Email marketing is as old as the internet itself. Most people are still surprised when they find out just how effective it can be. Everyone thinks that social media is where all the traffic and money is. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about that for just a second. The best way to reach people hasn’t changed one bit over the years. People still sends email to communicate with each other. All big brands still sends to email to promote their sales, and special events.




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However, the way email marketing used to work back in the days have changed drastically. There was a huge growth taken place in marketing community within past decade. So you might see email from 10 different marketing gurus in your inbox everyday. That’s it is crucial to differentiate yourself from the herd and be creative with your email marketing.

How to Build Your List

What you don’t want to do is cold email people. This is where you get email addresses of people who didn’t ask to receive your messages. It could be from business cards or simply finding them on the internet. This is often considered spam and it’s highly ineffective. You’re not going to sell anything to anyone who doesn’t want the email. Worst yet, you’re going to ruin your reputation. That’s the last thing you want to do. You’ll never be able to make a dime online if your reputation has been forever tarnished. This is the real reason why you don’t want to buy email lists from providers. Most of the time their lists have simply been scraped from the internet. Some unsuspecting person put their email address on a forum or other place and it was scraped by a bot. That’s exactly how these email lists are built.

How do you collect email addresses? How do you make money online through email marketing? You do so by putting an opt-in email box on your website. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If you’re using WordPress, then there are several plugins available to do this. There are both free and paid options to collect emails. It’s always best to go with a paid version unless you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t afford it. The reason why paid services are better is that they come with support. You’ll be able to ask them questions and they’ll answer them. Being able to get help when needed can be invaluable.

Make Your Opt-in Box Noticeable

Bring attention to your lead generation box noticeable to the visitor. You don’t want to be too in your face. There’s a fine line between advertising the fact you have a mailing list and being over the top. Just think how you react when you see popups all over the place begging you to join an email list. What do you do? You find the X so you can close out the box. That’s what you do each and every time. You don’t want your visitors to do the same thing.

Should you have a box that pops up on your site? There’s no reason why you can’t. You can also have a box popup when the visitor leaves. Just remember you don’t want to interfere with the user’s experience when visiting your site. If you make them feel uncomfortable or they regret visiting your site, that’s bad news. You can also have an opt-in box in the side bar of your page. You won’t have to worry about being too in your face. Though, you may notice fewer signups to your list. There’s a trade off for being subtle and it’s going to be fewer people joining your list.

Offer Something of Value For Free If They Join Your List

It can be an ebook, video, or guide. Why do you want to offer something for FREE? You’re trying to entice them to join. Giving them something for free might push them over the edge. Don’t be overly pushy and promise everything under the sun. Be realistic and give them something that they’d want. What you give them shouldn’t be some low quality freebie. Remember, they will base the quality of the information you give them going forward on your free value. You want to make sure you hit it out of the park.

The lead generation popup should be colorful and enticing. Don’t be afraid of going to an extreme. You just want to make sure that you’re realistic. Don’t tell people that you have the secret to making a billion dollars. If you had that kind of information you wouldn’t be running a site. The free item should be described as something that they need. Something that will help them in whatever niche you’re promoting. It could be that you’re teaching them how transplant a flower into their garden from a pot. You can use colorful graphics and be a little over the top.

Follow through when it comes to delivering the free item. Make sure they get it. You don’t want to bury the information deep in the welcome email. Access to the free item should be visible in the first paragraph. Remember, this is where you begin your relationship with the subscriber. You don’t want it to start off on a bad note. Give them access to the free item and then talk to them some more. Should you sell anything with this first email? That’s up to you. While the subscriber has shown interest, they may still be cold. It may be best to warm them up with further emails before trying to sell them anything. This is your call and it’s something that you should test over time.

Make Use of Autoresponders

This should be a given. Though, many people over look it. The first email that you send them should be sent via an autoresponder. You obviously don’t want to collect their email and send the welcome message manually. It should be sent to them directly after joining. This is something that most people probably understand right off the bat. That doesn’t mean everyone does it. You can even have a series of emails sent via autoresponder. For example, you may give people access to a free course after signing up. You’re not going to want to lay out all of that information right away. If you did, the person is more than likely not going to read it all.

You can use autoresponders like GetResponse, Convertkit, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign to automate your email and communicate with your subscriber. I personally use GetResponse to automate all my emails and communicate with my subscribers. It’s cheap, beginner friendly and very well known. Also, you get 30 days free trail to try out the service if you are not sure which service you should get started with.

How Many Messages Should You Send to Someone After They First Join:

There is no magic number that works for everyone. This is why people split test everything. You may find that a few emails are the sweet spot. While for others, days long or maybe even weeks long courses can be sent. It’s about you finding the right number. Don’t expect to find that number over night. You’ll have to tweak the process as it goes. You may even find that it depends on how the emails were collected. Someone who joins from a popup may behave differently than someone who subscribes from a sidebar box. This is why testing is so important. Information is power and those who utilize it have the bank accounts to prove it.

