Building and maintaining loyal followers takes hard work. Monitoring your followers from time to time is needed.




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If you find more followers that unfollowed you, something might be wrong. There are available apps to see who unfollowed you. These apps will help you win back your followers. Keep reading until the end of this article, we will teach you how to win back your followers while obtaining more.

Instagram Unfollowers:

Instagram unfollowers are those people who follow your account, but has unlocked the follow button for some reasons or no reason at all just accidentally. Using the unfollowers Instagram app, you can directly see people who had unfollowed you. You can be able to reach out to them and find out the reason why. You will eventually know the reason for more unfollowers and revise your marketing strategy.

Apps for Instagram Unfollowers:

1.Unfollow or Non Followers & Fans

Team unfollow is an application to see your Instagram unfollowers. By using this app you can see accounts you have followed and determined if they have followed you back.

When following those accounts without following you back, you can unfollow multiple users at the same time with lesser effort or another way around (instantly following everyone). This app is an advantage if you want to know your unfollowers but not recommended if you want to gain more followers. It only works for unfollowers.

2. Unfollowers for Instagram App

Follow Cop is an application similar to the first one which you can see Instagram unfollowers.

Mass unfollow is allowed up to 20 people or more. The great part about this app is you can detect fake accounts. Fake accounts can be harmful to you Instagram for the reason that Instagram is flagging accounts with fake followers. It is a must that you should remove fake followers.

Unfollow Everyone on Instagram:

1.Mass Unfollow

Dinh Mass Unfollow is a useful tool that allows you to unfollow people in bulk. It also allows bulk block or unblock of users, unlike photos or delete. This is ideal if you want a mass clean-up of your account. Followers & Unfollowers

2. Followers & Unfollowers

One Tab Lab Followers and Unfollowers is another tool where you can see those people that do not follow you back and you mutual followers that you follow. With this tool, you can mass unfollow up to 50 accounts. The 50 account limit is observed because Instagram will detect using a bot if you unfollow more than 50 at a time. It is safe to only limit up to 50 accounts.

Who Unfollowed Me:

Often times it is heart breaking to know that a close friend unfollowed you and as a business owner a feeling of sadness for followers the number of followers to decrease. Why it is important to know who unfollowed you? It is necessary to know who unfollowed you, especially if you are in business. The reasons for unfollowing can help you improve your marketing plan.

Reasons Why Do People Unfollow A Brand:

There are a lot of reasons why people do unfollow your brand. Here are the list of the commons causes why they unfollow:

  1. Uninterested in your content
  2. You post frequently or infrequently
  3. Accidentally followed
  4. Fake accounts
  5. Wants a follow back
  6. Unsatisfied about a product
  7. Poor customer service
  8. Unresponsive to inquiries
  9. Only followed to win a content
  10.  The content you share is different than usual
  11.  Low quality of photos
  12. Contents offend them
  13.  Irrelevant post

Why Do People Unfollow An Individual?

  1. You post frequently that it annoys them
  2. One of you post offended them
  3. The person is anti-social
  4. Your posts are depressing
  5. No communication for a long time
  6. Some people do not believe that following on social media is a form of friendship
  7. Your posts are over re-acting

Tips on How to Ask Someone the Reason Why They Unfollowed:

Not all unfollowers hate you or your brand. Sometimes there are reasons why they unfollow and that is the main purpose why you need to ask the reasons. Here are some examples on how you can ask them directly why they have unfollowed:

“Hey, I notice you unfollowed us on Instagram. We just wanted to know the reason for unfollowing to improve our content”

“Hey there, saw you recently unfollowed us on Instagram. We love to hear about your feedback”

“Hey there, we are wondering why you unfollowed us on Instagram. Is everything okay?

Win Back Your Followers:

1.Contact Unfollowers Directly

Send a direct message and ask how they are doing and the reason for unfollowing. Note down all the reasons and figure out how you can improve your strategy. Don’t feel hurt about the negative comments. Negative comments mean that there is room for improvement. Take action to change for the better and plan out on how you can enhance your approach and methods used that negatively affect you unfollowers to win them back and avoid future unfollowers for the same reasons.

2. Focus Your Actions for Improvement

Resolve all the issues with regard to products. If the reason is, you post to frequently than limit your post once a day. You can add to your Instagram story for the second post. Sometimes some customers are annoyed by the sales content that you are posting. They think that it doesn’t provide value reading. Ten (10 ) negative comments about the same feedback consider changing your plan.

3. Follow-Up

After three weeks of changing your strategy or methods, follow-up with those who gave you the feedback. Do not ask them to follow you back. Send them thanking for the feedback and inform them that you have made changes for the better.

Not all unfollowers will follow you back again, but be thankful for their honest feedback instead.

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Having lots of Instagram followers is a blessing. Take the opportunity of using Instagram apps “Who unfollowed me on Instagram” is one way of avoiding the decline of followers. Encourage your followers to give honest feedback so you can take action as early as possible to avoid problems in the future.