How much money do you exactly need to start an online business? This is the common question I’ve heard from most people who are interested and planning to have an online business.

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According to Brown “ In life, you have to spend money to make money” and in the business world, you have to invest something in order to gain or earn. Can someone start an online business with little or no money? Based on a successful internet marketer, you must have at least $500 budget or less to get started.


Dropshipping business can be a business for you. You can outsource products from China or America without touching the physical product itself. A warehouse is not needed and you don’t need to spend a single dollar. Another advantage of a dropshipping business is retail stores are dying. Anyone can order anything online from food, clothing, car, anything you can think of and it can be delivered right on your doorway without a sweat

How to Start a Dropshipping Store:

  1. Look for an eCommerce platform that sell products online globally. A good example of these platforms is Shopify and AliExpress. You can find hundred of products to choose from different suppliers.
  2. Find the best products to sell. Considering that you don’t have enough money, choose products that are frequently ordered or the top pick products. Also make sure that the supplier have provided better images. Having catchy images of the products contributes much on sales.Selecting the perfect products and a reliable supplier is one of the main important aspect that you need to consider. The quality of the product must be your first concern.
  3. Find cheap traffic. Where can you find this traffic? Instagram is an ideal traffic source.  Lay hands on the pages of your niche and examine accounts with 80,000-100,000 or more followers. Follow the chosen pages and give a shout out for 5 hours maximum.
  4. Place a Facebook Pixel on your product page. A Facebook Pixel  is a tool that can track your site visitors.
  5. Do Facebook Ads and use audience from your instagram traffic.

Online business such as a drop shipping store can be an excellent business for you. Low investment kind of business with lesser risk than investing a store or building in your city or town. You can reach a larger group of customers because you are based online plus you can work and monitor your business anytime or anywhere.

No delivery and warehouse worries. Be ready to start your own business and be an entrepreneur. There are a lot of resources you can find in the internet and online trainings available for starters. Learn the skill and be a part of the internet marketing world. We are living in a golden age of wealth and it is advisable to master the art of the present trend of selling.