If you are currently selling on Amazon FBA and want to make a lot of money, there is no other choice but to rank your product in the first page of Amazon for your related niche. The only way you can make a lot of money an skyrocket your business successfully is by making sure your majority sells comes from the organic traffic. I order to make that happen you need to rank your product in the first page of Amazon, so that when people searches to buy the product you selling, they see’s it in the first page of Amazon.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

Research shows that 95% of the customer who comes to amazon makes their buying decision between 1 to 3. More than 80% of the customer makes their buying decision from the first page of amazon after they search and looks for a product. So it’s vital for you to know the methods and techniques that will help you rank your product fast on the first page of Amazon.

Do you know about Amazon Best seller ranking? If you start selling on Amazon you might have heard about it? Amazon Best Sellers is the gallery of all the top selling product in Amazon from every category there is in Amazon. These product has all the vital stats that you wished you have had in your product. You should always pay close attention to the numbers that belongs to these listing.

Those numbers may have seemed like gibberish up until this point but they won’t after you read this article. The average consumer probably overlooks this small tidbit of information. It really doesn’t mean all that much to them. To a Amazon seller, this information is a small nugget of gold.

Why Should You Pay Close Attention to Best Seller Rankings?

Often times the difference between success and failure is the amount of information a person has. It’s not just the amount of information that you have access to. Success often boils down to how you interpret that information. You need to take information and make it into actionable intelligence. That sounds extremely confusing. It shouldn’t be. You do this all the time without ever being aware of it.

If you are searching for successful product to model after, then you should pay close attention to the listing in Amazon Best Seller, because it highlights all the successful product in Amazon Catalog. These product has all the ranking factors that made them part of the best of the best in Amazon. These product surely makes a lot of money, but what goes behind their success is much more important to take note of.

These best sellers has insane profit margin, but what made that happen, should be where you should put focus in. They are in the getting highlighted by amazon because they are doing everything right that Amazon is looking for. And In returns amazon is highlighting their product in front of million of potential customer, because Amazon knows these product has the best chance to get a sale. Also, every time these products gets a sale amazon also makes money.

So if you have not took a close look at Amazon Best Seller list, you should do it asap. You will discover hidden gems by studying this list.

Factors that Amazon Uses to Rank Products:

There are couple main factors that Amazon uses to calculate Best Seller Rankings. The first is the most obvious. They calculate how many sales an item is currently getting. This is why you see a fluctuation in the rankings.

It would be rare for an item to sell the exact amount each and every hour. Amazon calculates this information on an hourly basis. No one knows for sure exactly how much time is involved or the exact criteria in place when determining rankings. It would appear that current sales are one of the main factors.

You can use tools like Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to determine the estimated monthly sale of certain product from any given category in Amazon . It’s super simple and beginner friendly. Also, Quiet cost effective as well.

You can spy on your competition using this tool, which is what I do, in order to stay ahead of my competition.  I personally like to hack into my users data and follow their  strategies that can help me to boost my business.

The second other factor Amazon takes into consideration in rankings is historical data. This simply means that they look back at the total sales that an item has. This too plays a role in determining what the current ranking is.

This is used as a way of putting things into perspective. If it were solely based on current sales, it would more than likely be useless tool in determining the overall amount of sales an item gets.

The third thing Amazon looks at is Product Reviews and seller reviews. Amazon feeds off from the customers feedback. Amazon is also known for the most customer centric e-commerce platform of the world. They immensely care about their customer and look to provide the best customer service. So buyers feedback is super crucial for ranking product in Amazon.

The fourth factor that affects you amazon ranking is, your communication quality with your customer. It’s important for amazon to make sure that the customer gets answer for your inquiries fast. Amazon evaluates your performance based on you communication and relationship with customers.

Fifth and last thing that amazon considers to rank a product is your amazon performance matrics. Amazon looks at the total defect rate of a product, shipping time (If you are fulfilling the product yourself), and product refund frequency.

