In any aspect of life, whether business, education, or even just learning a skill, beginners always start from the ground up. To say that the business industry is tough, would be an understatement. And I’m not just talking about the competition. The process from planning to execution is a long and winding road.

I hate to break it to you, but having a vision is only the first step to getting a business up and running. Yes, you need to be hands-on with every aspect of it, but every once in a while, you need guidance from people with the experience and expertise in dealing with certain obstacles in business.




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Luckily, for business owners who use Shopify as their e-commerce platform, there is a designated place for business owners to seek help from experts on how to deal with the possible challenges that might come their way as they build their business on the web.

To the up and coming online business tycoons, I present to you the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

What’s the deal?

The Shopify Experts Marketplace is a centralized platform where you can get in touch with agencies and freelance business consultants to help you with concerns regarding setting up your business on Shopify. With this article, I will narrow down the details on how to use the marketplace right so you can find the expert that can address your needs.

The Shopify Experts

These experts of Shopify are reliable professionals who offer consultation and assistance to business owners. They don’t work directly for Shopify but they are skilled specialists who are qualified to assist business owners in their dilemmas. The marketplace is designed to make the search for these experts easier.

These professionals are carefully selected and reviewed before they are approved to join the marketplace. They can be developers, designers, marketing, and/or financial consultants who have the right knowledge in brand building and business management. From small to big projects and tasks, you can make use of the Shopify Experts Marketplace to find the help that you need. Even non-Shopify business owners can also use this service.

Want to set up your business but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has had that problem. The Experts Marketplace is here for you. You can be guaranteed with topnotch services from experienced freelancers who has undergone many projects and helped many clients take their businesses from idea to fruition. Having these people at your aid can help you efficiently establish your business. You can assign them tasks that you do not have both the technical knowledge and luxury of time to carry out.

These are the following services that are offered by the experts on the marketplace:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Store Set-up, Development, and Troubleshooting
  • Visual design content, Brand establishment
  • Content writing
  • Expert guidance and advice

The hiring and payment process on the marketplace operate through Shopify itself so you are definitely protected. Communicating with them will also be on Shopify – you won’t be having conversations with them outside of the Shopify platform. Like I said, everything is made simple and safe as well.

Looking for the right expert for you

Before a milestone is achieved, businesses go over and under hoops of challenges and setbacks. But these are all normal circumstances that occur as your business grows. There will be times when you will need professional help to navigate your way through the waves. Regardless of whatever service you might need, words from experts can go a long way in steering you towards the right way.

Here are a few things you need to prepare before going onto Experts Marketplace.

Set your budget

You should set the limit as to how much you are willing to spend for the service that you need. The marketplace displays the starting rates of the freelancers who specialize in the job.

Set your timeline

You also need to know the time when you’ll be needing this task to be done. Just be flexible with your time demand though, and it’s better that you hire early so you can have a lot of time to coordinate with the expert and enough time to actually get the job done right by the time you need it.

Know what your objective is

A clear vision of your end result will help the professional you hire as well. Determining what you want to achieve will get you a long way in establishing a firm foundation for your store.

Now that you know the job that you need done, these are the next steps to take.

Searching for the one

Shopify Experts Marketplace have categorizes to help sellers find the experts on the field that they require service for. From store building, visual branding, to marketing and sales, there is a category for the work that you need for your store. It has a filter system where you can narrow down the results. Then you can check the profiles of the freelancers who fit the description in your search. Their profiles are likened to a resume where you can read about their specialization, the work that they’ve done, and reviews from other stores who hired them. If you think they are right for the job, you can directly send them a quote request.

This process can be time-consuming and has the risk of inaccuracy. The person you reached out to may not be the right person for the job but they were among the ones that ranked first on the search results.

Making a job posting

On the marketplace, business operators can opt to create a job posting so you can be better connected to the people who may be right for the job. You can select the work you require, then further specify it. Like when you need some content written, you can then choose the kind of write-up you require. Afterwards, you can then input more details about the job, such as the budget, business size, medium and language to communicate in, or location preference of workers, so freelancers can see for themselves if they are suited to handle the job.

Shopify then automatically notifies the most well-suited professionals. Then they will be responding to the posting by reaching out to you. Then you can start discussing the specifics. This is a better option because you are able to talk to the workers one-on-one and then compare. They come to you and then you get to decide which of them is a good fit.

If you’re lost..

The Expert Guidance Service is available to offer advice to business owners who seem to have lost track of where they are going – which is a completely understandable thing to go through over the course of business establishment. These experts have profound knowledge and understanding of how the e-commerce system works so most likely, they know just how to formulate a winning plan, or get out of a disadvantageous situation, and even completely avoid one.

With their expertise, they can pinpoint weak points in your business strategy and suggest new ways to strengthen it. You’ll be surprised with the knowledge they can impart for the development of your business.

We all need help

Handling a business is never easy. And no one can do it alone – the overload of things to think about will overwhelm you. Especially with the e-commerce where there are many more factors that need to be considered, one way or another, you will need expert help. There are some things that only experience can teach you. Not everything has a YouTube tutorial.

Fortunately, Shopify, a leading online business platform, has come up with a way to help their business associates reach out to professionals easily through the centralized and simplified Experts Marketplace.