If you are selling on or just thinking to start you online journey Amazon FBA this article will show exactly what you need to do in order Rank your product on the first page of Amazon faster than your competition. If you already started or thinking to start you business, there is no way you will be able to make a lot of money if you can’t rank your product on Amazon on it’s first page for your targeted search term.




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Simply starting your business by on Amazon by opening your own store will not make you successful. You need to find the right product to sell and private label your product to standout from your competition. If you can do that you will have a good chance building a profitable business in Amazon. But to become profitable in Amazon you have to make sure that your product shows up in the first page when a customer search to buy the product that you sell.

So why do you want to rank your product on the first page of Amazon. Well pretty simple. Research shows 80% of all clicks for majority of the products searches happens in the first page of Amazon. Only 30% people ever consider to go to page 2 to look over any products. With an estimation sales of $177.87 billion dollars in 2017 and holding the record breaking 43% of the all retail sales Amazon is the fastest growing, and biggest online retail store of the world. So if you considering to sell in Amazon and make a lot of profit there is no replacement for being in the first page of Amazon.

So, the million-dollar question is how to get a good rank on page one?

How does Amazon Product Search Engine Algorithm Work:

If you need to understand how you can rank a product in the first page of Amazon first you need to understand you the Amazon search engine work and how its algorithm works. Amazon is marketplace with millions of product with over 170 million monthly active customers. While people search in Google for solutions for problems, in Amazon people goes to buy product. Compare to google the conversion rate in Amazon is 80% more higher, since people goes to amazon with a buyer intent.

But how do amazon knows what to recommend their customers and what the customers are actually looking for?

The main mission of Amazon is to build the most customer centric marketplace in the world and the only way they can achieve that is by making the transaction easier for the buyer. Amazon recommends the product that’s low in cost and high in conversion.

Also, Amazon provides one click purchase option which let the people buy product instantly without going through the steps for checking out the product. Amazon stores the credit card information for the customers so they don’t have to pull out their credit card each time they want to buy something.

But how does the Amazon Brain works out to determine what the customer is looking for. Well Amazon uses technology call A9.

A9 is Amazon’s product ranking algorithm. A9 lists all the strategies that you can follow to make your product rank on the page one.

When a customer goes in Amazon and  Searches for a product to buy, amazon A9 takes the customers search terms and analyzes that search term to find the best matching product that customer is looking for.  A9 product algorithm analyzes the customers purchase behavior in which happens inside Amazon and comes up with the best matching recommendation for the customers. It records every customer’s behaviors and finds best match for the customers need. A9 is so advance sometimes based on the customers past purchases, it can determine what the customer came to purchase in the platform. Most of the time you will see the amazons recommendation section in the home page when you go to Amazon. A9 determines if you want to purchase a potential product or repurchase the same product again.

Also, A9 works for your product listing as well. When you list a product in Amazon Seller Central, the A9  gets to work. It goes through your product title, bullet points and the description of the product while Amazon indexes your product based on the product category. Once the customer searches for the product, the A9 algorithm goes out there and finds the product that matches with the customer’s search terms, the description of the product and the category of the product. A9 determines what to show to the customer based on few factors, which Amazon uses to rank your product.

Factors that Affect Amazon Product Ranking?

There are few main factors that really controls the the Amazon Ranking for a product to be listed in the first page of Amaozn. The reasons are:

  1. Sales Performance
  2. Conversion Ranking Factor
  3. Relevancy for the search term.

Sales Conversion:

The single most important thing is Amazon Ranking is sales. Every time you make a sale Amazon makes money, so its obvious that focuses on the sales volume comes first on ranking your product in the first page of Amazon. Now if you want to rank your product to the first page of Amazon, well you need to come up with strategies that will make your product getting sales. Take a look at the image below where I showed the sales volume using the JungleScout Chrome Extension  which shows the estimate sales volume for the kitchen category.

The best-selling products in Amazon in belongs to the Best Seller category, which gets hundreds of thousands of sales very month. These products belongs to the Amazon Best Sellers Category for the phone and accessories because they are selling such an high volume.

Conversion Rate:

Amazon studies the conversion rate to know about customer behavior. The factors that affect the conversion rate includes pricing, review from customers and quality of images.

Based on clicks to sales Amazon determines how well a listing is getting purchased by the customers. If 100 people clicking on a listing and 10 people buy, then the conversion rate is 10% which is what Amazon considers as the conversion rate. If your conversion rate is higher then your ranking will be higher in Amazon. Amazon takes conversion rate seriously, cause if the conversion for your product is higher then amazon will make more sell showing the product to similar customer who would be interested buying the same product.


