An online tool that bridge brands and agencies with various types of influencers to advertise products and services is called influencer marketing platform.




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Basically, influencer platform makes it accessible to do influencer marketing. For those marketers who do not use this kind of platform, it takes a lot of time for product promotion.

Finding influencers manually through Google is a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what exactly are you looking for. In this article, we will learn about how an influencer platform works, the most popular marketing platforms today, how to determine if your business need the specific application, the best apps for Snapchat, Instagram and a lot more.

How does an Influencer Platform work?

  1. A brand usually has an account on the platform.
  2. Brand looks at the platform’s databases for influencers with the correct audience to advertise a product or services offered.
  3. Brand picks a group of influencers and lays down a proposal
  4. Influencer views the proposal and chooses whether they want to work with the brand.
  5. When both parties have agreed, the influencer then accepts the proposal and creates promotional contents for the said brand.
  6. The platform gives the necessary data to the brand to measure the effectiveness of the content of the chosen influencer.

If you are not still familiar with influencer marketing space, an influencer platform can give your brand a setup of strong campaigns. Influencers will make your life easier by using the top influencer platforms.

Note: Small companies that want to get a free mention using an influencer platform may not be advisable because once you create a campaign and have an offer, your chances of getting free mention lessens. Why? If you reach out to an influencer who has already have an account on the platform chances are they have already seen your post.

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms:

1. NeoReach

NeoReach has more than 3 million experts. The platform allows you to search for listings, upload and handle your own with more than unique filters.

You can filter your search based on their profile performance, social channels, keywords, age, language, gender location, and others. It has tools that can manage your contacts, notes, influencer relationships, and historical campaign data.

2. Upfluence

Upfluence is one of the well known self-service influencer marketing platforms. You can be able to search influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and blogs related to your niche. Upfluence gives you access to influencers contact information. You can search as many influencers using short tail keywords long tail keywords.

There are helpful tools where you can see the followers of influencers for each platform, the most recent post and relevance and their influence scores.

3. Traackr

Traackr can connect you with influencers internationally that will help you build a good rapport and create a strategy that can work for you.

The search can be filtered according to social channels, influencer age, keyword, location and more. An influencer that is not registered on the platform can be added manually by their usernames. The platform will look for social media profiles. A special feature of this platform is it allows you to classify influencers based on how close you are with them.  Traackr is best for small to medium businesses even large organizations. You can have your annual subscriptions.

4. Buzzoole

Buzzoole is another powerful influencer marketing platform that uses robust data and the what we called artificial intelligence in measuring, managing and automating investments with influencers.

It also allows brands to source and inspect data through influencer’s social login. Using the platform you can approve content, and manage legal licensing of visuals and decide about the payments. Updates are presented with all the related performance metrics. It has a cost per post business model.

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Influencer Marketing Apps for Instagram, Snapchat & Others:

1. Klear

Klear is also known as Twtrland is an effective tool for influencer marketing on Twitter. It can be filtered by audience size, influencer gender, skills, and location.

There are about 50,000 plus categories that you can select from. After you have created your listings, go on deeper to know each influencer stats on their social media influence. The app is ideal for brands that are looking for Twitter influencer app. A free demo is available for how the apps work. Once you sign up, a product specialist will contact you on the features of the said app.

2. Fanbytes

Fanbytes app is for Snapchat. The app will assist you to communicate with Snapchat influencers. A “sandwich ads” is created for you. It has a maximum time of 40 seconds. In addition, Fanbytes presents you with scores of the different influencers. Other apps have a monthly subscription but not on Fanbytes. You can work with influencers on a one by one campaign basis depending on your budget. The good thing about it is there is no wasted campaign spend. It only charges you on a completed view model. There is no charge for the uncompleted view of the campaign.

3. Famebit

Famebit app is for Youtube. It connects with the right Youtuber. This app allows you to filter the results based on audience location, channel category, gender, and others.

It also offers tools that encourage communication between brands and influencers. The best feature of this app is you can pick a Youtuber

4. iFluenz

iFluenz is for Instagram. Brands that want to promote their product on Instagram must use this application. About 20,000 registered influencers with an audience of more than 500 million followers.

The platform builds campaigns on your selected influencers as it matches your industry, audience, and engagement. With the use of this app, infulencers can offer you proposals, where you can negotiate, accept or turn down. Real-time performance can be tracked by this application. There is no charge for review registered influencers. The price for a campaign is very affordable and there is no upfront fees and other charges. You only pay for what you need.


Influencer marketing platforms and apps is a very useful tool for companies to promote their business.  Using influencer marketing is one of the effective strategies to gain exposure by building a relationship with the audience interested in your products or services. Engaging with the right audience can boost your popularity so you can build trust. Trust is essential in every business whatever it is