see an affiliate smokescreen when browsing.  Most readers are always disappointed when all they could find online are promotional content when browsing the internet. For useful tips or solutions in your articles as this will build your readers trust, you can now include your affiliate offer in the resource box. At is will contribute to the increase in your conversion rate for a long time.

Buy Your Top-level Domain

Most readers consider an affiliate program to be junk, spam etc.  Most experts who practice affiliate marketing make use of their own Top-level-domain, due to the fact, it’s more credible, enticing and trustworthy.  This will give the leader the satisfaction that the author is trustworthy and can stand by his offer for a long term.  It as well as prevents other people from making use of your affiliate link and having to include their affiliate ID. Top Level Domain is not expensive which makes it easier to have one.

Provide a Quality Landing Page

Quality, relevant and rich content, simple and stress-free navigation and a free exit pop up. These are the major characteristics of a good landing page that attracts a click. Websites or affiliate links that offers nothing but ads often frustrate the users.  This is a poor user experience, which will surely affect the sales. Ensure your link is directly link to a well-designed page that offers a quality user experience as these will enhance your credibility and trust.

Write a good article to boost your strategies towards the contributions of affiliate marketing. Always remember that when pursuing traffic, conversion rate or exposure ensure you maintain credibility and trust, and the best way to serve your customer is by writing quality and informative articles.