In today’s blog I will show you how you can start a successful blog from scratch and scale your blog to make a sustainable income form your blog. Also I will show how you can drive a tons of traffic to the blog for FREE if you willing to put in the work.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

Have you ever considered blogging?

In this article we will discuss various ways you can start a blog and how you can scale that blog. Also I am going to discuss about a blog that is making over $150k+ in passive income every month. I will break down some strategies from the blog which will give you some insight about whats possible.

There are huge blogging sites that makes 7 figures a year just by blogging. I am not saying or guaranteeing anything that will be in there level, but making a full time income could change your life if you can do the blogging the right way.

If you have not started blogging yet than you might want to consider soon. Blogging is a way to earn passive income online without having to spend a lot of time just working and grinding all the time. The cool part about the blog is, the longer you blog, the stronger your blog gets and you keep getting more and more traffic.

So once you create a money making blog using some of the techniques I will show you in this blog, you will make money long after you have write a post or article.

How cool is that for you?

Now before you start, first you need to know how to to set up a blog so that way can start your blog journey online.

There are four steps used in setting up a blog.

The steps are easy to understand and works out perfectly fine. One thing engages in free hosting, ensure you have your domain and hosting.

  • Find hosting & a good domain name
  • Create the site and customize it
  • Fill out the blog with keyword optimized content.
  • Promote your blog and get traffic for your blog.

Start your site with Host Gator

Alright the biggest myth about building a website could be it’s expensive. Today I will show you how you can start your own blog by spending $5.00. I personally use HostGator as my hosting company where I run all my blogs. They are super affordable and beginner friendly. For this blog reader HostGator gave a special offer where you can start your blog by spending $0.01 Cent for your Hosting.

It’s good for people with limited budget.

You can simply purchase a domain from HostGator while registering for the hosting. Make sure your domain names are brand-able. Think through the name and the purpose of your blog and try to come up with a name that will resonate with your target audiences. Take your time doing if you need.  It will cost a $4.95 for the whole year for the domain. It’s quiet cheaper than the rest of the domain provider so you gonna save a lot of money.

Once you done selecting an available domain all you gotta do is uncheck all the upsells they have from the bottom so you won’t see any additional charges for your plan that you are selecting. You don’t need them, son don’t bother spending money on them.

Once you completed the registration now, you will be able to log into your cPanel. Quickly Install the WordPress for your domain from the cPanel.

Once you selected WordPress and then select the domain and click next button. On that screen you have to fill out the personal information and the login credential for your blog site, so you will be able to login and customize your site in near future.

Once you click on the install button you will be registered with WordPress. Then you will see the login credential for your blog which you will be able to use to login to your admin panel. Give it a good hour, and then click on the Log in button from the next screen. Use the given username and password to log into the backend of the site. Don’t worry, you can change the credential anytime after logging in.

Once you are logged in click on the Launch Button to launch your site and follow the steps. You will see it after logging in for the first time.

Then hover over on Appearance and click on the Themes link from the menu. Then you will be able to select any free them there you can see in the screen that is available.

Don’t worry you can select any basic theme and change the customization based on your needs. You can customize them for your blog as you want with simple tweaks.

Now that you have selected a theme and customized your blog, it’s time to put some content up for your blog and start driving some traffic. How cool is that?

You will be taken to “Getting traffic flowing to your blog.”

Now the buzz has just started!

I will be discussing in details the steps you can take to being a huge amount of traffic to your blog. These methods are cost nothing but you get to put into the work to make things happen for your blog. Traffic is essential to the success of blogging, without substantial amounts of traffic a website is as good as dead.

Monetize Your Blogs, and You Can Make Money Blogging

Blogs are used by people for various reasons, to some is a means of communicating with friends and family, writing on personal experience most especially if they are away from home and at the same time to promote products and services. This is why some people refer to them as an online journal, and others seem it an effective marketing tool. Anyone into blogging should understand that with few steps you can start making money off your blog, irrespective of what your blog is all about. It doesn’t require a long effort in putting to set up a making money blog. Most especially if you are making use of Googles blogger or WordPress in posting your blogs.

Steps you need to make to monetize your blog

Advertising – Google AdSense

Various sites will be interested in advertising on your blogs and are willing to pay to get their sites promoted on your blog. You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense where Google will pay you for showing their ads in your blog. Once you successfully registered with Google Adsense, you then can go ahead start placing ads in your blog which will be visible to your blog visitors.

The higher your traffic goes the more money you will make. It’s that simple.

Affiliate Marketing:

Most organizations are looking for affiliate relationships either via affiliate marketing or directly to an organization with traffic related to their market.  Affiliate marketing is where you promote product from a different company who already has a product to sell and you get money once someone buy the product through your referral. Most blog now a days does affiliate marketing to earn money through their blog. Good Example of a 6-Figure blog who does affiliate marketing is Start Passive Income by Pat Flynn. Last month he made, Over $167k Dollars through his blogs and YouTube channel.

He does good demo videos to review the product he uses. He always prefers the product most useful to him to his blog readers through his content and once someone purchase through his preferred links he earns a commission for that product. How cool is that? He writes and creates content that helps his audiences for free and as he provides value he refers them to use the tool he personally used himself.

That is how he make so much money from his blog. Now it takes time to build a blog like he has, but it sure worth to work on it so you can get there one day, if you stay smart.

Ranking For Small Volume Keywords

This will be discussed first since it needs to be done when creating your articles. If you are doing affiliate marketing or doing reviews for the product you must have to do articles for your blog. That way you will be able to get traffic.

