Shopping has never been so easy nowadays. In just a few clicks and you’ll have your new pair of shoes delivered right in front of your door. 




Now, we can shop inside our own house or wherever we are without much effort. We just have to browse on our phones, tablets, or computers to get us what we want. 

Do you need bags? Shoes? Clothes? Appliances? Well, you can find almost everything when you shop online, and the best part is, you can skip the troubles of dressing up and driving to shopping malls. 

That is the reason why most people will choose to shop at home– who would not want that easy and convenient shopping, right? Thus, online stores and even social media sites are trying their best to adapt to these changes. They are always adding new features and tools that would make online shopping easier. 

Instagram is one of those social platforms that are going all-in to provide what their users need. Recently, it rolled out a new shopping feature wherein users can purchase products within the app. Who would have thought that the photo-sharing app would become another online market where people could buy and sell products while socializing?

Well, Instagram is not done with the upgrades because along with the shopping feature is a new tool that helps business owners and marketers optimize their sales. Instagram introduces its very own, Live Shopping, where people can make live videos selling their products. 

The Perks of Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping is your chance to shine and, of course, to make money too. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, this is your moment to sell your products on Instagram in a very interactive way. So, what will you get to do on this new Instagram shopping tool? Plenty– I guess. Here’s a rundown for you: 

Showcase Your New Products

If in the past you’ll just post a photo or short video ad to show off your new products, now, you can share it in a new interactive and creative way. 

Moreover, the good thing about sharing your products Live is having the chance to get real-time feedback as well, which can help assess your marketing strategies— whether you are doing fine or whether you need improvements. 

Interact and Build Trust with Your Audience

One thing that can help your business grow and generate sales is building trust with your audience through connecting with them. And Instagram Live Shopping just made it easier for you to interact in real-time with your potential customers.

Inform Your Audience

Another perk of Instagram Live Shopping is being able to educate your audience about your products. You can share some product recommendations or reviews that could help the shoppers decide if that is the perfect product for them. 

Collaborate with Other Brands and Creators

Sometimes, two or more is better than one, especially in growing your business. You need people or a network to connect and do collaborations. With the help of Instagram Live Shopping, you can team up with other creators and brands to do live streams. Moreover, collaborations are one of the best ways to widen your brand reach and drive more sales. 

Tips to Optimize Live Shopping on Instagram

Take advantage of the new Instagram Live Shopping by making every live stream worth it to watch. Here are some of the ways to make the most out of this new tool: 

Use it for a New Product Reveal

We can’t deny that people just love when you offer them new exciting products, and Live Shopping just makes it more effective. Announcing your brand’s newest collections on a live broadcast makes it more engaging than just simply posting photos of them. You can answer your fans’ questions about the new products and even address their concerns. 

Instagram even allows you to entice your audience by setting alarms for the upcoming launch through its product launch reminders.

Let’s Your Spontaneous Side Take Over

It is important to plan for your live streams, but you can also grab this opportunity to show your fun side by shooting spontaneously. It will make your audience feel the authenticity and realness, which will help you hook them to stay longer and even interact with you. 

Unplanned lives are also your chance to pull off surprise offers and deals for your audience. Always remember that surprises never get old to attract people. 

Do a Product Tutorial or How-to

More and more people are using social media to look for answers to their questions about a particular product. Thus, doing product tutorials to optimize Instagram Live Shopping is one great way to address users’ queries. 

Note that it is not just about selling and promoting your products, but you have to give something as well. Give your audience the reason to watch your video, like gaining some valuable information from you.

Featuring how-to’s will give you the chance to prove that you know what you’re selling. It is one great way to make your audience trust you and your products.

Host Q&A Live Streams

You can also optimize your Live Shopping on Instagram by answering questions from your fans. People are sometimes always curious about particular products, and they always want to know more about them. 

So hosting a Q&A session is one way to address their curiosity. It will also help shoppers address their concerns before buying your products. 

Collaborate with Influencers and Creators

Instagram Live Shopping allows you to connect with other creators and benefit from each other. There are plenty of collaboration ideas that you can try to generate new audience and sales.

One way is to invite special guests or the other way around. You can both introduce your products to your different fans. 


Whether you’re a business owner or a shopper, Instagram Live Shopping is an exciting feature to try. It provides an extra benefit for sellers as they can utilize it to gain more sales, but it is also insightful for shoppers because they can shop in a fun interactive way.

Shopping online will not be boring at all with these super extra and exciting features that Instagram and other social media platforms are pulling off. Shopping made fun and convenient.