It can be hard to narrow down the many business ideas into one worth pursuing in order to create a business that’s profitable and great long-term. Many businesses listed here have been growing in popularity, so jumping on a new trend can be risky, but it also can be highly rewarding. These ideas listed will help to make money in 2019.




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Best fashion business ideas:

1. Athleisure

Athleisure is a good niche to start out in as it has seen a sudden spike that continues to grow. Experts say that the trend will continue to grow, and by 2022 is expected to be worth $215 billion. Take the business to the next level through influencer marketing. Many large-scale brands work with celebrities and influencers. To start off, tap into micro influencers, and focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads to promote products.

2. Streetwear

Streetwear is another good option as it is growing at a stable 5% increase every year, and it is already at $300 billion. Men’s streetwear is very popular right now, so business owners can cater their lines to men. It can be marketed on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Use influencers to promote the brand by having them take pictures in the clothing. For younger demographics, create a Student Rep program and pay influential students to promote the brand.

3. Women’s dresses

Women’s dresses have become very popular and competitive. Many fashion websites include a separate drop-down category for dresses. Dresses can be heavily promoted by ads, as clothing is often an impulse buy. Running ads of Facebook and Instagram is a good idea.

4. Workwear

Workwear can include safety shoes, scrubs, eye protection, men and women’s dress suits and accessories. Don’t combine all of these, but pick one or two to focus on. When advertising, focus on the specific type of person, such as nurses for scrubs, or those who work in finance or law.

5. Plus size clothing

With callouts for inclusion and diversity, plus size clothing is one of the top businesses of 2019. This niche allows businesses to target their ads directly to the plus sized audience, and allows women to shop without worrying about finding the right size. Avoid categories such as “Plus Sized Clothing,” instead using phrases like “Curve Appeal.” Use words like “plus size” for optimizing keywords. Make ads go viral by using body positive images, inspiration articles, and viral videos about loving yourself no matter what.

Small business ideas:

1. Wireless earphones

This market is expected to grow by a rate of 7.0%, and it currently owns 31% of the market share. It’s expected to grow to 15.8 billion by 2025. Wireless earphones are growing in popularity due to advancements in technology such as Bluetooth and Wifi. They are also very convenient and can be dropshipped. Advertise with articles about wireless earphones and focus on different audiences who will use them. Showcase the convenience of having them for running, commuting, or lack of tangling.

2. Posture corrector

The chiropractic field is growing as so many people are hunched over their phones and laptops, leading to back and neck pain. “Posture corrector” gets about 74,000 monthly searches. This niche is wide enough to create a lot of content with blog posts about neck or back pain and possible solutions to attract people.

3. Beard oil

This industry makes approximately $6 billion in sales annually, and many companies make tens of thousands in sales each month. More men are growing beards, which makes this niche lucrative. Grow a brand by dropshipping grooming products and beard oils. Take professional photos to position the brand as a reputable beard oil company. This business idea benefits from a strong social media presence.

4. Phone case – startup ideas

This industry may be worth as much as $121.71 billion by 2025, and offers a lot of flexibility for entrepreneurs. It accounts for 20.5% of the phone accessories industry. Sellers can dropship iPhone and Samsung phone cases wallet phone cases, and more from a range of Oberlo Verified suppliers. Target specific groups of people with specific types of cases.

5. Power bank

The power bank industry is expected to climb to $25.16 billion by 2022. It is a mobile charge that is charged in advance to be used later. 80% of internet users own a mobile device, so accessories like power banks are expected grow in popularity. Power banks can be dropshipped using Oberlo. Use a combination of search based marketing such as Google ads with Facebook ads. This niche can be expanded to include phone cases and other phone accessories. Having a store focused on mobile electronics can be a profitable ecommerce business idea.

Business ideas from home:

1. Smartwatches

This industry has sold 141 million units of smartwatches by 2018 and is expected to grow up to 419 billion worldwide. In 2019 it’s expected to earn $53.2 billion in sales. Smartwatches can be dropshipped with Oberlo. These can be directed towards specific demographics: heart rate monitoring watches for heart patients of people interested in fitness; with GPS for travelers and hikers; with cameras for picture or selfie takers.

2. Meditation

Meditation has been growing into one of the most innovative business ideas. To startup, it can be approached in a number of ways: create an app, sell meditation products, or build a profitable blog. Focus on building an audience through content. Even physical products benefit from unique blog content, ebooks, apps, and YouTube teaching tips on mindfulness. This will create a large, sustainable audience that will lower acquisition costs when selling physical products.

2. Drawstring bag/Women’s handbags

The niche that includes men’s drawstring bags, women’s handbags, and more has been steadily growing over the years, and is one of the best business ideas. There is a diverse selection of bags to sell, and sellers can eventually expand into luggage, which has also been growing. Instagram and Facebook are good for ads. Start marketing in July or August with back to school sales. Children’s backpacks are decreasing in popularity, so target college students. Have college-aged influencers take pictures wearing the bags to promote them, and target people by their universities and age.


HIIT is still rising in popularity, and tends to peak between January and August. Create fitness videos to build a long-term sustainable audience, write content to share fitness tips, and sell products online.

