Did you know that it’s possible to set up a shop on Facebook? You can, and it’s called Facebook Shop. There are over a billion people every day who log into Facebook. There’s an almost limitless amount of customers that you have exposure to. For some, a Facebook Shop is a no-brainer way of making money. You can set up your shop within a matter of days and get things rolling.




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There are numerous articles out there detailing the step by step process of setting up your Facebook shop. We’re not going to go over the technical side of that. The process is straight forward, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we’re going to cover something that few people talk about. This article is going to focus on you building your social media brand.

This is different in a sense than choosing a niche. When you’re marketing on social media, branding is everything. You want people to associate your content with a brand. It will cement you and your products in their mind. This is key as you want people to find your content useful and repost it. By reposting your content, it will organically get more views and will be seen as useful in the eyes of Facebook.

Being too vague will ruin your business:

You’re not Walmart, and you can’t have a Facebook Store that has a million different unrelated items. Variety may be the spice of life, but it doesn’t work very well when you’re trying to sell to a select few.

You want to sell items that are very specific to your brand. Casting as wide of a net as possible is not a good idea in this field. You want to be very specific and only cater to a certain crowd of people.

Your brand is your niche:

Let’s be clear about this. You do need a niche. However, your brand is a part of the niche. It is in the sense that all of your posts and products should revolve around a specific niche. If you sell camping gear, don’t include makeup. Be very niche specific when adding the items for sale at your store.

Have a very narrow focus on what you’re selling. Venturing too far off from your niche will result in low conversions. Someone who wants to buy a camouflage jacket isn’t going to purchase a cute kitten pillow.

Your Facebook account shouldn’t be only about promoting your store. You want to post content that is focused on your niche. You see, this is how you’ll get free traffic. You want to be seen as someone in your industry who knows what they’re talking about. The way you do that is by providing useful content that people enjoy. This is what most people aren’t going to tell you. They’ll say open up your store and let the flood of sales come in.

Build your brand before the store:

Social media is a tough nut to crack. If you only try to promote things for sale, you’re not going to get very far. You have to offer people something of value for them to follow you. The biggest mistake you’ll ever make is not putting forth the effort to establish yourself on social media. If you’re established, then the money will come in regardless of what you promote.

You could sell stuff at your store, digital products, or whatever. You first need people to sell things too. If you create a store and then work on building a following, then you’ve done it all backward. It’s not going to work unless you’ve got a tremendous amount of money to spend on advertising.

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Use other sources of social media traffic for your store:

For a moment let’s pretend that your niche is selling kitchen gadgets that make life easier for people. You should buy one of the gadgets and make a YouTube video of yourself using it. Then, you should promote your YouTube video with your other social media accounts. The real trick here is to include the URL of your Facebook Shop in the description box of the YouTube video.

If you share your YouTube video and people watch it, then it’ll rank higher in the search results. You’ll get organic YouTube traffic to your video, and the link will send people to your Facebook Shop. You can also promote your Facebook shop using your other social media accounts as well.

Promote your posts using Facebook ads:

There are several different ways of doing this. If you’re looking for a guerilla marketing approach, then promote your good content. Don’t only promote content that advertises your store. You may have better results promoting a piece of content that people within your niche would be interested in.

You could gain more followers going this route, and it will give you an opportunity to build a relationship with them. Facebook followers in some sense are like having people on your email subscription list. They might not buy anything today, but you have plenty of opportunities to sell to them later on.

Always be accessible to your audience:

This is the hard part, and it’s the one reason why most people fail. You don’t want to come across as being stale. Respond to comments made on your posts. You don’t have to spend all day crafting a novel-length response. You want people to know that you notice what they have to say. The problem with businesses who run social media accounts is they seem sterile. It’s like you’re talking into a tunnel when trying to reach out to them.

All you hear is the echo of your voice and nothing else. Don’t be one of those companies. If you don’t have the time to answer people, then you should hire someone. This isn’t going to be much of a problem until you’ve got a lot of followers interacting with your content.

If you do have a lot of people posting replies, then you’re probably making pretty good money with your shop. You can afford to take a little time out of your day to address the needs of your customers then.

Find others to collaborate and produce content with:

By now hopefully, you understand that content and sales go together hand in hand. They do if you want to build a lasting brand. The idea that you’re just going to go out there and create a shop and everything will sell like hotcakes is foolish. You may be able to squeeze out a few sales if you don’t build up your brand. You’ll have to rely on 100% of advertising and nothing else. Many of you aren’t going to have the money to do that when starting out.

Seek out people who you can collaborate with on content. It doesn’t just have to be people with a Facebook presence. You do want to work together with someone who has a following online. The goal here is to siphon off some of their followers to you. Hopefully, both of your accounts will get a boost in the process. Content collaboration is an excellent evergreen method of getting traffic over long periods.

YouTube by far is the best place to share the content you produce. Even if what you work together on isn’t video related, still make a video of it. You can make a behind the scenes video of whatever you’re doing. Don’t worry about it making sense or anything like that. People love watching videos, and it’ll get some extra traffic to whatever project your working on.

It’s all about you in the end:

Do you want to know the secret behind social media marketing? The real secret that no one is willing to discuss? Social media marketing is all about marketing yourself. People will buy your stuff because they like you. Build up a following and then sell to them. It’s as simple as that. They will buy from you if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to build the audience.

You first create your brand in the mind of your followers. Are you into skateboarding? If you are, then you build up a following of people who share your same interests. After you build up the following, then you sell to them. Your Facebook shop is the perfect place to make it happen.

Don’t put the cart in front of the horse. Social media is a fantastic way of building up a free source of traffic. Sure, you can buy traffic and send it to your Facebook Shop. But, that’s not going to produce long term results. It won’t be the sustainable source of income that you’re looking for.

Instead, work on creating a brand and a personality that everyone can identify with. Get like-minded followers who share the same interests that you do. After you’ve built up a decent following, then sell the community products they’re interested in.

The main reason why no one talks about this method of making money is that it takes work. Let’s be honest and say people online can be a very lazy bunch. If you follow this method, it’ll make you money. It’s not going to happen overnight.

You’ll make money and quite a few friends in the process. Some of those friends will be customers, and they’ll support your ventures online. They are the ones who will make it possible for you to live out your dreams.