Every site has content that gets traffic, but doesn’t make any money. This is actually one of the biggest problems for the site owners . There are quite a few different reasons for that. Not all sites stay on topic 100% of the time.




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This means you may have pages that aren’t directly related to your niche. For whatever reason, those pages are ranking high and getting quite a bit of traffic.

Monetizing every part of your website can be difficult. Hopefully after reading this article it will become less difficult.

Knowing what to do with that traffic is a huge part of the game. It can mean the difference between just staying afloat or making a profit. The world of online marketing can be extremely difficult and you’ve got to squeeze as much profit as possible out of everything.

Add Affiliate Links and Earn a Commission:

This seems like a logical choice when it comes to making money with content that gets traffic, but doesn’t convert. It’s not so simple though. It’s a lot of work. You may be unfamiliar with the products or services that must be promoted.

You’ll have to scour the internet for something to offer your visitors. Don’t just put up anything and expect it to sell. You’ll want to make sure that what you’re selling is legit and actually offers something to the end user.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of offering useless information in exchange for affiliate commissions. Rarely does this work, and if it does, you’ll burn your reputation quite quickly. Make sure whatever it is you’re pushing is something that you’d actually use yourself.

Don’t put something out there that you don’t trust or will be disgusted to use yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience.

Build an Email List For Your Niche:

This is a popular option. It does require you to almost be an expert on the topic. It’s important to realize these are pages that you never intended for them to become popular.

Maybe you were talking about how Instagram could be used to show off a dog’s latest haircut. You’re site is about pet grooming, but what really took off were your Instagram posts.

You don’t want to delete the posts. After all, they are getting you traffic. You can choose to learn more about the topic and pursue products or servers that could be promoted to email subscribers.

You can build a email list and promote affiliate products to your audiences. You don’t have to have your own product to make money.You can leverage the power of email marketing through building your email list.

Nurture Your Subscribers and Eventually Market to Them:

This is the most difficult part of growing an email list. Collecting the email addresses is the easy part. You’ve got to nurture and educate your subscribers. Part of it is proving that you know what you’re talking about.

One of the best person to follow who does this extremely well is Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels. He helps his subscribers and followers with content after content. His main goal is transcend the message for everyone need to have to funnel and how you can crate a funnel for your business easily that actually makes money.

While he is nurturing his audience he is also selling his products to them, via facebook and YouTube Ads. Also, he gets a lot of organic reach because of the reputation he has build in his niche. Through nurturing and providing value he build a $100 million SAAS business.

Now being Russell Brunson may not be a short term goal for you. But You can use some of his strategies to build your tribe.

You have to build up trust and create bond between you and the reader. This is not easy. It takes time. You won’t build up their trust in a matter of days. Each person is different. It might take a few weeks to a couple of months.

You also need to prove to the subscriber that you have a firm grasp of what you’re talking about. This is the hard part because you’re building a list from traffic you didn’t expect to get. This isn’t directly related to your niche at all.

That means you’re going to have to go out and educate yourself on this topic. There are upsides to this as you can build a new unexpected revenue stream. However, depending on the niche, the learning curve can be quite high.

Make sure you are creating higher quality content through which will make you stand out to your audience. Also, it will create a great bond between you and your audience.

Add an Exit Pop Up For Someone Else:

We’ve all seen popups that happen when we exit a site. They can also happen if you scroll down a page or if you’ve stuck around for a certain length of time. Basically what you’re doing is helping someone else build their subscriber list. You could even skip having your own email list and send them right to someone else.

The advantage of this is, the person you send them to is an expert. You’re not going to have to go out and learn a bunch of stuff. You just pass them on to someone else. Just make sure whoever you’re suggesting to your visitor is legit. You don’t want to risk your reputation on someone who could be shady.

You can make an arrangement where they pay you for every subscriber. It would probably just be a few dollars at most for each subscriber. It could be more or less depending on your niche.

This is a possible revenue stream that you didn’t know existed. Think of it as making some extra money off of your site. You are also adding value for your visitors as hopefully after subscribing they’ll get access to useful information. You should sign up to their list and see what type of content they mail out. This will give you an idea if it will be useful to your visitors.

