Incident management is a critical process for any organization or business. It involves identifying, responding to, and resolving any unexpected incidents or issues that may arise during operations. These incidents range from minor technical glitches to significant security breaches or natural disasters. Efficient incident management requires effective communication, collaboration, and quick decision-making to minimize the impact on customers, employees, and the overall business.

To help streamline and automate incident management, many organizations turn to incident management software solutions. These software tools offer a range of features, such as automated incident routing, real-time notifications, and data analytics to improve incident response times, minimize downtime, and reduce the risk of future incidents.

With various options available on the market, selecting the right incident management software can be daunting. However, the right software can be valuable to any organization looking to improve its incident management capabilities.

This article will explore and present you some of the top incident management software solutions available, their key features, and how they can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries.

1. Alert Ops

AlertOps provides intelligent features to effectively handle and resolve various incidents, such as service disruptions, security breaches, malware attacks, and more. By utilizing this incident management software, businesses can maintain a well-organized and responsive approach to customer complaints, preventing them from becoming overwhelmed by the volume of issues. However, it's worth noting that AlertOps does not include mind mapping capabilities.


  • Gain insights into your incident management team's performance by utilizing the dashboards and reports.
  • Receive alerts when your incident monitoring tools experience downtime or fail to respond.
  • Automate ticket status updates or perform them manually with a single click.


  • Starter Pack – $0.00
  • Standard – $5.00 per user per month
  • Premium – $15.00 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $23.00 per user per month

2. GitLab

GitLab is an incident tracking software that allows for efficient triaging of incidents through a list view, providing teams with all the relevant information needed to effectively resolve issues. The software's incident management system enables users to create a corrective action plan, outlining the necessary steps for resolving similar issues in the future, ultimately reducing the likelihood of reoccurrence. However, due to its complexity, the tool may be challenging to master.


  • Establish on-call schedules for incident response teams.
  • Notify team members about incidents through email and Slack alerts.
  • Keep stakeholders informed of the most recent updates on any reported incident through the status page.


  • Free – $0.00
  • Premium – $19.00 per user per month
  • Ultimate – $99.00 per user per month

3. Datadog

Datadog offers a centralized user interface and incident response tools to help teams efficiently identify, manage, and track incidents. This incident reporting software enables users to establish automated workflows and quickly mute all alerts during system maintenance or when taking a quick break. However, it's worth noting that the reporting capabilities may be limited, requiring the use of another tool for more in-depth data visualizations.


  • Utilizes machine learning to identify issues within your IT infrastructure.
  • Categorizes incidents based on key information tags such as team, severity, and status.
  • Enables tagging of team members and assigning of roles for real-time collaboration.


  • Starts at $20.00 per user per month

4. Issue track

Issue track is a robust incident management application that provides comprehensive support for issue tracking, complaint management, and ticketing. The app features an automatic issue escalation system that prevents issues from being overlooked or missed by team members, ensuring customer service targets are met. In essence, Issuetrak enables businesses to quickly and efficiently address issues, preventing potential damage to customer relationships. However, the tool's customization options for assignees are limited.


  • Provides a customizable dashboard that displays real-time updates on all open issues.
  • Enables the organization of issues by categorizing them under groups such as product support, customer relations, IT, etc.
  • Allows for the pre-filling of specific information by the end-user and IT agent, leading to the quick handling of incidents.


  • Cloud – $69.00 per agent per month
  • Cloud+ – custom quote
  • Add-ons – pricing varies
  • On-premise – starts at $998.00 per agent per month

5. Zendesk

Zendesk is an incident management software that helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction by addressing and resolving customer complaints efficiently. The software allows for the consolidation of multiple incidents into one problem ticket, enabling agents to address the underlying issue and resolve multiple problems simultaneously.


  • App classifies tickets into four types – question, problem, incident, and task – for easy resolution
  • Includes a knowledge base to empower support teams and improve incident management
  • Initiates workflow triggered by ticket changes or time-based conditions
  • Integrates with Zendesk


  • Suite Team – $49.00 per agent per month
  • Suite Growth – $79.00 per agent per month
  • Suite Professional – $99.00 per agent per month
  • Suite Enterprise – $150.00 per agent per month


In conclusion, top incident management software plays a crucial role in streamlining incident management processes and empowering support teams to provide prompt and effective responses to customer issues. These software solutions often include advanced features such as automated workflows, knowledge bases, and integrations with popular help desk tools, enabling support teams to handle incidents efficiently and collaboratively. Investing in top incident management software can ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and increased business growth.

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