There are over two million blog posts, if not more from how old the statistics WordPress put out are, are published every single day on WordPress, one of the top blogging platforms today. What this means is your one post is competing on that platform with over two million other posts, at least.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

A normal reaction to this would be to make as many blog posts as possible to saturate the system with your posts, but you do not have to do that. After all, who has the time or energy to do that? No, what we all need to do is get more traffic on our posts while blogging less.

Quality Over Quantity:

The key to this is always going to be quality. No matter how many posts you put out, if they aren’t quality posts they are going to be disregarded for your competitors’ posts.

The very first thing you need to do is check out the most popular content posted by your competitors. Read up on what it’s about, get acquainted with the material, get to brainstorming what they missed out on telling. Then, post something similar – but better! Your post will have higher quality and get more traffic.

A tip: use BuzzSumo to check what your real competitors are and vie to outrank these competitors. BuzzSumo is going to give you the best out there and show you what works, which lets you create this in-depth content on a basis of what already works. Best of all? People are less likely to copy you because it’s such a quality post and they’re too lazy or it’s too expensive to do so, leave you at the top.

The reason for this is that if you write an in-depth article, or a quality article, people won’t be able to ignore it. Having quality means they won’t ignore you, which gets you and your blog more attention, more traffic, and leads to more revenue.

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Promote, Promote, Promote:

Now that you have a quality post, spend eighty percent of your time promoting your article. So, if you spent two hours writing this article, you should spend at least eight hours promoting it and getting it out there and using your resource to advertise it.

Reach out to everyone who linked your competition and ask them to link your content. Go to your network and get the article out there with every space you use. Ask every person you may have featured in your post and ask your competitors even. The worst thing that can happen is someone says no, but if they say yes you get a lot more traffic with just one question.

Now, most people think that people will just ignore you if you ask them to do this, but the thing is: this is because most content isn’t good. Why would they bother sharing it if they already shared a post with the same content that isn’t lesser than what you’re offering? If you already did the first step and took the time to focus on quality, they’re going to say yes because you’ll be offering a better article.

Then, by spending the most of your time promoting, you’ll also be getting the most possible traffic because your time will be spent on getting your work out there as opposed to wasting time creating work that isn’t going to be seen.

Be Patient:

Remember that you are not entitled to traffic early on. If you’ve only been blogging for three months or even six months you are still a beginner in the blogging business, and you need to remove this expectation of traffic from your mind completely.

The thing is, at this point you won’t really know anyone. Blogging is all about networking because networking is how you’re going to get a lot of your traffic, from shares and views based on who shared your content.

If you’re just beginning, build relationships, allow for a lot of give on your side while networking, and promote as much as possible, sometimes even more than that eighty percent and even upwards of even ninety percent if it’s needed. Be prepared to not only immediately get results but also to put in work building relationships before you see results.

Don’t forget when you’re asking all your Facebook and Twitter friends to share your content to take care of your relationships. Ask them if you can do anything for them. Reciprocate the help they’re giving you. This is going to keep the relationships you have strong and keep allowing you to have those relationships to utilize in the future.

Then, with people you don’t know but know are bigger, reach out with a purpose if you’re just starting out. If you know that person is interested in something, reach out to them about that. Check your resources and see if you maybe have any valuable information to offer them or a valuable connection you can make for them. There’s nothing in it for you to help them at that point, but it could build a relationship that you could utilize later and would be worth creating in the long run.

More Traffic, Less Work:

In the end, taking the time to write more quality content over writing a ton of lesser articles is going to save you time, energy, effort, and work. The bottom line is that if no one reads your content, it isn’t going to rank. This is why promoting will always be more important for your time, and it’s easier to promote one article at a time than it is to promote ten all at once. This is going to give you the best and fastest results, even if those results aren’t overnight.

Just remember to focus on quality, work your resources to promote the article you created, and be patient while just starting out and you are sure to succeed. You’ll be putting in blogging less but getting more results, which will allow you more time to work less.