Keyword are what drives traffic but it’s been overlooked by the bloggers now a days. When writing your articles ensure that keywords are included in the targeted niche you are try to rank your blog for. Most people choose just one keyword. I make use of multiple keywords that will drive my websites to the front page without the use of backlinks. I make use of keywords with small search volume, something like 250 to 1000 a month.

Why? I choose various Keywords which are spread across the article. If I can get to the front page with 5 out of the keywords used and I have over 250 searches within a month that brings me up to 1250 months.

In other words over 1200 people have been able to view and read my article within a month. If you have other articles that control such a huge number of readers in a month, you already know the results.  The more As your domain gets stronger, the more it helps in the increase of the ranking and traffic over the time.

Now you might be asking how can I find these keywords. Pretty simple, head over to Google Keywords Planner and search for the main keywords you are targeting for and then navigate to few pages, to see the keywords that people are searching which has a low search volume like the image below. I did search for keyword Online marketing and these are keywords that I got.

For an instant, a couple of keywords will be highlighted as an example in my article in the appropriate paragraphs.  I would repeat the keywords multiple times, depending on the number of words of each article. With time, your article will be recognized by Google which will increase your ranking.  If your article is quality enough, you will be ranked on the front page using the small volume keywords you have selected.

There’s no specific time on how long it will take your blog or websites to reach the front page, however with a quality article and websites and the necessary keywords in your article, in no time will you shoot forward to the front page. One of the best traffic is Organic targeted traffic.

Niche Related Comments on Your Competitions Blog

Search for similar blogs to comments on, this method is slow but also works out effectively. You will surely have a consistent flow of traffic with this methods. Go to google and search for various websites that offer similar niche as yours. Here’s a trick on how to increase traffic. Search for new articles, a week old or 24 hours old article and comments on the articles.

When the post gets popular your comments will always be at the top of the comments; third will also contribute to your traffic. After leaving comments, there’s usually a section box where you websites links can be posted. Don’t go around spamming, allow it to flow.

Become Active on Niche Related Forums

Search for a forum that is related to your niche and become an active member.  Write an engaging topic and always leave a response to the people on the forum.  Spamming your websites is not a good idea include it in the signature section. The more active you are, the more traffic your blogs get.

You can make use of your blog name or a username related to your blog. People might decide to search for your name on google. Also, some forum let you leave your signature on the post. So while you are helping people in their topic if they get the value they will click on the link for your website and will come to your website.

Answering Niche Related Questions

This is one of the major ways to get traffic when starting your blog; this can be done on your sites or your YouTube channel. You can go to Quora and enter your keyword, search for questions and answer. Example, someone is searching for free ways to drive traffic to her websites, the next thing for me to is, to link her up with my article.

I would give them reasons why this method is the best solution for driving traffic to their websites. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your blog when starting your blog. It will become a consistent flow of traffics because there’s a high tendency the topics will keep ranking on google.

Niche Related Guest Post

This is where you can get a substantial amount of traffic and Google will start to increase your ranking.  Writing on other people’s websites will help you achieve this. Guest posting is writing on other people websites with the inclusion of a link that drives people back to your websites.  This will get you backlinks and traffic.

It’s one of fastest way to tap into other people’s traffic pool and take advantage of their traffic. websites usually have a section whereby you can submit your article or contact them to get more information. This is one of the major ways to increase your traffic for a longer period. Have you discovered the new trend? These include all similar niche, which is vital. A similar niche will serve as an advantage to your content.

 Use the RIGHT Social Media Platforms

Most people agree on using social media. However, it is best to understand the best platform that perfectly works for you.

Search for one or two social platforms that are suitable for your niche and work on that platform. Twitter was the first social platform I used when starting my blog. It contributed immensely to driving a huge amount of traffic to my blog.

 Posting On Facebook and Google+ Groups

You can share your content on Facebook Groups related to the niche. As long as you are not spamming or breaking the rules of the Facebook Community and bringing in values, you will be able to drive a lot of traffic off of Facebook to your blog. Don’t be sealsy! Rather provide value to the group members.

Google+ also has the same featured. However, you will have to join communities. To get started to click the home button. You will be directed to a page where you can search for various communities you can post your articles.

Creating an Email List

If you are getting traffic it is mandatory that you are making those traffic work to promote your product and services to them. So, its mandatory for you to capture the information of your traffic who comes to your blog to read your contents. You can create optin pop-up just like the one that you see in my blog. It will convert some of your subscriber to your customers in near future.

Also by creating a list of subscribers you can then share your future blog content with them. These loyal readers of your blog will to share and but more from your recommendation since they trust you. This will put the content in the front of new visitors or readers. I recommend the use of GetResponse for my email list management, which you can use to communicate with your subscribers. You can get a 30 Days Free Trial to start with, so you don’t have to spend any money in the beginning.

To collect these emails from your potential visitors, you can create an option box or a popup boxes like I do in my blog.  You can create these optin pop-up using thrive leads Thrive leads. They gives you many choices of optin pop-ups which you can use through out your blogs. It’s very simple and easy to use and you will need any coding skills or technical knowledge. Also, they have a great community and customer service which will be there for you every step of the way!

You would have seen these plugs around as well. On some other blogs. With the highlighted steps, you should be able to drive thousands of traffic to your blog, and you have to ensure you’re active in your niche and you optimize your articles for a multiple of small volume keywords and as well as a good quantity of phrases you can target.