A9 analyzes its product category list to see which product is relevant to the customer’s search term. Therefore, relevancy of a product determines the ranking of the product on page one. The factors that affect the relevancy for the Amazon ranking algorithm includes the title of the page, bullet point and the description of the product.

Also the search terms of the product listing from the seller central counts for the relevancy as well. Based on your recommended search term amazon shows the product to the customer when customer search for a product.

Other Top Ranking Factors on Amazon:

Other than sales, conversion rate, and relevancy, amazon emphasize few other factor that helps you to rank product on the first page of Amazon. I will try to explain a few that you will help you to increase your sales and rank your product higher in Amazon.

Product Pricing:

Product pricing is a huge factor for your ranking, the cheaper the product is the more you can sell. Simple as that. Also, to make the platform customer centric, amazon had to focus on what is preferable for the customers and the number 1 factor that amazon found is the product pricing. Amazon try to show the most relevant product to the customer based on the lowest to the highest pricing for the product listings.

Amazon’s focus is not making a huge profit in the front end, rather make the customers happy and make them repeatable and long term customers. So the search engine favors the customers need above the profit.

Reviews from customers:

Amazon was the first e-commerce company who came up with the customer review, since their earlier book selling days. It was the best and honest way they won a lot of their customer bases.The best part of buying on Amazon is that buyers can see the review of the products which was used by other customers.

If your product is getting good reviews from customers, there are chances that the new visitors will purchase your product. Therefore, getting positive reviews from customers can get you better sales and consequently high ranking.

Image Quality:

Customers that visit Amazon are somewhat in the mood to buy. They like to view all aspects of the product that they wish to buy. For this reason, it is imperative that the image size and quality are perfect. The hover-to-zoom feature has shown that conversion rates have increased since the time the feature was introduced.

It actually gives the visitors a detailed view of the product in question. Also it makes your product listing stand out from the crowd as well. So get high quality image done for your product listing, in Amazon and that will give you the extra boost you need to get more sales.

Optimized Product Listing:

It always helps to provide a good description of your products. Amazon allows you to have 200 characters for the Prodcut title. Use all the characters that you can fit in that product title box that was given by Amazon, but make sure all the keywords are related to the product.

Amazon also allows you to describe the product in bullet points. Since you have that flexibility, use keywords that describes your product and talks about the product features in details. Don’t make them too long. Keep them short and sweet and on point so that your customers won’t be pushed away.

When writing the product description, make sure to use keywords that describes that product, since amazon crawls your product description as well. Add all the product features and specification that will make it easy for amazon to recommend the product to your customers.

While listing the product, add targeted search term in the backend which could be searched by your potential customers. Make those search terms targeted and put yourself on the shoes of your customer. Add all the keyword that you can think. Also, you can use tool call Marchant Keywords, which gives you volume of related keyword when you are searching for the product using the main keyword for the product. Add as many as you can in the backend which will let amazon decide which keyword you should be ranked for.

How To Rank Product Fast In Amazon:

But now you will asking how you can get your product rank faster in Amazon. Well there is some legal ways you can rank your product faster in Amazon. So here are few ways that you can follow to rank your product fast:

Actively Run Amazon PPC:

If you have products in Amazon FBA you can then start running ads for Amazon in its platform. Once your product is Active in Amazon, run Amazon PPC to get some initial sells for the product. It will show your customer the product on the first page above all the organic searched product. That way you can get some initial sells for the product and if you are lucky you will be profitable on it.

Get Product Review:

There are ways you can get Amazon Product reviews legally Online. You can use a service call JumpSend to list and run promotion for your product. People will be able to buy your product is a cheaper price and will be able to do product reviews for your product as well. Simply register on JumpSend and run promotion for your product once it is available.

Also, after someone purchases your product, you will be able to send email to follow up with those customers and ask them for product reviews. I use a service call Salesbacker which sends out email to the customers who purchase my product and ask them for product reviews, 3 days after the customers receives the product. It is extremely helpful for your business so if you are just getting started selling on Amazon FBA as a new seller.

Run Promotion and Give Coupons:

Amazon has come up with the new coupon feauture that allows you to give discount to your customers. What you can do, while running ads for your product is giveaway coupon for the product, which will encourage your customers to buy the product, since you are discounting your product for the customers.

Final Words:

Now you know everything you need to know in order to Rank Product in Amazon First page. Don’t wait! Go out there and take action and in no time you will have your product listed, Up and Running in Amazon. Hope you will be able to use some of these techniques to list your product and rank it to the first page of Amazon.