The inability to add your Facebook pixel to an Amazon product page makes it difficult to optimize using Facebook to advertise your Amazon FBA products.




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You can’t track your ROI (Return on Investment) or your Ad space nor can you retarget groups of people. You lose on money like this. Fortunately, we have a solution to the issue. Here are a few tips to generate more money through your Facebook ads for Amazon products.

Utilize Amazon Associates:

Once you have your Amazon product in min the first thing you want to do is go to “Amazon Associates.” Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate platform. If you don’t have an account it’s free to make on (if you’re having trouble getting to the site, you can type in Google’s search bar).

Once you made it to the webpage, go to “Product Linking” and then click “Link to Any Page.” A new screen will come up with “Link to Any Page” as a sub-tab. Click on that, and then copy the link to your Amazon Product into the “Enter the URL section.” Type of the name of your product in the “Name your Link section below.” Then Press “Get HTML.”

Once you do, a large paragraph of text will appear in the preview section. There will be a “https:” link in quotes; copy it (to make the link easier to find, you can paste the whole paragraph into a text editor and space out the text as needed). This link will solve your ROI problem. What that means is that you will now have the ability to tell how many people click on this link and how many sales you make from the link (pressing home on Amazon Associate will allow you to keep track of all of your links if you have multiple products). Essentially, you’ll be able to keep track of how much money (or how little) your Facebook advertisements are making for you.

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Utilize Sinply:

Now we’re going to solve the retargeting problem (retargeting is advertising specifically to people who have already show interesting in your products). You’ll want to know how to retarget so you can market similar products to these same customers, and thus create the opportunity to generate a bigger profit for yourself.

Open the website called Sinply. Sinply will act as the redirect or “bridge” between your Facebook ad and your Amazon product by taking anyone who clicks the ad straight to the desired Amazon page, but not before pixeling them. Think of pixeling like web cookies. You’ll be able to quote-on-quote mark customers who’ve shown interest in your products this way thus setting them up to be retargeted in the future. Now the Sinply service isn’t free, but they do offer a free trial that you can take advantage of.

Once you’ve made your account and signed in, go to “Brand Profiles,” on the left side of the screen under the “Manage” tab. Create yourself a brand with the “New brand” or if you have a brand that already exist, click on it. Then click on “Retargeting Pixel.” Once that’s installed itself you’ll be able to create what’s called a snip.

Remember the Amazon Associate link you copied years ago? Here’s where it comes into play. Copy and paste it into the “Enter URL Field” that’s next to the “Create Snip” button. You’ll be brought to a new page that will have another button on it just labeled “SNIP.” Click it.

Next you’ll be presented with a link. Copy it. When people click on this link it will pixel them so you can retarget them, and it will tell you how many link clicks you get for that particular link through your Amazon Associates account (in other words you’ll know your ROI). This has another benefit as well. Since you’ll be using a Facebook ad to drive traffic to an Amazon product page, you’ll be driving external traffic (or people from other sites) to Amazon, helping make Amazon money. As a business they tend to like making money, so to repay you for helping them do so, they’ll boost your products rank (which means to promote your product by putting it near the top of their search engine).

Create Your Facebook Ad:

With your copied link, go to Facebook Ads page and fill it out as a normal. Then go to the Website URL that you want to drive to and paste your Sniply link.

Now we’re going to set up your custom audience. You’re custom audience will be the group of people who visit the specific Sniply link that you’ve created. Having a custom audience is crucial because you’ll be able to retarget them with any similar or future products you may want to advertise.

With the Sinply Link you copied before, you’re going to go to the “Business Manager“ of your Facebook ads. Once you’re there go to “All tools,” and then click on “Audiences.” There you’re going to — you guess it — click on “custom audience.” This will be how you retarget people. Choose “Website Traffic.” Go to “All Website Traffic.” A scroll down bar should appear that has ”People who visited specific web pages” as an option; click it. Now you’re going to take you Sinply link and paste it into the field that’s just appeared. With this you can now create a “list” of people who visited this specific Sniply link and retarget them on Facebook with this link.

Feel free to name the audience whatever you like in the bar below that requests it. Then go ahead and create it. Everyone who now clicks this link will now be added to this group you created.

That’s it. From there you’re finished. This is the improved method to advertises your Amazon products through your Facebook ads. Follows these steps and you’ll be making more money through your advertisements in no time. Paying for Simply may seem daunting at first, but it’s worth it in the long run. Good luck!