If you want to sell in Amazon and want to make money long term you need to create an optimize listing for your Amazon FBA Product. It is super important for you to keep in mind that, the organic sale in Amazon is much very important if you want to make money long term.




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If you want to cut down your ads expense and want to make money in Amazon for a very long time you need to create a rich listing that will could be found while someone is looking for the product you sell. The only way you could be found out of thousands of products in Amazon is creating product listing that includes all the top searched keywords that is your potential customer is looking for.

In this article I will go over the steps that you need to be aware of when it comes to researching your competition and build an optimized listing. Also, I will include a step by step video tutorial that will show you exactly how I go about listing my product in Amazon FBA so you can do the same for your listing.

Understanding the Purpose of Keywords:

Let’s start this off by understanding the purpose of keywords. Your title will be descriptive and full of keywords. Think of keywords as words that you’re targeting to be displayed in search results. Keywords and phrases that customers type in while searching for products.

For example, blue jeans are a keyword or phrase. The average person doesn’t type in complex phrases when searching for things. They only do this when the first few pages don’t display the desired results.

When this happens, the person will be more specific. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any need to focus on more broad keywords. This can be done as well and we’ll show you how to do it.

Finding the Right Keywords:

Too many people rely solely on tools to spit out keywords. This is a mistake because they may not be 100% accurate. What you want to do instead is, visit all of the listings on the first page for your search term. Pay close attention to all of the keywords they’re using. You want to make a list of all of the keywords they’re using that also describe your product. You will be able to tell what their keywords are because each of them will reflect the item. For example, designer blue jeans may be one the seller is using. They keywords will pop right out after you get the hang of what you’re looking for.

The best way to find the right keywords is by searching for the main keywords for the product you want to sell, for example Garlic Press. Once you search for the Keyword look closely for the top 5 product that comes from your organic search. Those are example of listing that is hot and works for your searched keywords.

You need to follow their footstep and model their title and the keywords within the bullet point of the listing. Find out what are the top phrases they used within their listing, that is related to the product feature and use them within your listing as well.

How to Create Titles that Result in Clicks:

Keywords are important because they tell Amazon’s search engine what to display. Now that you’re ranking for the terms, you’ve got to get clicks. Your title needs to be descriptive, without coming across as spammy. Click bait has a negative reputation online.

There’s a fine line between over-promising and letting the customer know what you’re selling. Make sure that in the first few words your keywords are prominent. You want the visitor to know right away what the item is about.

You can be more liberal with your description after a handful of words. The main goal here is to be as descriptive as possible on the front end of the description. Towards the end, there’s plenty of room for everything else.

Search Results are Primarily Based on Titles:

This is the reason why people tend to be spammy when creating titles. They stuff as many keywords in there as possible. Just make sure that your titles flow. You don’t want them to be clunky or look unprofessional. It is important that you realize the search results are directly influenced by titles. The exact percentage is unknown to be honest. Though, the body of the listing plays a small role in Amazon search rankings. It’s far better to put most of your optimization skills in making better titles than focusing on the description for this purpose.

Make sure you have all the necessary keywords in the title. Make sure you have the right keywords and add phrases that your customers might be searching for. It is essential for you to add the main keywords that describes the product in a simple blurb when people sees your product title. 

How to Write the Perfect Description:

Titles are important to rank and to get people to click. Your description is what will sell the item. It will along with your pictures. You should look at the descriptions of your competition’s listings and see how you can improve on them. You also want to make sure that you cover the important points as they do. Your description should be descriptive with as little fluff as possible. The person has already clicked on your listing. There’s no reason to go overboard and be too flashy. Just keep everything simple and to the point.

Bullet points are a great way to convey the important things that need to be covered. Keep it short and sweet. This is the condensed version of your product description. The reader should know everything about your item just by reading them. Tell the visitor exactly what they are buying. You can be far more descriptive and add a little fluff in the text below.

The perfect description is one that quickly and easily answers any questions the potential buyer has. It should be brief and not sales text. You’re not trying to force a sales pitch down their throat. You’re simply trying to describe the item to the best of your ability.

Use bullet points to hit home the important details that need to be covered. Use the body of the description to go into more detail without being flashy or boring.

Where to find UPC Codes:

Some people freeze up immediately when they realize their items need UPC codes. Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult to get these precious codes. You can easily buy them on eBay. Just type in UPC code and choose the seller with the most feedback.

You’ll see quite a few sellers with UPC codes. Don’t worry shipping or any of that. The UPC codes will be emailed to you. They’re just files and there’s nothing at all to send to your house or anything like that.

Finding the Right Search Term:

The entire process of creating your listing on Amazon is pretty straight forward. The first thing you’ll do is choose the categories. Your product ID is the UPC code that you bought at eBay. Just follow the directions and everything will be fine. For your keywords, you’ll want to use a service called MerchantWords.

They are cheap and works great to spit out keywords thats amazon customers are searching for. Search by the key term of the product that you want to sell in Amazon FBA and you will find a tons of product related keyword search term ideas that you can include on your product listing.

These search terms helps Amazon customers to find your product. The product search engine takes the search terms and makes the recommendation to your potential customers in Amazon about your product. That’s how you can get supplemental sale in Amazon.

The Importance of Professionally Taken Pictures:

Today everyone has a smartphone that takes reasonably nice pictures. Some people may think this is enough when it comes to their Amazon pictures. It isn’t. You’re going to want to pay someone to take pictures for you. It isn’t as costly as you may think. In the end, it’ll cost you much more to not have your pictures professionally done.

People will judge the quality of your item based on the pictures they see. There is no other way for a customer to know what they’re going to buy. You know what they say about pictures. Well, they very well may be worth thousands of dollars as well.

You will lose sales if your pictures aren’t of good quality. You know for a fact that pictures play a big part of your purchases. Everyone is the same in that they immediately judge a product on the pictures presented to them. A good photographer will also be able to use Photoshop and other photo editing tools. Even the smallest lighting touch up can make a huge difference. Pay attention to the pictures you see on Amazon the next time you’re there. You’ll notice that some are definitely better than others.

How to Find a Photographer for Your Pictures:

Both Fiverr and UpWork have professional photographers who can take pictures for you. It’s probably best to use UpWork. Don’t pay attention to their hourly price. It’s probably going to cost around a hundred dollars or so to have your pictures taken. Keep in mind these are professional quality photographs. The cost isn’t that high considering the importance of a good quality picture. Discuss the price and time it will take before placing an order.

You will have to send your product to the photographer so they can take pictures of it. Keep this in mind when you’re going through this entire process. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of time to do everything without being rushed. You don’t need to overnight your pictures or products. Just understand that this is part of the process and it takes time. Acknowledging that will help you plan the entire process from start to finish.

You’re Well on Your Way to Selling Your Product:

At this point there’s not much more to do. You’ve already done most of the work. There’s just a few more things to do before your listing will be live. Don’t by shy about pausing for a brief moment and patting yourself on the back. How did you do so far? Were there any unexpected hitches along the way? There will be and this is normal. You’ve made it to this point and you deserve credit for that. It won’t be long until you’re working on advertising and watching the sales roll in. That’s when you’ll be able to celebrate big time. It’s then that you will fully understand the rewards for all the effort you put into this.