We can’t agree more that there are tons of marketing strategies that business owners are utilizing to grow their businesses, and one of them is email marketing.

Although there are other digital marketing nowadays, email marketing is still important for your business. And, here are some reasons why.

Importance of Having Email Marketing

Helps you stay connected with your target audience

Every business needs an audience to grow and drive sales. That’s why connecting with your audience is quite relevant. And having email marketing as one of your strategies can help you stay in touch with your potential sales.

Moreover, sending personalized emails to your subscribers is a great way to build trust and boost engagement. When you sent them relevant emails that contain valuable information, they will appreciate it. And they will eventually wait for more and try to engage.

Build strong engagement

Email has been one of the forms of communication that we have had for the past years, and we can say that we’ve grown to use it often as our major channel to engage with people.

So, take advantage of that knowledge and leverage email to drive people to your site, visit your shop, and avail from your business.

Reach people whenever and wherever you want

In today’s time, almost everyone uses smartphones and almost every time. This is also a great thing for businesses because you can reach people in real-time.

Therefore, in planning your marketing strategy, you should consider this significant factor, especially that consumers are slowly transitioning to using mobile phones for their transactions.

Allows you to connect with more leads

There is one email strategy that we can refer to this idea, the email lead marketing. Wherein emails are constructed to pursue potential customers that are near to the buying stage.

Most emails that you need here should be well-constructed base on the place of the consumer in the buying stage.

They are maybe in a different state of the cycle. Maybe they are in the research and comparison state wherein they try to gather more information about the products.

Some may be in the consideration state wherein they are now thinking to consider buying the product that you’re offering.

Or, others are already in the peak state wherein they are now ready to purchase with just a few more pushes.

So, constructing the right email that fits the state that the customers have can be crucial, as it will determine whether they continue to the next state until they reach the buying stage or not.

Leverage to increase brand awareness

Well, there are social media to boost your profiles and brand, but email can also do good with your brand awareness.

How? If one customer trusts you with his email, it only means that he is interested in what you’re offering. So, taking advantage of their interest, and maintaining it gives you a higher chance of keeping them aware of your brand.

Rules to Achieve Successful Email Marketing

Now that you know the reasons why you really need to add email marketing to your strategies, you also need to be familiar with practices and rules to make your email marketing successful.

Here are some of the basic rules that you need to remember by heart.

Remember the marketing mantra: “Quality over Quantity”

You might have heard this cliche phrase about focusing on quality rather than quantity. Well, let me repeat it again and again as you might be forgetting about it.

The rule always applies both on your email list and the content of your email.

In terms of your email list, you have to keep your focus on your target audience that actually has problems that you can solve. It’s not about the number of people you have on your list but rather the quality.

Focus on finding the right kind of people for your product rather than flooding your list with thousands of people who will not even open your emails.

On the other hand, the email content that you should be sending also needs to have quality instead of focusing on the number of words you should write.

Although the number of words on your email is also important, especially when you want to give your audience valuable information that needs further explanation.

Send Emails that are Valuable to your Target audience

As mentioned in the first rule, you should take note of the quality of your email, which means that you should create content that has great value to your target audience.

Because by sending emails that are Valuable to them, you are building a bridge to make you and your customer strongly connected.

Moreover, it positions you as someone who knows what he’s doing and an expert in your niche. If your audience feels this way about you, the trust will flourish sooner.

Let your target audience take necessary action

A goal, that’s what you need to note before sending your email to your target audience. If you already find the goal, you’ll need to incorporate one specific call to action.

A call to action is significant to be able to reach your goal whether you want them to visit your site, click your links, or to purchase products.

The rule people usually follow is including only one CTA for every email because multiple emails can confuse your audience. If you are observant, you’ll see that whenever you have many choices, it’s harder for you to pick one.

It’s also true with CTA’s, as the more call to action you include in one email, the harder it is for people to know what you actually want them to do.


Email Marketing for your business is still essential even if there are other digital marketing strategies as it can still impact your business.

As long as people are using emails, email marketing can be as effective as you can expect. With proper knowledge of best practices and rules for email marketing, it will be effective.

Just remember the 3 basic rules for successful email marketing: “quality over quantity; sending valuable emails, and call to action.

When you have those essential ingredients in your mind, you’ll have success in your hands.