Webinars are great tools to help convert your subscribers to your clients. You can drive more sales for your product and service with webinar. You get to make direst contract with your subscriber and demo your product and service and how it will solve their problems,




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A webinar carries the excitement of a live event with the possibility of turning leads into sales. What happens if those leads don’t show up to your webinar? That’s exactly what we’re going to cover here. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that sometimes life gets in the way of things. People also forget they signed up to attend a webinar. Whatever the reason for failing to act, hopefully you’ll have more tools in your arsenal to turn those leads into paying customers.

Ask for Phone Number On Registration:

Every person who attends your webinar will have to register. There are always a limited amount of people who can attend. You also want to gather their information for later use as well. This is as good of a time to ask for the attendees name, email and their phone number.

This is one of those things that’s heavily debated. You don’t want to lose out on a potential sale over someone not feeling comfortable giving out their phone number. It’s your call whether or not you make them sign up with a phone number.

A little over half of the people will include their phone number even if it isn’t mandatory. You’ll have to run your own tests to see what percent of people are feeling comfortable enough to give away their phone number during the registration.

Regardless if you require a phone number or not to attend, make sure there is a place to collect it is on your form. Those phone numbers are invaluable and they’ll give you more avenues to convert people into customers. Not collecting phone numbers is a huge mistake.

The conversion of your subscribers seeing your message is higher than the email notification, cause more people check their messages more times in a day than their email.

Send Out Reminders Before the Webinar Begins:

You can use a service like Twilo to send out mass text messages to those who give you their phone number. You want to remind people that your webinar is about to begin. You don’t want to send the messages out five minutes before the live event goes down. The person needs enough time to get ready to attend. Who knows, maybe they need to grab a snack before hearing what you have to say.

Some people text an hour before and also fifteen minutes the event. They’ll send out two texts to make sure the person knows it’s about to happen. You’ll have to play with this a little and see how your audience reacts.

Everything in marketing is about split testing. This is no different. You’ll get a feel for what people find acceptable within your niche. There’s a fine line between a friendly reminder and being annoying. Trying to find where that line is can be difficult at first.

Offer An Alternative Date for Those Who Can’t Attend the Webinar:

Unexpected things have a way of happening at the very last minute. Everyone has a life outside of business. This is the truth that most people need to waken up to. Some people who joined won’t be able to attend at the specific time. There’s nothing wrong with that.

You should try to have more than one webinar. This will give people a chance to attend even if they can’t make it as they planned. Don’t get all bent out of shape if someone can’t attend. Just give them an alternative date. Getting angry with them will only cause you to lose a sale. Don’t take it personally that something came up. It may be hard to believe, but the birth of a child is more important than what you’re promoting. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

You can send the webinar recording via email once the webinar is done. That way people can catch up with what they have missed.

Also, you can use the recording to run automated webinar which will give the subscribers the opportunities to schedule a  specific time to watch the webinar, based on their availability.

Use Twilo and Front to Engage With those Who Didn’t Buy:

We aren’t going to go through how to set all of this up. Front has an API that you can use with Twilo. If you don’t know what any of this is, then you’re going to need help. That kind of help isn’t what we specialize in. You can talk to each company and they’ll point you to the appropriate people and resources. We’re marketing geeks, not tech guys. Those guys are a whole different breed all of their own.

There’s nothing wrong with following up and asking why someone didn’t buy. You can simply send them a text. Make it simple with the intent on making them react to it. The goal is to quickly build a relationship with the person who didn’t buy. You are more likely to sell to them by appealing to their human side.

Be polite and appeal to their curiosity. You don’t even need to tell them who you are right away. You can send them a text that basically just says hello or how are they doing. Make it personal and something they’ll respond to.

Some may look at this as an odd way of marketing. Trying to get the person to respond by sending them a text. Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box. Not everyone is going to respond to your texts.

