We all want more sales and most of the dropshippers rely on doing paid marketing with Facebook and Instagram. Whether you are beginner or veterans, we all realized that the cost for acquiring a customer for your ecommerce business is much higher than usual. The ads cost double from 2017 to 2018 and it will go higher as the competition grows.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

Does that means that you will give up and let your competition win over you? Or will you focus on bringing more sales to increase your bottom line to stay in business and kick ass of your competition.

This article is for those dropshippers who wants to stay in the business for a long time and build a solid business for the years to come. Today I will share with you three ways you can increase your sales for your Shopify Dropshipping business to outlast your competition.

Method 1: Start a Blog Related to Your Niche:

Yes you heard it right! Blogging is still relevant and that’s why you are here. You searched for the topic and you found my blog in the internet. You clicked on it to find solution for your problem.

Isn’t it?

Now your product and service is also solving some sort of issues. People will buy from you, cause they need your product to solve their needs or problems. Now why Google is famous? Think about it. It’s number 1 search engine of the world and people come to find solution for their problems. and whats the best way to rank yourself on Google eye? It’s definitely not paid ads. It’s about creating quality content for the audience who comes to Google and looks for solution.

Blogging is still one of the best way to drive traffic to your website and the conversion for the search traffic is much higher than the paid traffic cause your customers are already pre-framed and was looking for the solution. So once they get to your product page they are ready to buy from you or else they would never search for your product or services.

When blogging you have to make sure that you are writing optimized content that will drive traffic and focus on using keywords that will rank your site of Google and will help people to find your products.

BeardBrand is one of the top shopify store in the world which gets over 500k visitors per month in its store. But what fascinating about that statistic is, 60% of those visitors comes from Google’s organic search. That more than 300k people visiting there store, thanks for their blogs and higher quality product and services that they provide to the customers.

There is no question that if blogging can help your site or not, the question is how dedicated you are to write quality content for your site and serve your customers.

Method 2: Start A YouTube Channel to Demonstrate Your Product and Service:

YouTube is the second biggest search engine of the world. Given the fact that we live in a era where video and content is the king, you need to think about how you can present your product and service in front of wide range of audiences.

YouTube works the same way as Google. It’s search engine where people goes to find product reviews and demos. A lot of influencers and affiliate marketers built their business using YouTube. It’s no surprise that when people search on Youtube for reviews or contents, they are looking to solve a particular problem and you can take that opportunity to put yourself if front of those customers who is looking to buy that product.

Many Shopify store brand is also build on YouTube as well. One of the famous high end shopify store Siddleback Leather build on Youtube. They are perfect example of a store who is doing it all right. They demonstrate their product and service well through YouTube video and shows their customer bases what they are actually selling.

They are playing the game of creating evergreen content that will stay in YouTube or years to come and make them money and build a customer base that will never dry and you should too.

They have over 51k subscribers and more than half of the visitor that goes to their site goes straight from YouTube, which is mind boggling.

Now if you need to start with YouTube you need to know how you can rank video in YouTube and put your video in front of your potential customers. You need to do few things right in order to make that happen.

First you have to have the right video title that is people are searching for. Second you have to have related tags and wonder thumbnails that will create curiosity. You can read this article to to find the steps that you need to follow in order to rank your video in YouTube.

Method 3: Use Pinterest to Drive Visitors In Your Store:

Pinterest gets over 700 millions visitors per month and its another search engine that you can’t even deny. Pinterest is the image version of Google. Also the Pinterest’s statistics are mind blowing. More than 50% of the visitors in Pinterest are buyers and makes over $50k or more per year.

More than 80% of the users are woman and they comes to pinterest to save product ideas that they will buy in near future. More organic sales comes from pinterest than Facebook and google combine.

Also, Pinterest gives you a way to integrate your Shopify Store to their paltform, so you can list your product in their site with zero hassle. Also, you will be able to create buyable pins where the user will not have to leave the pinterest site to purchase the product. Once they take the decision to buy a product they will be able to buy the product straight from the Pinterest.

Also, Pinterest main goal is to become the image version of Google since their platform in made to be a search engine for the their visitors. Their new algorithm build to attract the users who comes to search for product and services within their platform.

Also, Pinterest is not rocket science. You have to create appealing vertical pins preferable size 600*900 pixels that attracts peoples eyes. You have to make sure each one of the pin attracts peoples eyes and make people stop scrolling and look at your product. Also have an optimized product title and the description. That will help people to find your product and service.

That’s it. You don’t have to over complicate anything. Anything free will take time so don’t lose your hope. Focus on building business for the long term that will make you money. All these three platform is here to stay so don’t underestimate them.

Take action and you will see the result in no time.