It can’t be stressed enough that it’s important that you strike while the iron is hot. You want to get back with them right away after they sign up. This is when they’re the most interested in your freebIe. If you wait too long, they very well could lose interest. You’ll lose them at that point. Using an autoresponder takes zero effort on your part other than setting it up. There’s absolutely no good reason whatsoever for you not to utilize this. All reputable email management companies offer this service. The free services may not, but that’s just another reason why you shouldn’t use free services.

Now let’s turn our focus to the email itself.

This is the bread and butter of your business. The profitability of your online venture will be determined by how well you harness the power of email. This isn’t something that you’re going to learn overnight. It’ll take time to understand what works. Each niche is a little different. The approach you have will determine your success or failure. Always remember that internet marketing isn’t a one size fits all situation. It’s all about dialing in what works for specific groups of people.

Write a Catchy Subject

The subject line of your email is one of the most important things. It will determine if the receiver opens the message. There’s a fine line between clickbait and over promising what can be delivered. Yes, you do want the person to open your email. It’s vital that they open it and see what you have to offer. You don’t want this to happen at any cost. If you fail to deliver, the person will no longer continue to open your emails. Worse yet, they could even unsubscribe.

You want to make sure the subject is a summary of what the email is about. It should be niche specific and to the point. Your subscriber should know without a shadow of a doubt what the email is about. If there’s any doubt whatsoever, they’re more than likely not to open it.

Numbers and lists seem to be a great way to lure people to open an email. “Five simple ways to lower your bounce rate” is a good subject if you’re sending a message to bloggers. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t just whip out subject lines. Take your time and come up with good ones. It’s not unheard of for people to spend hours coming up with the perfect subject line. That’s not an outrageous amount of time for something that’s as profitable as email marketing.

Be Friendly and Don’t Oversell:

The biggest mistake email marketers make is being focused on the hard sale. They think that it’s important that each and every email be focused on selling. It shouldn’t be that way. In fact, some of your emails shouldn’t sell anything at all. It’s about building a relationship with the reader. That relationship is what will enable you to sell down the line. The money you make in the future will be due to the fact that you established a rapport with the reader. They need to trust you and to see you as an authority in your niche. The way you do this is by proving to them that you’re not a fly by night snake oil salesman.

Address the reader in a friendly tone. You also don’t want to be stiff as a board. Use slang in your emails. Try to make it sound like you’re talking to a friend. Call them by their first name. Make sure to personalize every email that’s being sent out. You want the reader to feel like you’re talking directly to them. The bond that you build with the reader is invaluable. The success of your online business will be determined by it.

Offer Value to the Reader

Every email that you send should offer value to the reader. Some say that 80% of your emails should be value and 20% should be marketing. Those numbers aren’t exact and you’ll need to see what works best for your list. You should be offering value much more often than sales pitches. No one wants to have a constant sales pitch shoved down their throat. The reason the person signed up for your list is that they want information that you have to offer.

Can you offer value and a sales pitch at the same time? Yes, but it can be tricky. You can teach someone how to blog while promoting a web hosting company. There’s a fine line between being helpful and just trying to make a buck. You don’t want to come across as desperate to make money. The reader will sense it right away and they won’t trust you. Remember, you’re trying to build up trust through this entire process.

Add images and videos to make your point. Utilizing YouTube in your emails is a great way to get extra traffic. YouTube will see the views and your videos will rank higher because of it. Plus, people like to watch videos. You’ll be able to connect with the reader and other people at the very same time. Your videos don’t have to be polished like they came straight out of Hollywood. Just make sure they cover the subject material and aren’t too long. Get to the point without dragging it out for an unnecessary length of time.

Try to Have Humor

You don’t need to be a comedian to pull this off. You just need to be slightly funny. You can even use images or videos that you find online. What you’re trying to do is make your content easier to digest. A little humor goes a long ways when it comes to lighting up the mood. You’ll be surprised by how readers react when you’re even the slightest bit funny. No one likes to sit through a dull presentation. You’ve got to be entertaining to keep the attention of the reader.

Every person reading this can come up with some light hearted material that can be fun to read. The goal isn’t to make the reader bust a gut laughing. You’re just trying to make sure they go from one paragraph to the next. Keep in mind the reader must get through your email for you to pitch something to them.

First impressions matter. Set the tone right away in the first paragraph. Be conversational and funny. You want to sound like you’re one of their pals who’s just trying to have some fun. If you can get that point across, selling to them will be much easier. People respond differently when they’re enjoying themselves and having a good time. You actually will see a difference in your conversions.

Pay Close Attention to Open and Click Through Rates

This is important because you want to keep a close eye on how many people are opening up your emails. Statistics are vital when you’re dealing with a business where you communicate with others. If you’re open rates are low, then you’re going to work on that. However, you could have high open rates and low click through rates. You may be over promising in the subject and not delivering in the body of the email. Numbers don’t lie and you’ve got to pay attention to them at every step of the way.