Some will just think that someone is texting the wrong number. Everyone receives texts from people they don’t know. While some will respond wondering who you are. You don’t want to string them along. If they ask who you are, simply tell them. Ask them why they didn’t buy. Don’t jam a sales pitch down their throat. Just be laid back and talkative. Who knows, you may make a sale or a new friend.

Ringless Voicemail For Getting More Sales:

You know what it feels like to get bothered by a call with a salesperson on the other end. No one likes answering the phone to a sales pitch. Even having to look at the phone to determine who’s calling can be difficult in certain situations.

Everyone knows that one person who looks at their phone during meetings. There’s a ton of situations where just looking to see who’s calling is a hassle. Don’t put people through that. They will remember and you’ll always be associated with being an annoyance.

This is where ringless voicemail comes handy. You can leave them a voicemail without ever having to call them. They’ll only know after receiving the voicemail. This means you won’t annoy them with a call that’s out of place.

Try not to linger too long in the voice mail. Just be upbeat and ask them why they didn’t buy. You should also try to connect with them on a personal level.

Tell them that you’re just trying to get in touch. You haven’t heard from them for awhile. You can be both friendly and focused on sales at the same time.

Other Ninja Strategies:

It’s possible to text anyone who has shown an interest in your product or service that hasn’t bought anything yet. Actually, anyone collecting any information could technically send out texts. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for the average person.

The average site collecting emails shouldn’t send out texts. The visitor has shown an interest in your content, but don’t overdo it. Would you want to receive texts from every mailing list you’re on? No you wouldn’t. So, keep that in mind if you plan on texting people who fill out a phone number when subscribing to your list.

Sending texts to possible leads that haven’t turned into customers is only a good idea for businesses. The person has shown an interest in what you’re selling. It’s not like you’re totally cold texting them. You’re just trying to nudge them a little.

Don’t be spammy and force yourself onto them.

Be friendly and ask a question. Ask them why they haven’t turned into a customer. They might be on the fence and need a little nudge. That’s what this is all about. Just nudging them ever so gently into the right direction. You risk sounding desperate if the sales pitch is too strong.

A text or two isn’t a bad thing when it comes to figuring out why the lead hasn’t converted. Keep it at just one or two texts. Anything more and you’ll wear out your welcome.

The end user will regret the fact that they even signed up for more information. You’ll get a bad reputation and it’ll spread like wildfire on the internet. That’s how it always works. You can only squeeze a lemon so much before ending up with a handful of pulp.

Stay In Touch:

This isn’t a situation that needs to be over complicated. You’re just trying to stay in touch with people who shown an interest in your webinar. Remind them before it starts with a text message. They may have signed up days or even weeks in advance.

Also you can send them email reminder to let them know when webinar will happen, so they can be prepared as well.

It’s easy to forget about stuff like this if you have a lot on your plate. A friendly reminder is called for in a situation like this. Set up an alternative date for those who can’t attend for whatever reason.

Reach out to your attendees who don’t convert. Do so in a friendly manner. Being overly pushy will make you sound desperate. You’ll push them away and they’ll go elsewhere.

You can send them follow up email and text messages after the webinar is done. Understand that life happens to people, so if you reach to people respectfully, they will respond to your message.

No one likes to feel like they’re being forced to buy something. This is the worst feeling in the world. Pouring it on too thick will result in fewer sales. Worse yet, the word will get out that you’re way too pushy. Never be afraid to ask people why they aren’t buying. Their honest answers will help you convert future leads into sales.

This technique can be done with limited success for those who aren’t in the webinar business. You can collect personal information in the form of a lead and text them if they don’t convert. Again, just don’t overdo it. Just be friendly and try to shove them in the right direction. If it requires more than a little shove, the person isn’t on the fence. It’s best to sway them using other means if that’s the case.

Not all leads turn into sales. There’s always a handful of people who just want to look. Those people aren’t a lost cause. They could always refer others. Who knows, they still might buy down the line. Always make the most out of any line of communication available. The human aspect of business is what people tend to overlook. We’re all social creatures who like to talk to one another. Connecting with your leads plays on that. It enables you to build relationships that will hopefully result in sales.