Starting an online store without any experience for the first time is challenging. Who will buy from your store?

There are a lot of questions playing in your mind that you don’t know what to answer because you still don’t know yet. You worry about everything from your competitors, pricing, and shipping, but forgot to recognize the reasons why people will buy from your store.

A successful online store made the first sale in just two days. Yes, you heard me right just two days. The store had no followers and a never heard brand but performed the right approach. Let’s start learning the ways how successful online stores made a sale in days after launching their online store.

Reasons Why People Will Buy From You

1. They first found you

There are customers that when searching or looking for a product they usually buy from the first store they encounter considering that they like the product without comparing to competitors. A successful marketer started writing blog content on the first day of the store. Creating quote articles of eye-catching yoga figures and publishes on the blog. The blog post is then shared on Twitter tagging some of the influencers. There is a retargeting ad running in the background in case an influencer wants to share the article.

Luckily, one of the influencer shared the blog. About 100-200 visits gained from the re-tweet and bingo! That leads to the first sale. One of the interesting part in this kind of strategy, you got the sale plus you have relevant traffic to your website.

2. You found them first

Using hashtags can be a good way to find possible customers looking for your product. Use hashtags on Instagram to build an audience. You will be surprised that for a few months, there are many engagements found on the post.

3. Know where else to buy

Because your product is unique and can’t be found in other stores. When launching a store try to message small influencers on Instagram to take photos with your products. The reason for this is you can have original pictures. There are customers and shoppers quite trick savvy that uses reverse image search to find the best deals. By having your custom images, it prevents customers from finding your competitors. If they can’t figure out where else to buy, then for sure they will buy from your store. It is best recommended to start with a few products.

4. It solves customer problems

Products that solve problems increase sales. In the past few years, products seen to correct posture, remove blackheads, promotes health and other similar products boost in sales on online stores. These products solve everyday problems that people encounter and that are the products that people usually are looking for.

Solving problems does not only rely on the product. You can create useful blogs that can help them solve their problems. Good customer support can also ease some frustrations when the need arises. In building a new store, ask yourself what can you offer to solve the problems of your customers.

5. They are entertained and educated

If you are not well versed in using social media such as Facebook, consider hiring a social media specialist to run your social media pages. They can focus on your social media pages regularly for posting that keeps your audience updated, entertained and educated in a way that they can learn something reading your post. Posting regularly and engaging in the discussions will make your customers feel that you are just behind ready to help. This is a way to build a social proof of your brand.

6. Better customer service

A brand who treats customers well and actively responsive to inquiries wins. Giving value to your customers like giving freebies during birthdays, responding to emails with a personalized message can help you make a sale.

7. Your products are impressive

Being a dropshipper gives you can chance to choose from thousands of products. When choosing a product, select the best since will represent your brand as a whole. Selling the best products online that already have an audience, search volume and growth in the Google trends can bring you a good profit. We cannot the fact that there is a lot of competition when it comes to dropshipping business however the good side is you can look at the order volume and other data in determining a product potential than taking a risk of creating your own without any competition because people don’t want it.

8. Trusted website

Most often when visiting a website, we look at the store design. A trusted website needs to look professional. Ask someone to give feedback about your store design may it be a friend or a family member. This will give you an idea if it looks good or needs improvement.

Examine each of your webpages if the images are clear and not pixelated. Take time to make your store reputable.

9. A previous customer recommend your store by tagging friends

The biggest social proof I think for a new brand is your customers. Running ads is not an assurance that you can get a sale but a previous customer that tags several friends can likely give you a sale. When a customer likes your product and satisfied with it, they will surely recommend it to their family and friends. A single satisfied customer can bring you another sale, believe it or not.

Even if your store or brand is not that popular, your audience has their own way of referring your brand to their friends. This strategy is called referral marketing and it is a powerful way to win your competitors.

 10. A lot of followers on social media

Even if you don’t have a store yet, create an Instagram fan page for a niche that you really love. Try to know what type of contents your followers love. Give enough time to increase your social engagement to gain countless Instagram followers. Now that you have the audience pair it with a product to monetize your Instagram account.

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The feeling of smallness to compete with large competitors is a normal feeling for beginners. Don’t be discouraged of any negative things that come into your mind just believe in what you can do and focus on building an audience. You have the edge with the tactics given above. Don’t look at what you are today but foresee your business in the next 6 months.