Rent A Page of Your Blog:

A This can actually be quite lucrative if you have a high traffic site. You can rent out the entire page to a blog for a monthly fee. What exactly does this mean? It means that you rent out all the advertising space and also all of the popups.

Everything on the page is for sale. They can change the layout and design to fit their needs. Think of it as their own page on your site. Many businesses will do this to get traffic to their site. Some may just want to expand their subscriber base. The purpose of them renting your page can vary.

You don’t want to alter your page too much. Google will see if you make big changes and your rankings may drop because of it. Essentially you want to keep the content the same was it was.

What you’re doing is renting out space on the page for someone else to use. Also don’t forget to keep the user experience in mind. You’re not going to want to flood them with popups or anything that would decrease the usability of your page. This too will have a negative effect on your rankings.

You will have to test how much the page can be altered without it affecting search engine rankings. If your page loses traffic, then you’re not really coming out ahead. You could potentially lose traffic on your entire site if the user experience on that one page diminishes quickly.

Make sure the content is front and center. This is the most important thing. If it is, then the user should have a good experience. Maintaining a high user experience is vital in making sure the page is desirable to be rented.

Build Business Relationships With Others:

There are many benefits of doing this far beyond two businesses helping each other to make money. Networking is a very big deal in the world of online marketing. You need to know as many people as possible. Not every person you encounter will be interested in your offer.

That doesn’t mean the encounter itself was a waste of time. What you’re doing is cementing your name into the person’s mind. Hopefully they’ll remember you and your niche. Who knows, something may come their way that could benefit you.

Let’s talk about this a little more in-depth. What you’re trying to do is find a business that can benefit from your page that gets a lot of traffic. Maybe they have a site that talks about email marketing. You have a site that teaches people how to make info graphics.

They may have a page that speaks about the importance of quality info graphics in emails. You could have a page that talks about email marketing.

You can trade advertisements on each other’s pages that correlate to the niches that best suite your business. There are a whole host of things that you can do for each other. You could even have the other’s opt-in box to collect email addresses.

Just make sure the visitor knows that you’re collecting emails for someone else. It should be clearly stated they’re joining a list that’s not operated by you.

This requires outreach and that means you’re going to spend time doing it. You want to make sure the pages you’re working with will benefit both parties.

You don’t want a lopsided deal that will benefit one over the other. That is, unless it’s lopsided in your favor. Never settle for something because you think it’s better than nothing. Each party should equally benefit from this.

If you continue to do so, there’s always the possibility to make more content that furthers the business relationship. It’s even possible to guest post or work on content together. Keep the ball rolling as long as both businesses are benefiting from it.

Content With Traffic that Doesn’t Convert Isn’t a Lost Game:

You’ve got a problem most people would love to have. Getting traffic to pages is one of the most difficult aspects of internet marketing. You should also reverse engineer the page and understand why it gets traffic. Understanding why Google thinks this is a quality page will help you improve your other pages. You’re doing something right with this page. Dissect what worked and apply it to your other pages.

The last thing you want to do is delete the pages. This will more than likely have a negative impact on your overall site ranking. It may not, but there’s no reason to delete these pages. Visitors are finding value in them.

This means even though it’s not exactly about your niche, you are still building a good reputation. They’ll remember this when asking Google a question and one of your pages rank towards the top. This sort of branding is invaluable and that in itself is good enough reason to keep the pages intact.

It may take you some time to figure out how to properly monetize these pages. You never intended to get traffic for this specific niche.

Think of it as a challenge and a learning process. This is going to happen again. There is no way of being certain what pages will rank on your site. Sometimes it’s literally the luck of the draw. For whatever reason you were able to answer this question better than the other sites. Google has rewarded you for your hard work.

Take this opportunity to get to know other people within your niche. Work to build lasting relationships that can benefit both of you.

Don’t settle for the first thing that may make you money. The user experience should never be forgotten. Don’t make any changes that lessen the experience users have on your site. Try to add more value to their visit.

If this is possible, then both you and the visitor benefits in the long run. When this happens, the sky is the limit when it comes to your ability to profit and grow.