In the age of content marketing, less has never been more. It doesn’t help that marketing gurus encourage content creator to post new content constantly.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

While there is some legitimacy to their recommendations, there comes a moment that you should unavoidably ask – Is everything excessive? Is making the majority of this content truly doing any thing good for my website? Should I slow down a little bit?

The answer is YES! Slowing down will save you sanity and will help you to grow exponentially.

Nonetheless, making a huge amount of new content when your old content is dying, will bring disappointment, and will not propel your business.

But should you consider deleting your content, to make space for the new content?

The answer is yes, BUT you can’t just slaughter your site all the sudden. it might be a great opportunity to consolidate and prune your content.

Rather than stuffing your site with repetitive content, you need to find what is valuable to your readers. They need to see something new and valuable, something that makes them say “yes! that’s what I was looking for”.

That’s the GOAL you should have for your website. The number of article does not matter if the reader does not find your articles helpful.

Why Should You Think About Content Consolidation:

In the current day and age there is rise of competition online. People’s attention length is getting shorter and shorter day by day. So if you can’t grove the attention of the reader with a short period of time, you will not be able to keep people interested to coming back to your blog to read your article over and over. Also, that will help your competition to rise on the top since you are losing you audiences over poor content.

Your website article describes what the website is all about. Content is the best way to promote your website and let your audience know why they should consider coming back. Also, having content that goes in depth on a topic or subject comparing to your rivals, makes google to love your website over your rivals.

When people search for something give them in depth explanation on the topic rather than making them read 5 different article on the same topic. But you might be asking isn’t writing multiple article is a better idea for my site so I can rank for different keywords.

Yes, that is true, but also having a lot of content with least quality will harm your site and will increase the bounce rate. Rather that creating a mountain of content, you should focus on the creating detailed in depth articles, that could be ranking for various keywords within the same article.

In a time comes when you run out of topic and your content gets old and outdated. When people stop searching and reading those content, google starts dropping your site traffic like hell. So if you build a mountain of outdated content, your site will get hurt by google extremely fast.

When Should You Consider Consolidating Your Articles:

Do you have a blog that has been around for a longtime? You may have found out that tons of your content is outdated or old and people may not find it all that relevant. For these reasons and considering the daunting processes involved in writing an amazing content, you may end up saying you’re going to delete it or may decide to keep them as is and you change nothing.

In that case you should find similar type of content you written before and glue them together to create one updated article that you will provide in depth knowledge to your readers. Now whats the process of consolidating your content the easiest way?

Lets say you have multiple blogs in the same topic, for example:

  • The beginner guide to SEO
  • The ultimate guide to SEO
  • The end all be all your guide to SEO

You may still have them pretty much on different pages and you want to combine them because Google wants to know which one to rank first for the term SEO.

The main reason why people are considering consolidating their content is that if you’re thinking from search engine perspective, honestly, they want to eliminate repetitions. Google don’t want to repeat the same thing over and over.

For better user experience, it’s ideal you make it simple for people and search engine.

When you prune content in most cases you’re going to experience a decrease in traffic from doing this, it doesn’t matter if you have old or outdated content. Yes removing it does provide a better experience but what you will find out that less content typically means less traffic.

There exist a lot of case studies on the internet testifying how they prune content will get you more traffic. But what they wouldn’t tell you is how they go about consolidating it. The best way is finding the outdated content from your blog and gather them together and create a longer post blog article. You can delete the other articles, that does not do any good, or does not comply with what’s new now a days.

Be guided, If you have tons of contents that have 700 words or 1000 words and it’s still saying enough but is old and outdated, sure removing it provides a great user experience but in general when you remove it your traffic will exponentially drop.

But keep in mind that google is all about customer experience. So if you remove some content but consolidating some article and writing better quality content will make your audience experience better.

Now I will share with you what you should do instead when you have a lot of content in your site.

How To Create Content that Will Skyrocket Your Traffic:

Just scroll through your website and look through the pages that are not getting traffic at all, those are the ones where you should consider consolidating. However, the ones getting at least some traffic and doing pretty well on your website what happens is that you might go ahead and keep them.

Ideally, you should simply put the content you want to cut or consolidate on a spreadsheet and then take action on it because if you don’t organize and align the content you may end up not following the plan. More so, this is an exercise you do in a six-month interval or every year is just depending on the volume of contents that you’re putting out there. By so doing you’re taking your content marketing to another level.

I recommend you go to Google and look at you’re top content you scroll all the way down to the last page you can see all the content that’s not driving that much traffic. Now, you have a rough idea of all the pages that are underperforming but, instead of just cutting them as most people do you find that you will just typically lose more traffic than what Google Analytic is showing the main reason being is when you cut a lot of those pages, these pages you cut may have internal links going to other pages so by just cutting them you just find out that your overall page ranking will exponentially decrease.

So, what I recommend you do is take the bottom page contents those ones that are not just doing so well, go and see if you can make them better. That way people who will visit your site will stay longer and google will give you a lot more love since your audience is staying on your site a lot longer.

What Do I Do With Interlinking Within My Article:

If you are scared that deleting content harm your interlinking within your website content, well you can redirect them. You can hire a developer in site like fiverr, freelancer or upwork and they will take care of those for you. They can simply redirect those link to another page or a custom page within your blog. That way you blog will not going to get hurt since the audience won’t be disappointed.

Screaming frog will show you how many other pages that are linking within your website, after all, there may not be a lot of linking going through that page even as the content is amazing it will not do so well. So make sure you’re cross-linking your content together. That alone boosts your overall ranking of all your pages.

Consolidating a series of posts into a singular page can have serious impacts in rankings and user experience. The initial phase to this process is to pick the fortunate page that gets the chance to get ranking, and possibly content, from other pages. Typically this is the best performing URL in the set, yet could likewise be a totally new URL that gets organized more like a landing page without dates and unnecessary envelopes.

Final Words:

Finally I want to tell you, don’t keep junk in your website. You will hurt the ranking of your site and will kill the site overtime. Find the pages that are not ranking anymore. Cut those post and consolidate the one that will bring you more traffic.

Understand this, google don’t care about the amount of article, it cares about the quality of content that you provide to your readers. If the readers get more value out of your content, google will rank you higher.