5. Mirrorless camera

Mirrorless camera sales are overtaking DSLR sales, and are creating their own niche market. Even with most people using smartphones to take photos, there is a trend towards mirrorless cameras as they are more lightweight and compact, ideal for photographers who don’t want to lug around bulky equipment. Emphasize the benefits of owning a mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR, and write content about why people should use a mirrorless camera instead of a smartphone to take pictures.

E-commerce business ideas:

1. Keto diet – business ideas

The Keto Diet is very popular, and there are many ways to turn a business idea into a profitable machine. Create a recipe website monetized with affiliate links, create kitchen accessories website with content around the benefits of the keto diet, or create digital content like an ebook or recipe books about keto.

Keto, ketogenic diet with nutrition diagram, low carb, high fat healthy weight loss meal plan

This startup idea will get a lot of traffic from two key ways: starting a YouTube channel with keto recipes attracts fans of the diet while providing value with unique recipes; and secondly, create blog content around the topic. With recipes and general keto diet topics the website will get a good amount of traffic from popular keywords. Adding some e-commerce products to the store will monetize any audience built up.

2. Dogs

Business ideas involving pets tend to be very popular. A lot of money can be made with viral dog videos to selling dog accessories online. The pet industry is worth $72.13 billion. Ideas for this line include funny dog videos on YouTube that are monetized, building a massive audience on Instagram by reposting photos of people’s dogs and crediting the owner, or selling products in an online store as well as sharing dog training tips and breed related content.

3. Compression socks

People who suffer from disorders like edema, thrombosis and more wear compression socks to help reduce discomfort, swelling and more. The language used to sell these can be tricky, so to avoid making medical claims, say something like “helps reduce swelling” rather than “reduces swelling”. A good place for these is on a medical related store or one that sells comfortable shoes like runners or orthopedics. Make sure the product category and product pages are search engine optimized to effectively market.

4. Dash cam

Dash cams are increasing in popularity because of dash cam videos and because many insurance companies accept their videos in claims. The industry is expected to be worth $4.03 billion by 2020. Dash cams can be dropshipped through Oberlo. To build up this business idea, show how beneficial the product is. Regularly post videos on a blog or social media of events caught on dash cams – but be sure to get permission from people shown and blur out license plates.

Startup ideas 2019:

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1. Breastfeeding products

More women are choosing to breastfeed, so there is a growing demand for breastfeeding related products. The targeting is very clear: women who are New Parents. Build content around being a new mom, and provide value to new or expecting mothers to help prepare them for their new role. Create forum where moms can ask questions.

2. Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are at a high and are growing in popularity with interest in reducing plastic. Create a stand-alone toothbrush store, or add them to a general bamboo store or teeth whitening products store. They can be marketed with Facebook ads and organic search. Consider bundling products to increase average order value.

3. Smart device

The smart device industry is expected to sell 2.2 billion units by 2020. The possibilities in this niche are endless. Promote smart devices through search and Facebook ads. Create videos showing cool features and share them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

4. Minimalist watches

The last few years have seen a steady growth of minimalist watches. Watches can be dropshipped easily. Learn some selling tips by reading Tim Kock’s case study on how he made $6667 in under eight weeks by selling watches.

5. Baby pillows

More parents are investing in buying pillows for their babies, so baby pillows are a growing niche. Have a clear-cut demographic in mind, for example, new parents, and target them with Facebook ads. Create an entire brand around babies, add forums for new parents to ask questions, create blog content for new parents, or an advice channel on YouTube.

Innovative business ideas:

1. Standing desk

There has been a rise in standing desks as people are learning that it is better to stand than sit while working. This is best promoted with search. Create content around the topic of standing desks to make the website more authoritative. For a non-search based approach, create video content explaining benefits of using a standing desk.

2. Fake flowers

Fake flowers are increasing in popularity for home or event décor, and for brides who want to save money. There’s no worry about them dying during shipping, which makes the shipping process easier. For the wedding market silk flowers are best as they look more realistic. Promote them through Pinterest, which has a massive wedding niche. Create infographic wedding pins or blog posts. Have a Facebook retargeting ad running at all times to ensure monetization.

3. Throw pillows

A store related to home décor can be profitable as more people are buying homes. This niche includes all home décor or accessories. Target two types of audiences: female homeowners aged 30-55, and couples in a relationship or newly engaged. Add a gift registry app to the store.

4. Home security systems

Home security systems help make communities and families safe, so they are rising in popularity. Facebook does not allow marketing things like security cameras, so the brand needs to be search-based. Create unique content around security related topics.

5. Air sofa beds

These increasingly popular items work well alongside other products in an outdoor or home store. Optimize keywords related to air sofas or inflatable sofas or beds. Create video content showing people using them and emphasize the experience around the idea.

6. Travel bag

Travel bags get a lot of searches, making this one of the biggest items. The travel niche is massive, allowing businesses to sell physical or digital products. A wide range of people can be targeted with this niche. Start with a search based strategy with keywords on various travel related topic, or use keywords for a specific niche. Build blog content around the content to build an audience. New content and new products will grow a successful brand.