Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective ways of turning leads into customers. Too often it’s associated with spam. Make no mistake about it, this has nothing at all to do with spamming.




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The goal should be to get people to subscribe to your list and then offer them something of value. The quality of the information you provide will dictate the effectiveness in converting subscribers into customers.

This is the secret sauce that very few people realize about email marketing. It’s all about giving something of value that people find useful. Doing so will cement you as an authority in the mind of the reader.

Why Building An Email List So Important?:

Every year news outlets all write the same article. They all tell everyone how fewer people are reading email. This has been an ongoing theme for decades. Don’t believe what they’re saying. People check their email more than they do social media.

Every day people check to see if anyone sent them mail. This is even more so for those who make their living online. It’s impossible to work on the internet and not check your mail.

List building is where the money is. That’s been said for so long and it’s true. Your ability to make money online is greatly hindered if you don’t have an email list. You are missing out on being able to connect to people on a personal level.

Email is the best tool to do this. You can’t send everyone a private message on social media. You can do just that when it comes to email. It allows a relationship between people to be created. Your subscribers will feel like they know you. It’ll give you the chance to prove your abilities to them. This is key to winning them over and turning subscribers into customers.

Improve Your Existing Content and Get More Signups:

Improving your content in theory should result in more traffic. You should take a look at where your pages rank for their keywords. Visit all of the pages that rank higher.

Find areas of improvement and work on them. If your pages were better than the others, they’d rank higher. That’s just the truth. You’ll get more signups when the traffic increases. This is just the way it works.

It may be as simple as adding better pictures or creating a video. Never feel like your content can’t be improved. Unless you’re ranking at the top, your content can be improved.

You don’t want to make changes just for the sake of doing so. You need to make sure that they add value to the user’s experience. Your pages should answer questions that the user has.

Make sure that you’re completely and thoroughly answering their questions. No room for doubt should be left. The purpose of a web page in today’s internet is to answer questions. Losing sight of that is the number one reason why pages don’t rank well.

Add Exit Popup:

Just keep in mind that they aren’t the best way to get subscribers who are on mobile devices. We’ll talk about how to snag their email addresses in the next section. There are plenty of plugins for WordPress and services that allow you to put an exit popup on your page.

You’ve more than likely experienced a few of these while surfing the internet. Some say that they lessen the user experience. It’s not so bad, since it happens when they leave the page. However, it can be annoying though.

Basically what happens is, when a person leaves your page, a popup appears. Inside that popup is an area where you collect the name and email address of the visitor.

You can also include a freebie or something to entice them to join. The popup shouldn’t be too cluttered with information or calls to action. Just a simple way to collect an email address and a clearly visible way to close the popup is all that’s needed.

Add Takeovers that Blend In With Your Content:

Takeovers are both mobile and desktop friendly. These are the popups that side down from the top. You should make it blend in with your site. This way they don’t seem too obtrusive. The experience of the visitor shouldn’t be intruded upon by your takeover.

If it’s loud or poorly designed, that will happen. The takeover shouldn’t distract from your content. It should blend in a way that adds to your site, not take away from it.

The use of takeovers can greatly increase your subscription rate. Split testing is a must if you want to have the highest subscription rate possible. Generally speaking, everything should fit seamlessly together. They should know that it’s different from your site, but not a different site all together.

Think of it as an add-on that adds functionality to your site. The function is to collect emails. It should never get in the way of delivering your content to the end user.

Offer a free eBook in Exchange for Their Email Address:

This is an old classic that still works to this very day. You want to be careful with this one. The lure of a free eBook can increase subscriber rates. The eBook needs to be good.

Why? You don’t just want the end user to subscribe to your list. You want them to become a customer. If you’re book isn’t up to par, then they probably won’t become a customer. You’ve got just one chance to make a first impression. Hit it out of the ballpark. Deliver your best content in an easy to read format.

It’s a huge mistake to deliver something that’s not high quality right off the bat. Don’t over-promise when it comes to the information in your eBook. Don’t tell them that they’ll become a billionaire overnight.

It’s okay to hype things up a little. You can even be a little zany. Being off the wall can lure people in. Just make sure that you don’t get in the way of the user’s experience on your site. Be warm, friendly, and not too over the top. Anything near being desperate won’t bear results that are favorable.

Guest Blog on A Reputable Platform:

You can partner up and write blogs on reputable sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Huffington post. You can reachout to them directly or your can hire a peer firm that can do help you to get in touch with this big media platforms.

Once you write on those platform and link your site within the content, you will be able to drive a huge amount of targeted traffic to your blog. Those traffic will trust you more since you have written for some of the best media company in the world and willing to signup with you as your subscribers. Just make sure your content provides a lot of value upfront.

Build a Product or Service that Collects Emails:

This can be a costly, but effective way of increasing your subscribers. You can offer anything from free software to web based services. Asking the user to submit an email address to get the freebie isn’t a bad idea. You could also just have a subscription popup. You’ll have to test which method works best. It more than likely depends on how often the visitor uses your tools.

If it’s something they’ll use quite often, then a popup of any kind would get annoying. Maybe just asking for an email address in exchange for using the tool might be best.

Having a useful tool can drive loads of traffic to your site. It’s also a great way to build natural backlinks. People love linking to tools that they find useful. Don’t forget to place social media sharing buttons near the tools.

This too will increase traffic and signups. Anything that is useful will spread like wildfire online. Tools that people use regularly never go without being mentioned all over the place.

Bonus tip: Have Niche Specific Popups Based on Categories

This is a tip that can easily increase the amount of signups you get. You may have different categories that aren’t exactly related to each other. If this is the case, you should have a popup geared towards that exact niche.

The offer should be different for each niche. A general popup will have a very limited appeal across the board. If you can tailor the popup to the exact desire of the visitor, they’re more than likely to sign up. This very well could result in a big leap in the amount of people who join your list. Just make sure that the subscribers receive niche specific information after joining.

Email Marketing Is Here to Stay:

It’s not going to go anywhere. Social networking sites come and go. It’s unthinkable now that Facebook may one day be a ghost town some day. Do you remember Myspace? That was at one time the hottest site on the entire internet. Look at it now. When was the last time you went to Myspace? You probably haven’t been there in years.

Why is this important? Social networking sites grow big and fizzle out all the time. What happens if one of them goes belly up over night? You lose all of your followers. No one should allow their business to be controlled by someone else. This is truly the strength of email marketing. It’s your list and you can do anything you want with it.

Starting an email list isn’t expensive. There are free services and sources of traffic to take advantage of. Like most things that are free, at some point they become too costly. Free services often come with restrictions. Running an email list isn’t expensive. It should be profitable enough to at the very least pay for the service to maintain and grow your list. There are even ways you can do it for dirt cheap if you’re a techie. For those who aren’t, running a small list shouldn’t cost more than ten dollars a month. You might even be able to find a company to do it for much less than that.

Sites with quality content will always be able to generate email subscribers. Publishing content that answers questions will result in people joining your list. It happens because people find your content useful. They want to connect to your content on a deeper level. You provide them this opportunity with an email list. Your focus should be to turn those subscribers into customers. If you have nothing to sell, then make sure they’re aware of your latest content. Let them know that you’d appreciate it if they shared your content on social media. Ask your subscribers to do something. If your emails are effective, they’ll be more than happy to do it. No matter if it’s becoming a customer or telling their social media pals about your latest blog post.