Increasing the traffic to your site isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. It may seem that way to beginners, but it’s really not that hard. All sites need to be tweaked for maximum performance. You will never create a site that performs exactly the way you want it to from the very get go.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

This simply isn’t possible. Every site is a learning experience. After you’ve done this for a few years, you’ll be able to identify the problems more easily. The solutions to the problems any site has is consistent. There is no magic pill that cures all of the obstacles a site faces. This is why a webmaster must be a jack of all trades.

Improve Your Existing Content

The mistake many site owners make is they think their content can’t be improved. If you’re not ranking in the top three, then it can be improved. Google reserves those precious spots for the best sites out there.

You have to earn your position at the top. There are no shortcuts. Even if there are, they won’t last long. Building a quality site is the only way to guarantee passive income. Which should be the goal of each person reading this.

How can you improve your content? Check out all the sites that are rank higher than yours. What are they doing better than you are? Be open minded and criticize yourself. This is vital for moving forward. You must be your own worst critic. Lay it all on the line.

What are your images like? Are you using stock photos? Have you included a video? If not, you should. Actually, you should never use stock photos. Try to avoid them at all costs. Videos are a must in today’s internet. There’s no reason why your page shouldn’t have a video on it.

Even small mistakes like grammar can cause your site not to rank well. Reread your posts and make sure the content flows. You may want to break up long paragraphs to make them easier to read.

Always remember that your site isn’t ranking because of the content. It’s not because Google doesn’t like you. It’s just a machine. At the end of the day, it wants to rank sites that users find helpful.

That’s it.

People want to make this far more complex than it is. Search engine optimization is super simple these days. There’s very little guesswork as to what you need to do.

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Remove Dates from URLs and Make them Generic:

WordPress has several different options for the way URLs are made. You can include the date in your URL. You don’t want to do this. It will make your content seem dated to Google.

Why is that? The reason is quite obvious and it’s because the date is in the URL. Essentially that’s why you want to remove the date from the URL. You should always set up new sites to never have the date in the URL. This is a huge mistake and it’s easily avoided.

You want to keep the amount of words in your URL to a minimum. Did you know that you can make the title and URL different in WordPress? You can and it’s something you should do.

Keep the URL of your page short and sweet. You can always add more to the title of the URL. The way you do this is by editing the URL after it’s made.

You’ll see the URL of your post underneath the title. Simply click edit and from there you can change your URL. Follow these instructions if you’re using WordPress.

Get Rid of Content that Confuses Google:

Some people believe that just deleting content will get you more traffic from Google. This can actually cause you to receive less traffic.

It only helps if you’re content is either very low quality or confusing to Google. You should never put low quality content on your site to begin with. That in itself is a waste of time. Beyond that, it’s a waste of money as well. Content is either an investment of time or money. You know what they say about time. It can be worth more than money. Just don’t use low quality content.

You may run into the problem of confusing Google if you have several posts that cover the same topic. If this is the case, Google may not know which one should rank higher than the other. The way you avoid this confusion is by getting rid of the similar content. How should you decide which content to get rid of? Weak content that doesn’t rank should go. Improve it if you can and try to separate it from the others. If that’s not possible, then just get rid of it all together.

Check Your Page Speed:

There are two tools that can do this for you and they’re absolutely free. The first is GTMatrix and the second is Pingdom There are all kinds of things that can have an affect on page speed. Low quality hosting is one of them.

WordPress sites that use too many plugins is another. You’d be surprised by how slow some plugins can make a site. You should use as few plugins as possible. Should you use a CDN? The jury is out on that. It probably doesn’t hurt to use a CDN. Though, it’s just another added cost that might not be worth it in the long run.

Anything that isn’t necessary should go. This also includes tags. All images should be optimized for fast loading. Video should be hosted at YouTube and not on your server. This is a big one. You may think there’s SEO benefit from hosting your own video.

There’s no benefit whatsoever. It could even be argued that hosting the video on your server has a negative effect on search engine rankings. Remember, Google owns YouTube. That’s probably not why they prefer you to host your videos elsewhere. It’s more than likely a speed issue which all boils down to the user experience.

Build a Brand that People Can Rely On:

This is a topic that we’re actually going to talk more in-depth about. Reputation today is the most important thing. Back in the day backlinks played a big role in how sites ranked. They still play are an important part of the puzzle. Not as much as they once did. There was a time when literally throwing thousands of links at a page actually made it rank.

Sites with very thin content could climb their way to the top without any problems. This is not the case today. It’s never going to work again. Don’t lose all hope. It’s all about quality content and user experience.

How do you build a brand? It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Some of it is done on social networking sites. Though, you can build your brand without ever posting on one of those sites. What about guest posting? Do you need to go out there and get a ton of links guest posting? No, but guest posting on the right site can definitely help. It will get your name out there. Yes, this is all about your name.

You want Google to see you as an authority. That is the key to building a brand name. What is the topic that you’re site is about? You should be an authority in your niche. You need to market yourself as someone who knows all about it. If the end user sees you as an authority, then Google will too.

They need to be able to trust you and your information. This trust takes time. You’re not going to register a domain today and not going to be an authority tomorrow. It’s going to take you some time. Just how much time depends on many different factors. The age of your content is one of the most important factors.

The longer your site is online, the more Google will see it as being trustworthy.

This is not an area that you can fake. Google has been factoring this in their search results for a few years now. This is the exact reason why throwing a bunch of links at something doesn’t work any more. Google doesn’t care if your site has thousands of links.

It only cares about your reputation. Everything changes when you approach your site like this. It turns your content into a brand. When you see it this way, you’ll understand why quality content is so important.

Don’t be Overwhelmed by the Need for Improvement:

It can seem like a very cruel and difficult world if you’re a new website owner. The reason for this is more than likely that you’re over complicating the entire situation. It doesn’t need to be so complex.

All Google wants is to list sites that their users find useful. You have to view the end user as a customer of Google. Their customers will only come back if the search results answers their questions. The moment this doesn’t happen, the user will find another search engine. That’s just the way it works. You’d go elsewhere too if Google didn’t spit out the correct answers to your questions.

You should never take it personally when Google doesn’t rank your site near the top. You should instead understand why your site is under performing.

Correct the mistakes and see what happens. You will get the hang of it eventually. Most beginners never turn into experienced webmasters because they don’t have the stomach for failure. You’ve got to grow a thick skin to make it in today’s online world. A quitter will always fail. There can be no doubt about that at all.

Check your content. Make sure it’s up to par. Then, check your URLs. After you’ve done that, use the two sites listed above and make sure everything is up to speed.

If your site is slow, then do something about it. If you do these three things, your site should jump in the rankings. People make all of this to be far more complicated than it needs to be.

Final Words:

Lastly, if all of these things are right, then check your reputation. Have you been around long enough to build one? If not, then that’s more than likely your problem. Keep on posting quality content and get known. Talk to people on social networking sites and message boards.

Make sure everyone knows who you are. This will go a long ways in bringing traffic to your site. If no one knows who you are, then Google surely doesn’t. After all, it’s just a machine. If humans have no clue on who exactly you are, then that machine doesn’t either. Get known and see what happens to your site.

Those who never give up are rewarded. It couldn’t be more simple. You’ve got to be driven to make money online today. The real trick isn’t really a trick at all. Quality content is what you need. Nothing else is going to make money. It doesn’t matter who wants to tell you otherwise. Content has never been more important than it is today. It will only continue to gain in importance as machine learning becomes more advanced. The machine now understands what people want and it will give it to them.