How You Can Rank Your Product Fast In Amazon:

Skyrocketing Amazon FBA Product Sales:

Now that you know the factors that goes behind ranking the products in Amazon let’s look at how you can each one these to skyrocket your listing and rank your product in the first page of Amazon. First you need to focus on sales, both advertised and organic sales. 

You have to master the art of running paid ads which will give your listing extra boost and will help you to index your product in Amazon fast. You can also run coupons and promotions in Amazon which also can increase your sales in Amazon while you running paid ads.

To increase the organic sale you have to make sure that you listing is optimized with all the top and most searched keywords for your product. Study the top 5 product in your niche which appears organically and you will be able to discover all the top keywords that your competition is ranking for and use them on your listing. Make sure your description and the the product title high lights the top features of the product that you are selling.

Keep Historical Data Consistent:

Your historical data highlights most of your sales record and your selling trends for the product that you are selling. As long as you sales are consistent you don’t have to do much about your historical data.

Increase the Seller and Product Review:

As you are getting more and more sales you should be focusing on increasing you reviews. Easiest way to do that is, do a product launch on platform like JumpSend, where the community will be able to buy and review your product for free.

What I personally do, is following up with customer after the product purchase. You can use tools and software like Salesbacker to automate the follow up sequence after getting a sale. I do a three email follow up with my customer and politely ask them for feedback for my product and seller review. Using this software quadrupled my product reviews. The best part is, you can see all the the stats of from the salesbacker’s dashboard and make tweaks on your follow ups if needed.

Maintain Top Notch Communication:

When customer want to connect with you, ask for refund, or ask a question be active and follow up with customer right away. Be polite and always know that customer is right. Try to build a great relationship with them and reply them asap. Amazon give you a 24 hours window to connect and reply to any customer who asked a question. Make sure you follow up with them and take of them with the best of your ability.

Maintain Top Notch Performance for Your Account:

This is extremely crucial for you if you want to win buy box and keep making consistent sales with Amazon FBA. You need to maintain top Performance Score for your account. What that mean is make sure you send the product on time if you are shipping the product yourself, keep the defect rate low for your product and inventory and keep the communication matrix top notch. Don’t get penalized by amazon, because you will crushed pretty bad if you do.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to rank for the product in amazon in no time. Remember there is no difference you should have if you are serving your customer online or offline. You need to treat them well and always sell products that you would use yourself.

A Closer Look at Why Your Best Seller Rank Isn’t Skyrocketing:

Let’s assume for a minute you have an item that’s selling well. You’re buying advertising for your item. Maybe you’ve been selling this item for a few months. You might be new to Amazon FBA and still learning how all of this stuff works. Even though you’re selling quite a few items, your Seller Rank isn’t shooting up like you would expect. Why is that? This can be very frustrating to someone who’s putting in a lot of time, effort, and money into making their listing successful.

The reason your improvement in the rankings appear to be tepid now is because of your item’s lack of past sales. Remember, historical data is important when Amazon comes up with these figures. You may be making sales today or within the past week, but Amazon is looking at the big picture. You’re still seeing an increase in the number ranking. It’s just not happening as fast as you’d like it to.

Keep up your advertising as long as it’s profitable. You should also begin to see an increase in organic sales as well. It will take time for your ranking to significantly jump up.

There is no way to make it skyrocket overnight. If it were possible, everyone would be trying to game the system. This is why they factor in past sales when calculating this number. It provides an accurate number that sellers can use to determine if an item is worth selling.

Don’t worry if your Seller Rank isn’t great.

Customers more than likely have no idea what this number means. You should only worry about your number is if it’s not going up and you’re making a big effort to get sales. If it isn’t going up, then you need to figure out why that is. The bigger problem is a lack of sales. If the number isn’t moving or is going in the wrong direction, then it’s an indication you’re doing something wrong. If your item is new and your number is less than ideal, just give it time. You’ll notice that it will climb and so will your profits as well.

Always optimize your listing and try to skyrocket your organic sales for amazon, cause that is where the money is. Focus on improve in your search term and track the metrics and you will be able to rank you product in no time.