If you’re looking for an excellent platform where you can show off your brand’s products or services, Pinterest can also be a great choice. Especially if you know how to optimize Pinterest marketing strategies.

Lucky for you because we are about to tell you how exactly you can optimize your Pinterest marketing strategies.




Optimize your Pinterest Profile

The first thing that you need to consider when doing pinterest marketing is making sure that you optimize your profile by completing it.

To complete your profile on Pinterest, don’t skip writing a description of your business. Take advantage of putting keywords on the description to boost the visibility of your profile to your target audience.

The profile picture is important for navigating social media accounts, so try to upload a photo or logo that truly represents your brand.

And speaking of the photo, your cover photo also plays a big part in your profile as it is the first thing that users see when they visit your profile. So, like your profile picture, you should keep an eye on your cover photo– choose an interesting and high-quality one.

Start Pinning on Your Boards

Pinterest is all about pinning. So, once you’re done optimizing your profile, you should start pinning on your created Pinterest boards. However, you should remember to only pin topics that are relevant to your business and your target audience.

Start Following Others Most Especially Your Competitors

When you start creating your social media business accounts, it is obvious that you’ll start with few followers. However, one of the ways that you can do on Pinterest to increase followers is by simply following others. When you follow others and pin their contents, there is a tendency that they will follow you back.

Moreover, following your competitors as well is a wise move as you can study how they are doing on the platform, learn from them, and eventually outsmart them.

Engage with Your Audience

Well, this one is also true for all social media marketing strategies, not just on Pinterest. You need to engage with your audience because it will help you build rapport and trust so that your profile will increase its authority.

Moreover, engaging with your audience will encourage other people to follow you as well. You can engage with your audience on Pinterest by simply direct messaging those who like and pinned your posts to extend your appreciation.

Join Community Boards

Pinterest allows users to create community boards wherein the board is created by a single person, and that person can invite other users to post content on that particular board.

By joining community boards that are relevant to your business niche, you’ll have a wider reach of your target audience. It is also another opportunity to look for great posts to pin on your boards.

Moreover, you can also create community boards where you can invite other people to join and collaborate. In that way, you’ll encourage more people to engage and trust your brand.

Leverage Pinterest Analytics

Another important Pinterest Marketing strategy is monitoring your progress because you must know if you’re walking on the right path.

You can use Pinterest’s own analytics to get an insight into the performance of your Pinterest business profile. It will help you know your mistakes and eventually fix them with a new strategy.

Do Blog Post Sharing

Pinterest is a great place to show off visual content, and usually, infographics are the best way to put it. You can create infographics from interesting blog posts that you wrote or from others which you should not forget to give credits.

Learn the Importance of Image Quality

Mostly, social media platforms require more visual content, especially on Pinterest. So, you should post highly engaging visuals like unique and creative images that will grab people’s attention.

Although you have to always consider the quality of the image that you are posting because the higher the quality, the higher chance that people will like and share your pins.

Optimize Keywords on Your Descriptions

We all know that keywords are powerful tools to boost the visibility and reach of a post, so including relevant keywords in the description of each of your posts is essential.

In that way, the right people can easily find your posts when they search for matching keywords on the platform.

Regulate Your Pinning

Like any other social site, Pinterest also requires you to pin regularly. It is one way of telling the platform that your business profile is active and reliable.

Moreover, if you pin consistently, you will maximize the exposure of your brand and eventually attract customers. Use scheduling tools to make it easier to schedule posts and to ensure that you’re pinning regularly.

Promote Your Pinterest Profile on Other Platforms

If you’re just starting out on Pinterest, leveraging other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok will do the trick.

Promoting your pins on various social sites and even on your website will bring you more audience and boost Pinterest traffic.

On the other hand, you can also promote on Pinterest your contents on other platforms so that you’ll increase traffic not only on Pinterest but on your other social media business profiles.

Avoid Just Pinning Your Own Content

Pinning your own content helps increase your brand’s exposure, but it does not always work that way. Instead, try to pin other contents that are related to your brand or your niche so that you regularly have something new to offer to your audience.

Avoid Inconsistency

You need to be consistent when it comes to offering your audience fresh and new content. So, try to pin regularly. Although you need to remember that pinning high-quality and relevant content is always the priority, not the number of posts each day.

Make sure that You Add the ‘Pin it’ Button

How can your audience share and engage with your content if there are no buttons, to begin with? This is an obvious one, but sometimes others still forget to include these social share buttons on Pinterest.

Always include the ‘pin it’ button to your site so that people can share your content and reach more audiences.

Use Hashtags Moderately

Unlike Twitter and Instagram, using Hashtags on Pinterest is effective when you use them moderately.

You can include hashtags on your pin description to make it visible to your target audience, but they need to be relevant to get the result that you want.


Pinterest is not the typical social media platform because its focus is more on creating and sharing pins for each other.

Moreover, competitions on this site are more like a friendly one because you got to share your competitors’ pins while gaining something from it and even the other way around.