Now you have a product in mind that you want to sell in Amazon, the next phase is to find a seller. There are several different sites where you can buy from sellers in China. Those sites are Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHGate, Bangoods, and Wholesale Central. Alibaba is by far the most popular and it’s probably where you should buy your first items as a beginner. They offer a great program where you can get your items risk free. We’ll talk about that a little later.




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The two you will use more than the others is Alibaba and Aliexpress. Wholesale Central is another where you can dabble around. These three are by far the most popular. Don’t let that stop you from getting familiar with the others.

Networking and knowing what’s available is a very important part of business. Your search for quality products will never end. You will have a constant need for a new source of items to sell. Every seller should be aware of the fact that trends do exist in the world of online shopping. Not only that, but competition does as well. You may end up facing stiff competition down the road that drives you to sell another item.

In this article, I will show you how you can safely buy products from china safely without getting scammed by anyone. I will use the palform AliBaba since I buy all my product in wholesale from china through Alibaba.

Only Buy From Sellers Who Complies With Trade Assurance:

The first and most important advice I can give you is –  when buying from AliBaba, find sellers who complies with Trade Assurance. You only want to buy from sellers who are enrolled in the Trade Assurance program. This can’t be stressed enough. This is a program that protects you the buyer. It’s so much easier to get your money back from a seller who is a part of this program.

It’s taking a shot in the dark if you buy from other people but you’ve got to protect yourself. Not doing so is a big time mistake. This is a no brainer situation where you can easily make the right decision. You will come across a defective product at some point when buying anything from China no matter which platform you use.

When you buy from sellers who complies with Trade Assurance Alibaba gives you 14 days money back Guarantee, after you receive the product on your hand. In case of defective, damaged products, Alibaba will work with the sellers to get you the refund that you need.

I know this pretty well cause my first order was full of damaged goods, but I was protected my Alibaba and they worked with me to get all my money back for the damaged items. I got $1696  out of $1800+ I paid for the first order.

Don’t Deal With Middlemen:

This is something that should be discussed a little more in detail. There are a lot of fast talking people on the internet. Alibaba is no different in that regard. You want to avoid middlemen at all costs.

Not only will you end up paying more, but it’ll create so many headaches. It’s important that you keep in mind who a middleman is. Just like the name says, they’re in the middle. They are in between you and the seller. Don’t confuse their fast talk with them having the ability to get you a better deal. It’s not going to happen.

We will tell you in the next section how to avoid middlemen all together. It’s vital that you understand that these guys really don’t serve a purpose when it comes to sourcing your products. They only get in the way between you and the manufacturer.

There is no good reason why you should pay someone to be a go between in the deal. It’s only background static and it can cause you big time problems if there’s a defect in your product.

You will have to deal with the middleman and they’ll have to get a new product from the factory. This will take time and your money is still tied up in the product. Time is money and it will dig into your profits if you’re not careful.

Find a Supplier that’s Manufacturer:

It will be listed in their company profile if they are in fact the manufacturer. It’s best to open up several different suppliers in tabs when searching for a manufacturer. You’ll end up going through quite a few listings before coming up with enough to get samples from. Dealing directly with the manufacturer will cut down on production time and cost. You will be buying directly from the factory and not someone who’s in the middle of the whole process.

It may sound difficult for the average person to find factories to make items for them. Don’t let this get in your way. Many people end up going with a middleman for this exact reason.

Manufacturing in China is much different than what most people think it is. You can actually talk directly to factories. They have English speaking people who work for them. You can even talk to them using Skype.

In fact, you probably should talk to them using some type of voice messenger. Skype is by far the messenger of choice and it doesn’t cost you a single cent to talk with someone all the way over in China.

Don’t Worry if They Don’t Make Exactly Like What You Want:

It doesn’t matter if they make the exact item you’re looking for. It just has to generally look similar. You are probably not going to find someone showing something that looks 100% exactly like what you’re looking for.

With that said, you don’t want it to be vastly different either. You don’t want to ask a company that makes bedsheets if they’ll make dresses. Use a little common sense when approaching manufacturers and you’ll have better results in the long time.

Ask Them to Make Sample Based on the Pictures You Provide:

Your sample won’t be something that has been sitting around in a warehouse. This is a common misconception that quite a few new sellers make. Your sample should be based on the pictures that you give them.

Yes, they really will make a sample just for you. That may sound kind of far fetched to some of you out there.

It’s true, these manufacturers are really willing to bend over backwards to get you to be a customer. This is why it’s possible to have new and unique products to sell on Amazon. If everyone was selling the same exact items, then Amazon wouldn’t be the vast marketplace that it is.

You should email ten or so manufacturers asking about obtaining a sample. You’ll probably receive three to four responses within the next 24 hours. You’ll want to get a sample from each of them.

It would be a big mistake to only get a sample from one of them. You’re trying to get the best product possible to sell on Amazon. Shopping around and getting a few samples will help you do that. Don’t settle for just the first person who replies back to your email. Not all factories are the same and some do produce better products than others. This is why you need several samples to be able to chose the best one.

Price, Payment, and Delivery time:

All three of these things are important when it comes to getting your first sample. Include this information in your email. Almost everyone will take the same forms of payment. The prices may very from seller to seller. Though, they tend to be within the same ballpark. Delivery time is what you want to pay close attention to.

How fast can they deliver your sample to you? This may seem like a minor detail in the beginning. It’s actually very important and it will give you an idea of the turn around time later on. You need to know when you’ll have your items in hand down the line. If the wait is too long, then that becomes a big problem. The early bird gets the worm and you really want to deal with sellers who have the ability to deliver a product in a timely manner.

No One of This is as Difficult as It Sounds:

It really isn’t. You will get this down to the point where it happens automatically. After you’ve sold a few items it’ll be a piece of cake. The only real trap here is falling for a middleman. It will seem like they offer an easy way out. That never turns out good. You should learn the entire process of sourcing your items and getting a sample. Being able to do this yourself without the help of anyone else will play a big role in your future success. It’s not just because you’ll save money and have a direct line of communication with the seller. You’ll begin to gain confidence in yourself. Quite a bit of being successful is being confident in yourself. This is true regardless if you’re selling on Amazon or any other business venture.

Never settle for anything less than ideal. Don’t buy from a seller if their sample isn’t good. If all of your samples fail, then go back to the drawing board. This shouldn’t happen. The product you choose has to be good. If it isn’t, then you will not achieve any level of success. Always remember that Amazon buyers have the ability to leave feedback for their items. The public will know if you sell a second rate product. They’ll be able to read it right there in the reviews.

You will want to keep your sample products on hand. Don’t throw them away or give them to others as a gift. Your samples will be what you use to make pictures to sell on Amazon. You’ll send those off to a photographer for them to take pictures while your product is being made. So, keep the samples in a safe place. This way you can use them later without having to wait for your product to arrive to have pictures taken.