Efficiency and organization are crucial for managing a library. Library management software provides librarians with the tools to effectively manage databases and records, automate tasks such as cataloging and lending, and streamline other activities such as fundraising and book donations.

Not only does this improve processes for librarians, but it also enhances the user experience by allowing library patrons to discover new books, read online, and borrow materials through a user-friendly dashboard.

1. CodeAchi Library Management System

CodeAchi Library Management System (LMS) is a highly sought-after platform that offers a comprehensive set of features in an intuitive and visually appealing interface. This makes it a popular choice among public libraries, schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. Its key features include an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and an automatic reports generator.

In addition, the software provider is renowned for its exceptional customer service. One of the software's notable features is the automatic fine calculation module, which includes automatic SMS and email notifications for borrowers. The software also offers a 30-day free trial version for users to test the features and interface. Additionally, it offers multisystem support, allowing users to connect it with other library management tools and databases.


  • User-friendly cataloging with customizable fields and tags
  • Customizable categories and tags for library materials
  • A comprehensive view of circulation and inventory status
  • Powerful search engine with the ability to filter by categories and tags
  • Streamlined issue and return process for books and other materials
  • Barcode scanning feature for the easy issue and returns
  • Quick data import using CSV or excel sheets
  • Automatic fines calculator and automated borrower SMS and email notifications
  • Features for procurement management, including acquisition, check-in, and book issuance


  • Starter – free 1-year support = $199.00
  • Lite – free 1-year support = $349.00
  • Colossal – free 1-year support = $499.00
  • Grand – free 1-year support = $899.00
  • Jumbo – free 1-year support = $1999.00

2. WorldShare Management Services

WMS is a cloud-based library management platform that is designed to meet the specific needs of its clients. The platform allows subscribers to define their own design and performance metrics and then provides them with custom solutions. Additionally, WMS offers a sandbox environment where clients can train on the system before implementing it live.


  • WMS develops a tailored system to fit the unique needs of its clients, constantly collaborating with libraries to improve and adapt the platform.
  • The platform offers a robust search function with custom tags and access to a vast interlibrary network.
  • Built-in custom reports help generate data-driven insights for effective decision-making.
  • A sandbox environment is available for training before live deployment, and it is accessible via the mobile app “Digby” for library management and inventory control.
  • WMS integrates with other third-party applications and is known for its exceptional support and training.


Visit their website to request a demo.

3. Infinity Library Software

Infiniti Library Software is a customizable library management software solution designed for schools, with features to foster a love of reading and independent learning skills. The LibPaths portal hub allows teachers and librarians to create curated content for parents and students, promoting library materials and personalized learning. The cloud-based platform makes library resources accessible to users from any location and also helps librarians automate tedious tasks such as sending automatic notifications for overdue items.


  • The software provides intuitive library search capabilities
  • It includes tools for custom cataloging and effective circulation management
  • Users can set up automatic email notifications for overdue materials
  • Customizable detailed reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) is available
  • The platform is fully customizable, from workflows to branding
  • The solution is equipped with AWS data encryption.
  • Automatic daily backups of data are performed
  • The software integrates with LibPaths, a cloud-based virtual learning hub
  • The Infiniti Management Software team handles all migration procedures for easy switching


To learn more about Infinity Library Software, you can contact them on their website and request custom pricing.

4. Libib

Libib is a user-friendly cloud-based cataloging platform with a visually appealing interface. It enables users to create and organize 100 mixed-media collections, including books, music, movies, and games. The platform is flexible enough to be used by various types of libraries and is also commonly used by corporate users such as Disney and EA games.


  • Users can tag, group, and edit items
  • Automatic metadata makes searching for items easy
  • Native mobile applications for Android and iOS are provided
  • Auto-generated custom barcodes are available
  • The platform allows for custom branding
  • Exportable CSV reports are available
  • Users can leave online reviewsThe platform allows users to create mixed-media collections with up to 100 categories
  • A kiosk application for self-checkout is available, which includes a built-in camera scanner


  • Basic – 100 collections = $0.00 per month
  • Pro – 100 collections = $9.00 per month or $99.00 per year

5. Surpass

Surpass is promoted as a cost-effective management system for a wide range of libraries, including public and school libraries, as well as special libraries maintained by churches, museums, and businesses. It offers both on-premise and cloud-based deployments. However, the on-premise version has limited features and capabilities, lacking self-check features. Additionally, pricing is determined based on the number of workstations that can access the software.


  • Quickly add resources using ISBN
  • Includes patron management capabilities
  • Lost and found tracking is provided
  • Custom patron reports are available
  • Customized resource templates can be created
  • Fines for late and lost resources can be set up
  • Provides options for classifying resource damages
  • The platform streamlines the cataloging of resources of different types and formats
  • Self-check feature for checking in and checking out resources is available (optional for on-premise)


  • Congregational – 10,000 volumes = $50.00 per month
  • Small – 5,000 volumes = $70.00 per month
  • Large – 100,000 volumes = $100.00 per month
  • District – 100,000 volumes per location = $110.00 per month
  • Premier – unlimited volumes per location = $175.00 per month


As the world moves towards complete digitalization, libraries, like other industries, are adapting to this shift by implementing effective management strategies. Libraries that utilize comprehensive library management software systems are able to streamline their operations and improve overall performance. These systems save time, enhance information collection and dissemination for both library staff and patrons, and offer a range of benefits, including automation of procurement and improved access for readers.

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