Sales Vs Marketing

You will often see the Marketing and Sales departments working against each other. One side says the leads are no good, the other says they aren’t converting.




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One you start to recognize the way the two sides are pointing fingers, what do you do to change the situation? You need to get them both on the same page as soon as possible so that they can work with you and each other more effectively.

So, what do you do? The very first thing is brainstorm. Everything about your business is going to be unique to your business. This means it needs to be thought of with your business alone on your brain.

Brainstorm the right solution for your business itself. Try something new. There’s never a downside to being willing to work with your teams.

Next, think about CROs vs communication. CROs are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because of having this ability, but that makes them expensive. Would you be willing to spend that much? If not, thinking about perhaps having some weekly meetings with both teams. Having open communication and allowing for a relationship there could help.

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Finally, figure out where you stand in all of this and utilize the Traction framework. Usually, and especially when running a small business, it boils down to one statement: you are going to have to be the glue that keeps everyone working together. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.


Figure out what would align both teams. Set a metric that aligns both team, such as revenue or sales and marketing qualified leads, and satisfies both sides. You have to figure out what works for your business in particular and then align with it.

What this is going to do is then force everyone to move in the same direction and work together. This is going to stop the finger pointing and stop the friction between the two, making it easier for you to run your business effectively.

Don’t just think of something simple, either. Really dig deep and think of every possible idea. Try new things, see what works, cut out what doesn’t. This is a time for you to really make your business and business practices work for you.

Brainstorm a metric that is going to satisfy both the sales and the marketing teams and implement it in a way that ensures they work together. Do this for your business practices as well as for your revenue.

CROs vs Communication

A chief revenue officer (or a CRO) is always going to help. You want these two teams to work together? A CRO can and will help in that, because they are in charge of both the sales and the marketing sides, making them work together their biggest problem.

People in this position will have to handle the issue for you and keep it handled, and they’ll have knowledge in doing so. The problem? Having a CRO is expensive, so you may be able to afford to hire one. They cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars because they produce results. So, say you can’t afford one – what do you do then?

Start having weekly meetings! Communication is important in all aspects of business as well as personal life, but when you start having friction in your working teams it becomes even more dire. These weekly meetings allow both sides to talk about the problems they are facing and work together to fix them.

You can use the Traction framework with this, but the big thing comes down to this: how are you going to solve these problems? This is a simple way to start seeing better results and to start getting these departments to work together, by getting the departments to work together, help each other out, and solve the problems they are both facing. Once you manage to get these two teams to bond, your revenue will go up overall.

Your Part in This

It’s important to remember that you also need to be present. If your team starts to feel like you’re only having these meetings to have a meeting, it’s going to fail. Y

ou need to be there, you need to be attentive, and you need to listen to the needs of your business. You’re going to be solving big burning issues for your staff, and it’s important to show that these issues are important to you as well.

Additionally, some of these meetings could become quite tense. These are hot issues for these teams. At some point, they may raise their voices at one another.

It’s your job to keep the conversation respectful, otherwise you’re going to be even worse than you started in terms of working together and keeping the conversation healthy. People can debate and keep it civil, and it’s your job to ensure they are doing so in order to move in the right direction.

Check out the Traction framework and leverage it to help you make your two teams work together for your benefit. This won’t be as good as a CRO, but it does help drastically and having a CRO just isn’t feasible for a lot of business owners because of the cost. Buy the book by Gino Wickman, read up on the different ways you can be this glue within your company, and implement it. Let it work for you to try to take some of your work off.

After that, the biggest thing you need to worry about is just keeping it up. Remember to set a routine up so that you can fall back easily on the system you implemented, but make sure your system is working for you as well.

If it’s lacking in some areas, tweak it. If it’s not working, start over and go all the way back to brainstorming. As a business owner, you wear a ton of different hats until you can afford to outsource for those positions, and it’s important to ensure that everything – and everyone – works together easily for your business’ benefit.

Otherwise, you’re going to be losing revenue and unable to truly utilize your sales and marketing but by making the two work together? You’ll see a drastic benefit almost immediately.