If you are considering start selling on Amazon, but don’t know what to sell then you are in the right place. In this article I will show you step by step how you can find a profitable product to sell, using a tool call Jungle Scout. Also, if you are complete newbie or a failure who failed before with Amazon FBA, you can check out my 8-Part Free Course where I will show you step by step, how you can profitable start your online business with Amazon.




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What is Amazon FBA:

Amazon FBA is a amazon partners program which will allow you to sell product on Amazon – the biggest e-commerce marketplace of the world. It’s a great way to start your own online business since Amazon itself will handle the product storage, shipping and handling, returns and all other customer service behalf of you.

Amazon build the platform and give you the power to start your own online business, where you have to worry about source and send the product to Amazon Warehouse, and run ads to sell the product and rest will be taken care of through Amazon itself.

Pretty cool! Isn’t It?

But you can’t just go and sell any product as you want profitably, since a lot of niches is over saturated. One of the famous over saturated niche is kitchen and dinning . There are lot of product and sellers in that niche. There are many more out there which is just as oversaturated as kitchen and dining.

So how you can find profitable products that you can sell and build a business upon, if you want to sell products in Amazon. Well there are many tools that you can use to find the sales data which will give you an idea which products you can sell profitably in Amazon. We will talk about one of those tool today call JungleScout.

Jungle Scout Overview:

Jungle Scout is a very useful software which helps you to find the best profitable products on the world largest ecommerce store, the Amazon. JungleScout shows you the sales data for millions of products thats been sold in amazon.

If you are a Jungle Scout user you will be able to have an upper hand at your competitors. This software will help in search for profitable product which you can sell in Amazon.

In order to get the best out of the software you need to know all the filters and functions of the software. Otherwise you will be throwing dirts in the dark. Here is a video of mine that will walk you through step-by-step how you can use Jungle Scout to find Profitable product, which you can sell via Amazon FBA program.

It is estimated that, there are almost 2 million third party sellers sales on Amazon and there are almost 398,040,250 products which are listed in the database of Amazon. In this article, we will look into detail that why jungle scout is the leading tool for FBA Sellers and how jungle scout works and what are the best practices for using this tool.

Application Types:

Jungle Scout is a tool that crunches the numbers from Amazon Database and gives estimated data for millions of products thats been sold in Amazon everyday. This tools is made based on the raw data provided by Amazon itself.

Now there are two different tool available from Jungle Scout.

  • Jungle Scout Web Application
  • Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

Jungle Scout Web Application:

Jungle Scout web app, gives you the access to customize and find the product based on given filters. It shows you product from different niches, based on the filter that you select, such as price, rank, sales, reviews, weight, revenue etc. You can customize the filter to find product that best suites your needs.

You can play around with this tool as much as you want to find the what works best for you. But I use the filter below to find the product that has a potential chance to be a winner.

Based on these searches you can find product that could be improved and sell in Amazon for Profit. Your job is not reinventing the wheel, rather improve on the product that already has a track of good sales in Amazon and you can improve upon them. I would like to find a product that is selling well already, that’s why I have put 250 in the minimum selling filter. Also, I put 3.00 on the maximum review filter, That means I want product that atleast sells 8 or more a day and has maximum of 3.00 stars, which gives me enough room to make improvement on the product that I would like to sell.

Pretty Straight Forward! I am not on Amazon to Reinvent the wheel.

There are a lot of other great features in Jungle Scout that you can use and take advantages of. Here are some of the coolest and baddest feature from Jungle Scout.

Baddest Features In Jungle Scout:

There are four basic elements which forms the basis of the jungle scout web application. At the top of the Jungle scout toolbar there are four elements which are:

  • Product tracker
  • Product Database
  • Niche Hunter

These come handy when you get the Jungle Scout web app subscription which starts with $39.99 Per Month. Let me give you a quick overview each one of the feature.

Product Tracker

The first thing in the list is the product tracker, this tracker allows you to make searches and monitor or find a number of products on the Amazon Database. It is important to have this because it helps you in determining that which are the products performing better or which products have no demand at all. In order to find the product you need to paste the URL of the product in the Jungle scout search bar which is located at the top of the page. Right next to the search bar, there is an option for choosing the market place and from here you can select the country or region in which you want to check the desired product.

After you have completed both these steps, click the “Add tracker” button which is also next to the region option. Once you have entered these details, it will take almost 48 hours for the software to locate all the possible answers for you and the information which is provided to you will have the following:

  • Category of the product
  • An estimation of the fees
  • Net profit
  • Name of the seller
  • Total number of sellers
  • Rating of the product
  • Total number of reviews
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Histogram which shows the total number products sold over the timeline of 7, 14 or 30 days.

This feature is very important as it tells you about how a product is doing on the market. All the information regarding the product and the seller is displayed on the histogram. This information is very important in terms of making informed and well thought decisions.

The Product database:

This database which is available at the Jungle scout, helps you in searching the right Amazon product which fulfils your criteria. In order to use the database you will have to choose your desired marketplace. The next step is to select a category in which you will like your search to be conducted. If you operate a store with a specific category you should be able to narrow down to the items which will make the front of your store. It is not important to sell a number of products in Amazon to be the best and surprisingly people who sell fewer number of items are more successful at Amazon. There will always be competition in the market hence it is important to keep researching and narrow down your strong suite.

Niche Hunter

Niche hunter is also something like the database, the difference between them is that instead of generating ASIN, it generates the niche of the keywords. It is important to locate a good niche as there are more than 400 million products in the Amazon database.

These niches helps you in deciding that which is the category in which you want to work. In order to use the niche hunter you have to choose a market place and which category you want to focus on.  The next step is to fill out the attributes for your niche and it is highly recommended to use as many attributes as possible. Once you have set your attributes it is important to press search in order to receive your keyword ideas.

Chrome extension

This extension works when you open Amazon through google chrome. This extension shows a lot of information about different products. In order to use this, navigate to any page on the Amazon.  In order to use this extension, it is important to make sure that the software and the extension works on the same marketplace. This extension analyzes all the products on the Amazon page and immediately provides with all the information that is necessary for this purpose. This is the most popular feature of the Amazon suite and it can be purchased separately or as a part of full suite. Here is a video that I made to demonstrate how this tool work. Also keep it in mind it does not come with Jungle Scout in default. You have to buy it for $97.00 separately, but it is super important to validate the market deeply before taking any final decision.

In order to make the best of sales it is important that you look for items which are sold more than 200 units per month with less than 50 reviews. This will make sure that there is not enough competition in this niche and you can go to sell your products without getting a tough competition. However, if a product have more than 500 reviews. It means that there is a very tough competition for this particular product and it may not be a good decision to sell that product as there are already number of people who are doing well at it. Jungle bot is the best tool for making sure that you get the right information but it is not possible to turn that information in profits if you are not intelligent enough to see the gaps in the desired market and fill those gaps with your business skills. In terms of information provided, Jungle bot is by far the best tool that you will ever come across. It gives all the information that is there, to be used in an efficient manner which make good profit.