Instagram is one of the largest and powerful social media platform today. Most businesses are eager to be heard  on Instagram. The use of hashtags in Instagram is very important and looking for the correct hashtags will take you  a lot of time and research. The answer to your problem is ITaggs. Here’s my honest review about the software that can help you decide whether this product is good for your business.

Product Overview:

Creator:  Andrew Fox

Product : Itaggz

ITaggz is an automated software that can give you the hottest and effective hashtags for Instagram. An impressive tool that works in seconds. With billions of users Instagram  can increase your post engagement compare to other social media sites.

Key Features

Autopilot software that can run 24/7

  • Instantly find trending hashtags
  • Quick business name finder
  • View post
  • Sort results (tag, likes, most comments in just one click) 
  • Export tags in spreadsheet
  • Send results directly to your email
  • Saves your searches in categories

Additional Features

  • Email you fresh hashtags daily
  • Increases 10X of your Instagram productivity
  • Can easily set up email options to your assistant or clients
  • Easy to use and a time saver

My Own Experience

For a long time that I’ve been engaged in affiliate marketing. I’ve seen how Instagram grows so fast more than any other social media platform. It takes much of my time figuring out and master how to effectively select the right hashtags in every post I have. I was so thankful that I came across with this software that saves me time and effort in doing it manually.

I have found out how great this software is and brings out a lot of change in my life as an internet marketer. No more sleepless nights of researching and figuring things out. ITaggz is the solution for my business. The software is user friendly and very easy to run. I have more time with my family and a time to relax while this software does all the work for me. I can now find the best niches in the world that can bring me more productivity.

It is a perfect partner for Instagram. I feel blessed that I found ITaggz. I highly recommended this software for all affiliate marketers like me to use ITaggz. I’m sure you will experience the same and enjoy the freedom I have now. Whenever you have problems in running the software there are videos available that can educate you on how to use.


Invest now! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not contented with the results within 30 days you can request for refund. What are you waiting for, try it now and be delighted of the benefits you can have with the use of this brilliant and incredible software.


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