The biggest mistakes people make in the business world are this: they’re short sighted, they’re greedy, they don’t invest in the long term, they go after every opportunity out there, and they seek instant gratification. What we collectively need to do is stop doing every single one of these mistakes. Because that’s what they are from a business sense, mistakes. These aren’t going to grow your business to a sustainable level and they aren’t going to make you the type of income that you’re after. They’re going to make short term cash for more work than they’re worth, and more resources than you should be putting into something that isn’t going to continue making you revenue. A lot of people make these mistakes, and even the best business owners of our generation have made them. The difference is, the best of the best learned not to make them and worked hard to work past them instead, building an income that would work for them over time and continue to work for them as time went on. When we talk about business, that is the goal, and that’s why these mistakes are so bad for us as business owners.




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Stop Being Shortsighted:

As people, we’re all interested in a little instant gratification. Who doesn’t love instant rewards and that flash of excitement that comes with it? The problem is, when you’re looking for instant gratification, you’re not looking for long-term fulfillment. You’re starting out and you’re only thinking about the right now, but you want your business to be long lasting.

I have seen thousands of affiliates get burned due to the short sided vision for their business. Back in the days when ranking in Google was easier, affiliates would do all kind of dumb hacks. They would build site to push traffic to buy the product they were promoting. To get the result fast they would do all type of black hat tricks to get junk backlinks that would shoot your ranking for 24 to 48 hours but eventually Google penalized the crap out of these sites and they would lose all their traffic forever.

Believe me or not people still does things dumb hack, by knowing that Google knows that you really trying to do.

All the gimmicks and tricks that we’re told about, like buying a site that has an expired domain that was popular previously and revamping it, are just that: Gimmicks. These aren’t going to continue making you money. What they’re going to do is make you a little money, and then die off.

You want real results, and real results take real effort. Shady work gets shady results, so don’t only look to the right now. Look to the future, invest in your future, and work in a way that matters. You need to focus on the work that is going to do well for yourself in five years, not the work that’s only going to make you money for five minutes.

Invest in Long-Term Projects;

Another issue with being shortsighted is that it is incredibly expensive. When you’re working towards your future, you don’t want to burn through a lot of cash making money that’ll only last for right now. You want to invest in yourself so that your income can grow.

If you take the energy, the money, the resources, and the time that you’re putting into these shortsighted ideas and put it towards long-term projects, you will be far better off far faster not only financially but also with your own mind and body.

Lets look at some of the successful blogs in SEO space. Neil Patel, Backlinko, Seo Journal, SEO Engine, and MOZ they are all on the top because they have long term strategies. These sites  consistently gets millions of views per month because they have a long term vision and they keep putting in the work.

You can look at any business outside of SEO, such as Amazon, Microsoft or Apple, they took a long time build and became successful and stayed in the top because they kept focus on the end game, not gimmick. So focus on long term projects.

You’ll be happier, less stressed out, and more successful, all things that lead to a more rewarding life. So what you want to do is take that capital that you’ve been investing in short-term projects making you short-term income and invest it in your real future and long-term projects that will keep making you revenue six months from now.

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Don’t Be Greedy:

We all know the difference between a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker, and we all know the misconception that black hat hackers make more money. The truth is, that isn’t true. Avoid sites like WickedFire because while they may pay, they won’t continue to pay.

These black hat ideas are short-sighted, which we already know we need to avoid. They’re also incredibly greedy, causing you to chase after this idea of making tons of money with little work which just isn’t possible. A lot of these are nothing more than affiliate marketing gimmicks. Now, affiliate marketing can be a really wonderful idea, but when it has nothing but greed behind it, it just won’t go very far because every affiliate is only thinking of themselves and how they will further only themselves.

This isn’t building a real business, and it isn’t going to make you substantial income that you can grow and continue to live off of. The biggest problem, once again, is just how short-sighted this idea of instant gratification really is. You don’t want to be happy and successful for six months and then go back to where you started; you want to be happy and successful for six months and then continue to be happy and successful and continue to make more and more for your hard work.

Don’t just run with every idea you get, pick the ones that truly mean something and will really work to make you happy and successful.

Pick Your Opportunities Wisely:

“The biggest opportunity of the century comes every year.” Have you ever heard that saying? Everyone says that every great opportunity is the best great opportunity, but the truth is there are opportunities all the time.

Every day a new opportunity is out there for you, you just have to get involved with it. So, don’t get involved in every single one. Pick the ideas and the opportunities that are the best choices for you. Content marketing works because it compounds over time, it isn’t short sighted and short lasting like some other ideas out there, so that could be a good place for you to start looking into. When you do other ideas that aren’t long lasting, you’re basically building for someone else because it isn’t defendable, and it isn’t something you can keep up when a different opportunity comes along.

When you see an idea and an opportunity that you think could truly be big in five years, and especially when it has proven results over time the way content marketing does, jump on it immediately and get to work.

These are going to be long lasting, sustainable, great opportunities that, if you’re willing to work for it and not be greedy and seeking instant gratification, will truly make you successful.

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