We can’t deny that social media site have been one of the powerful tools to market various products, services, and businesses online. However, you should be on the look out for marketing myths that can affect your campaign.

We are old enough to know that myths are false beliefs with no valid facts to support a certain claim. So, it’s essential to know these social media marketing myths to avoid them on the run.

Since Instagram has been one of the competitive platforms lately because of its undeniable high engagement rates– it also became a target of misinformation. 

Luckily, we are about to unfold some of the most common and serious Instagram Myths that you should be careful of when pursuing your marketing campaign on Instagram. 

1. Likes will be Useless

The ‘like counter’ for every post on Instagram has been there for a while now where you usually check the number of likes here. It is one of the tools used by marketers to know if the post is reaching audiences. 

However, Instagram has removed the like counter in 2019 when their testing a new version of the app . Users can’t be able to see the number of likes, but they can still like each other’s posts. 

It was out for awhile so there are lots of speculations that Instagram might removed the feature permanently. As a result, others are saying that the Instagram likes will be useless.

Why do we consider it as a myth? 

It is given that the visibility of the likes in the social media platformis powerful, as it proves that the posts are gaining more audience and engagements. However, that does not support the claim that Instagram likes will be of no use for some reasons: 

  • Likes will still help you know if you are posting the right thing. You will still know if the posts are relevant to your target audience. 
  • As per the algorithm of Instagram is concerned, likes can determine the ranking of your content. Although it’s not visible to others, the likes still count.

What to do? 

Since users can’t see the number of likes on your posts, try to focus on implementing other strategies such as strategies to increase comments. Even though the number of likes can help you grow engagement– comments are said to be more influential than likes.

2. Use fewer hashtags for better results

Sometimes, ideas get confusing when there are lots of similar platforms like the various social media sites. For instance, on Twitter, there is a limit on the number of characters that you can input, including the Hashtags. So, other people are getting this idea that it can be true to Instagram as well. 

Why do we consider it as a myth?

However, no fact can support that claim as we are all aware that you can maximize the use of hashtags on Instagram up to 30. So, why would you stop yourself from maximizing the hashtags on your Instagram posts? Besides, more Hashtags means adding more engagement and reach. 

What to do? 

There are various tools that you can use to maximize your hashtags, such as RiteTag and Hashtagify. They can make your life easier as both can give you new ideas and suggestions for hashtags to get better posts’ engagement and reach.

3. The number of followers determines the overall performance

The number of followers is really helpful when it comes to gaining engagement and boosting your brand because the more followers your account have means more chances to reach your target audience.

Why do we consider it as a myth?

However, it does not determine the overall performance of your account as your engagement rate is more important than your follower count. 

The Instagram algorithm assesses the content that you post through the engagement rate, which can determine the placement of your post on the platform’s news feed. 

It may seem that you have enormous followers, but you are not sure if all of them are engaging in your posts. To simply put it, they are not all active

That is the reason why you should not buy Instagram followers as they are all fake and inactive, and it will not increase your engagement rate. 

What to do?

You should not just focus on growing your followers but focus more on making appealing contents that will make your target audience engage on your posts.

4. Follow for Follow Strategy

New business owners tend to use this strategy wherein they follow more profiles and asks them for follow backs. It is popular on most social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to attract more followers.

Why do we consider it as a myth?

Although it worked for some, it can cause some risk to your account, especially if you unfollow other users later on. They will eventually notice that you’ve unfollowed them and do the same way– then you’ll lose one way or another. 

Moreover, even if you have more followers as a result of that strategy, you are not sure if they are the target audience that you want to reach. Well, if you use this strategy your follower count will increase, but we’re not sure about your engagement rate. 

What to do? 

So, the best thing that you can do is to avoid doing this follow for Follow scheme and focus on gaining more followers authentically by improving your campaign.

5. Posting constantly to improve performance

This next myth has been around for a while now, even on other social media sites. It says that you have to post more than once every day to expect better results. Well, if you are posting relevant and spectacular content, this can be true, but if the quality of each post is poor– you’ll not get what you expected. 

What to do?

There’s no need to overwhelm your audience with multiple contents every day. Just one post that is relevant and interesting to them will suffice.

Moreover, you will also benefit here as your job will be lessened because you will be creating less content.

6. Instagram stories will not convert to sales

As we all know Instagram stories are one of the best way to build your brand. However, it’s not just that, as there are already significant updates that could help your stories convert into sales. 

First is being able to add “Swipe up” CTA’s on stories for brands with 10,000 followers– through this, users can click links that will redirect them to the brands’ website or shop. 

Moreover, you can choose to attach outer links through Story Ads. You’ll be able to run these ads on Facebook and Instagram. 


The best thing that you can do is to avoid believing in these false Instagram myths. Always check the facts and research well to know whether the news or ideas that you encounter are based from truth.

Instagram is a great place to market your business and services as long as you know what’s fact from fake information.