This is where you can tell if your secret sauce is working. This shouldn’t be seen as just an email marketing tip for beginners. It’s something that every marketer needs to be aware of. People have the ability to stay in their comfort zone. This means you may end up accepting numbers that aren’t what they should be. Always challenge yourself and see what works. You should never look at failure as a loss. Instead, view it as an educational process. The value of that process is that you’ll learn and grow in the world of email marketing.

Clean Your List of Dead Accounts that Don’t Open Emails

This is something that you’re going to have to do from time to time. Keep in mind as your list grows, so will be the expense of sending out messages. You’ll need to prune your list of inactive accounts from time to time. There could be many reasons why you’re emails aren’t being opened. Some people use throw away accounts and forget about them. Who knows, they may even forget the password. Whatever the reason, these email addresses will need to be removed from your list eventually.

When and how should you remove someone from your list? There’s no exact number of months that you should wait before removing someone from your list. Though, six months of inactivity is a good number. You should send them a humorous email asking why they haven’t opened one of your emails in awhile. Make the subject line funny and the body of the message should be as well. Just let them know that you’re checking up to see why they’re not opening your emails. This could turn in inactive subscriber to someone who reads your messages again. It reinforces that you care about them as an individual. You don’t see them as just a number. It all goes back to building up the relationship you have with the subscribe.

Bonus tip: Make your emails mobile friendly

This is the one thing that everyone needs to pay close attention to going forward. What device do you usually check your emails with? Chances are pretty good that you primarily use your smartphone. This is going to increase over time. Not everyone has the time or the ability to sit in front of a computer. As a marketer you need to be keenly aware of this. The number of smartphone users around the world is only going to grow.

You should use your smartphone and look at your emails. There’s nothing wrong with subscribing to your own list. You want to see how the subject line is displayed on your smartphone. You have less space to work with when it comes to a smartphone. The value of that real estate is unmentionable. It’s sky high and you always should have this in the back of your mind when it comes to writing your subject.

Take a look at the body of the email on your smartphone as well. It’s vital that all images and videos display properly. The reading experience on a smartphone should be seamless. A person shouldn’t feel at a disadvantage when using a smartphone to read your email. There was a time when mobile users weren’t paid attention to. Anyone who does this now is setting themselves up for failure. It couldn’t be any more plain and simple than that.

Final thoughts

Always stay focused on the email marketing best practices outlined above. It’s not rocket science. People make it far too complex than it needs to be. It’s just a matter of delivering what you promise to the end user. You don’t want to take advantage of them. Educate each person and you’ll be rewarded. All they want is something of value. That’s not much to give them at all. If you deliver value, then they’ll come through. Your ability to be able to know your subscriber will determine if you can turn a profit.

Don’t take short cuts. Work hard at building a quality list. There is no short cut to success. The road to financial freedom is paved with the failures of others. You don’t need to go into the poor house to make a good list. Just offer up something of value on the internet and back it up with the promise of something else. Deliver what you say you will. That’s email marketing in a nut shell. Don’t take advantage of people who have given you exactly what you want. Which is, their email address and time. Harness the power of email marketing by collecting as much information about your subscribers as possible. You’re going to want to go through that information with a fine tooth comb.

There are many online marketers who live and die by their email list. This is how important building a list is. Some people don’t even own a website. They may buy solo ads to get people to sign up. There is no dollar figure that can be placed on a good list. You’ll constantly reap the rewards of your hard work by building and maintain a good list.

Don’t skimp when it comes to who sends out your emails. Services that are cheap or free will always come at a cost. Invest your money wisely in a company that provides a good service. Prices start out as low ten dollars or less per month. This isn’t an area where you want to pinch pennies. Pay up now and build a quality list. It’s going to take some time before you reap the benefits of your list. When you do, that’s when paying a little in advance will pay off big time. There are some things you don’t want to scrimp on. Who sends out your emails is one of them. The wrong place won’t high delivery rate. They’ll end up right in the subscriber’s spam folder. People don’t check their spam folder. Any email that goes there is a waste of time.

Every day there are people making money off of their email list. This is one form of marketing that’s never ever going to go away. People always think that something is going to come along and replace email. Nothing has and nothing ever will. It’s still the best way to communicate with people all over the world. Those who don’t take advantage of this form of communication are the ones who lose out. It is by far the best way to connect with someone on a personal level and to deliver a product or service to them.

It should never enter your mind that an email list isn’t just addresses. These are actual people. When you approach each person as an individual it gives you an opportunity to build a relationship. When that relationship is built upon trust, anything is possible. The possibilities are truly limitless if you have a list of people who feel that they can trust you. First, you win them over with something free. Second, you offer them value. Third, you build their trust. Everything after that is all about delivering what you promised. If you can do that, then your bank account should have more money in it.