Whatever your niche is, may it be fashion, electronics, home improvement or other categories, Instagram is one of the most valuable social media platforms for your business.




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A report made by Social Media Examiner that almost 73% of internet marketers uses Instagram for their business. About 69% of the marketers plan revolve around their efforts in gaining traffic from this famous social media site. You can run a marketing plan using Instagram influencers or by using a paid strategy as a story ad. In this article, we will talk about Instagram shoutout. What is an Instagram shoutout?

What is an Instagram Shoutout?

Instagram shoutout also called as IG shoutout or Insta shoutout is using another user to promote their own account. For example, I’m creating a post and mentioned another user. The post can contain an image or video of another user promoting or endorsing  a product. These shoutouts fall under Instagram influencer marketing. Learn more about influencer marketing or social media influencer by reading this influencer marketing ebook.

What are the Types of Instagram Shoutouts?

Paid shoutouts – Pay or give something in return as a gift by promoting your product or services offered.

Shoutout for shoutout or S4S – both parties agree to give a shoutout.

Voluntary shoutout – is done by a satisfied customer  without paying or asking for favors.

The type of shoutout merely depends on your goal that you want to achieve. If you want more followers, you can ask your partner to post a photo of you and encourage their followers to follow you.

Example of shoutouts:

Shoutout with a product photo

Shoutout without a product photo

Shoutout post with more followers

How You Can Make a Shoutout on Instagram Story:

The unique thing on Instagram is you and your partner have the freedom to your chosen approach creatively. So the best thing to do is  create a story wherein your audience will be interested in. Instagram stories can be:

  1. Photos or videos – maximum of 15 seconds.
  2. Text or graphics with hashtags or a mention of another account.
  3. Visible for 24 hours.

You can send your partner free samples of your product and take photos using the product or displaying it at home.

Tips for Instagram Shoutouts:

There are no guidelines on how to make shoutouts, but make sure of creating a wholesome one that can attract followers and customers.

  1. Pick the right influencer .

If your product is about fashion, select an influencer that likes fashion too. Examine how many followers they have and take a look at what they are posting. Are their followers are interested in your products. Also, note down how many like do they have or comments on their post. You can spot fake followers because they don’t engage too much posting comments. Taking time to do some extra research will make a lot of difference. Time is valuable as well as money.

2. Build relationship.

It is a must to first establish a good relationship. Follow their social media accounts or subscribe to their Youtube channel if they have. Engage in their post by liking or giving comments. Make sure that your comments are relevant and valuable. Try to give personalized compliments or you may bring up event topics for discussion or you can ask them questions about their post.3

3. Always start a conversation with a friendly message.

Don’t make spammy comments or messages. When you have already decided to pick that certain influencer, directly message on Instragram or send an email. Email can be found on the profile. Be open of what you would like to happen or what is your plan. It is very important that the person knows everything about your plan to avoid miscommunication.

Message Shoutout Template:

  1. Introduce yourself and say something how you are interested something about their post.
  2. State directly the purpose of your message and what value can you give in return.
  3. Give the next step. Read your profile and see your products or ask them of their thoughts or opinions.

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How to look for Instagram Shoutout Pages:

  1. Start with specific hasthtags relevant to your niche. You can use TagsFinder or Best-HashTags to find trending hashtags.
  2. After collecting your list, type your hashtags in Instagram search bar and looki over each profile.
  3. Select the best candidate  and plan out in building a a good relationship.

Common Instagram Shoutout Apps:

Consider using a specialized app if have a budget. This app is designed to connect with brand with the righ influencer.  Shoutcart or NeoReach is an influencer marketing platform where you can search and and monitor user generated campaigns.

How Shoutcart works:

  1. Find an influencer
  2. Add to cart
  3. Create order
  4. Schedule and pay
  5. Receive exposure

Is it Advisable to Buy Instagram Shoutouts?

Busy marketers often times prefer paid promotions to save time and effort. Paid promotions is a great way to gain exposure that can increase sales. I takes a lot of time getting organic traffic to your site getting the same results using paid promotions. Many marketers prefer to buy shoutouts than spending all your time on searching and figuring out the right influencer for your business.


Everything you need to know about Instagram shoutouts is already presented and discussed above. Be ready to start your plan for an Instagram shoutout. With the knowledge that you have, you can easily grow your followers without spending a lot of money. Social media plays a great part in the industry.

As a business owner, be aware of the latest strategies marketers are using. Be fully equipped with proper knowledge and create meaningful ideas that can help your business. Don’t be afraid of learning new things and upgrading your skills.

Learning is a continuous process, especially in this kind of industry where competition is quite stiff. Instagram can be your business lifesaver. A Shoutout is only one way, you can get followers. Look out for our next article, we will be discussing other tactics to use. So stay tuned!.