Online businesses need optimization for better search ranking. Having an online business in Etsy, you need to understand how the search works for better results.




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This will be a big help in reaching new audiences and build a strong customer base. In this article, you will enhance your knowledge in using the right keywords in the title, categories, attributes, and tags. It is a big help for you for new opportunities for your listing that matches with customers ‘searches. It will also guide you in improving your search ranking.

Understanding How  Etsy Search Works:

Etsy search is an impressive tool created to determine what the buyers are looking for that helps them for easy purchase. It matches the query and ranking. When the buyer enters the inquiry, the tool matches the query to the listings. Try experimenting using different tags and discover which ones are effective. The listing that matches to the customer’s query is compiled. The information gathered is then ranked for people to see when searching for items to buy.

The Power of Keywords:

Your keywords must be relevant and if it matches for more queries, your listings will rank higher in the search results. When new listings are created, the site will temporarily boost the listings. The purpose of this is to know the buyers’ behavior towards your listing. The site then determines your quality score. The temporary boost does not last long, it only takes a few hours or days.


The shipping price is another factor you need to consider. Customers look into the shipping price when deciding to purchase. High shipping cost can affect their buying decisions, they are likely looking interest to buy.

Shoppers are making sure they are getting a good deal for the value of the items. At Etsy when your shopping prices are lower,  it improves your visibility on the search results. The trick is to offer a competitive shipping price to attract more customers.


The increase in the conversion rate improves your listings rank. To be able to increase your views, it should be in quality. Be aware of your listings quality score. The quality score depends upon the number of clicks, favorites and purchases made. Etsy is noting down the search of your previous shoppers. They are trying to predict the possibilities of more buyers to purchase from your listings.

Customer Service:

Shops with good customer service will likely have repeated buyers.  Etsy also encourages customer reviews and most buyers are looking first into the product reviews before they buy. 

Positive reviews will greatly affect your shop, however, having a negative one can hurt your business too. Be courteous in dealing with every customer and provide what they need to know. Reply right away with queries and value every possible customer. A satisfied customer will surely purchase again from your shop.

Use Search Analytics:

As mentioned in the previous article, understanding search analytics will improve your listing ranking. Search analytics can give the idea of how shoppers are using to find your products. If your listings are converting from search and your average position is being tracked. Being informed about how the search works will be you a better analysis on how you can improve your listing in the ranking.

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Optimizing Your Shop:

Use all the 13 tags available. It should be composed of world phrases that best describes your product. Place yourself in the shoes of the shoppers, what word would your search when looking for a certain product. Add different variations on your tags to make it unique. You can also  use words on how your product is made and intended for what. Read more about keyword research  and use that keywords on your tags.

Add an About page in your shop for it increases your search score. Many buyers try to look for an About page to know a certain business and what kind of products the shop is selling. A market experience score is based on its  customer service history. The higher your score, your search ranking will also improve. Another page that you need to add is your shop policy. You can use the ready made templates on the site for an additional boost.

Make your best photo the first photo in your listing. It can be seen as a thumbnail so shoppers can see them. Select a photo that is clear and attractive. Customers are attracted to a product with beautiful photos. So make sure that your first photo is appealing and captivating. You can add up to 10 photos about your item. The more photos you have the more information you can give to your customers or buyers.


When you understand the whole idea on optimization, you will have a clearer picture on how you can optimize your shop and why it is needed. As an entrepreneur, learning should be a continuous process. Techniques and strategies in this field need to be upgraded to compete with the present trend in internet marketing. It is very easy to set up a shop on Etsy. Everything you need to know are all posted on the site. All you need to do is find time to view it and study,  especially if you are new to this site.

Experiment on your listings and try to monitor the statistics regularly to determine if your strategy is effective. You can refresh your titles and tags every new season. This is the best time to try new ones if your present tags aren’t working well in the search ranking. Always keep yourself informed with the new policies of the site.

It is recommended to join the community forum to be aware of the site updates plus a chance to be a member of the teams. You can connect with fellow sellers and promote your site to other shops. There are active teams in the marketplace and encourages sellers to join the team.