You wanna know a good way to make money? Social media marketing. Why is that? Because if you have no money at all, it’s the best way to make money nowadays.




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It’s pretty simple to pull off, too. All you need is a total of four clients. If you manage to get four people to say “yes,” to you, you’ll find yourself making more money than the average American makes in a year.

Again this is a process that favors those without money. It even favors those without experience. You need neither of these things to get started. But what exactly is social media marketing? How do you go about creating a profit-generating social media marketing agency for yourself.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Well, to start you should know what social media marketing agency (SMMA) really is. A social media marketing agency is an agency that handles advertising for business through all things social media. This means utilizing things like Facebook and Instagram ads in order to promote the business to clients.

A just-starting-out social media marketing agency succeeds then by finding local businesses that don’t specialize in social media marketing. They find businesses that handle other fields but still need to promote themselves to make new customers and more money. For example, restaurants, car dealerships, hotels and retails, do not specialize in social media marketing but need it to keep their businesses booming in this digital age. Thus, they seek outside help. Thus, they seek out social media marketing agencies. Thus they seek out you.

What Am I Getting Paid?

Their need for you is all well and good but how much do they pay you to do this job for them, handling their ads and all the traffic that comes with it. Well, the least amount that you will be paid is around 1,000 dollars a month. That means that if you get four different clients, then at the base pay level you’ll be making 48,000 dollars a year.

That probably sounds like nothing but think of this: you run a business that has no cost expenses. You only have to put in time. Whatever money you make is your own. You don’t have to pay for office space, inventory, or any other traditional expenses a brick-and-mortar company would suffer. Once you’re experience grows, and you’ve proven you can generate customers for your clients, you become more value and demand even more money for your services. Capitalism. 

How Do I Nab These First Clients?

What you have to remember is that these business have no idea how to run an ad campaign for social media. Things like Facebook ads are an anomaly to them, and a nuisance when they need to focus on the primary objective of their business. But you know these things, even if it’s just the basics of how to apply different social media based ads. The more advanced your knowledge happens to be on the subject, the more you can charge later on down the line.

But when you’re just starting out, there’s a catch.

Yes, your services are wanted, but no one likes to spend money. If you don’t have testimonials to back up your work you may find it hard to nab a client, but are you supposed to get a client if you don’t have any testimonials. It’s a Catch 22. There’s a way to avoid, even if it’s a tad bit painful. People don’t like to spend money, so play on that: offer to work for free. The only thing the business has to cover is the cost of creating the ads.

In this way, whatever business you’re looking to seduce has nothing to lose in hiring you, but everything to gain. You’ll not only gain. Testimonial, but maybe even a full-time job. Do this with a few clients, and you’ll have both experience and backers for later jobs.

Just landing that one paying job is enough for it to snowball into others. Most everyone has friends that they went to school with to learn their profession, and if you offer to discount their bills to you, they’ll be more than happy to refer you to these friends, and potential new clients.

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How Do I Find These Potential Clients?

An easy affair really. Do you have a family doctor, dentist, maybe even a lawyer, or any other kind of small business that you’ve formed a relationship with? Ask them if you can do up their advertisements for free. They only things they would have to cover is the cost of the ads themselves, but not your work. These people know you; they’re familiar with you; they’re more than likely to say yes to your proposal because of it (it’s taking advantage of networking already done).

If you don’t know any small business like this, then it’s time to head over to Goggle. There’s a Chrome extensions called “Facebook Pixel Helper.” Grab it. Then decided on an aforementioned profession and search for any local businesses that practice it. Once you’re on the website of said business, use the pixel helper extension to see if they have a Facebook pixel attached to their site. If they do, that means they understand the basics of social media marketing. They know that pixels retarget customers. That means this company isn’t for you.

Keep a lookout for companies who don’t have pixels, catalog their physical address and go sell yourself to them. Or find their phone number, call them, and do the same thing. If during your call you run into a secretary, try to get her to put you touch with the owner if possible. If not, she’ll pass your message along for you.

Another more hands on way of doing this is using BNI (Business Network International). BNI is enormous networking organization for business owners. It is — for all intents and purposes — a networking event. You go here and present your services these guys and gals (working for free if you’re just starting or showing your results if not). They’ll hear you out. This is an easy way to hit your four-people threshold.

Finally, you can just search local businesses on social media itself, like Facebook. Type in the profession and your general locale (again, like local dentist). Check out their pages, see if they have links to their websites, check those website with your Facebook Pixel Helper, and go from there. Send them Facebook messages, find their phone number, grab their physically address: choose your route of communication and act on it. Sell yourself and services.

You’ll be making money in no time at all.