These seven steps are what will work from the very beginning, even if you haven’t yet started your blog. These are going to help you create your blog or make an established blog more profitable. If you follow these steps, you will be able to start a blog with zero content and make a profit, but you must go in order.




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If you have an established blog, you’re going to want to start implementing the steps in order as well, but a lot of it by redoing what you’ve already implemented to fit these steps. We’ll start out with the very first step, which is keyword research, and go all the way through all seven to the last one, which is expansion.

Keyword Research:

The very first thing you’re going to want to do when starting a blog, the first step with SEO, is use UberSuggest or another keyword research tool like it and look for the keyword with the most traffic, least competition, and the highest CPC.

This will give you an idea of the keywords that will drive in the most traffic, as well as lead to the most revenue for you. When it comes to the CPC just keep this in mind: people are only going to pay to get more visitors if those visitors are worth more money.

Skyscraper Content:

Very first thing you want to do with step two is go to Google. Backlinko’s skyscraper technique, if you haven’t already heard of it, is something you are urged at this step to google and get to know as best you can, because it is everything to do with step two. Skyscraper content is so important with SEO because it is the most profitable way of releasing content, as well as the best for building upon your content and your revenue. So first thing: google ‘Backlinko skyscraper technique and research it, and then implement it.

The whole idea behind skyscraper content is to write content that sticks out from other content. Look at Wikipedia as an example. They rank high because their content keeps getting longer, building over time and continuing to make more revenue by providing more content. You can do this as well by just starting off and writing four or five pieces based on the top five keywords you previously picked out, so that you have a sort of queue ready to be posted and ready to make you traffic, which leads to money, right from the start. From there, set your posts up to be published over a period of time, and you’ve just gotten off to the best possible start.

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Share Content:

You have a blog, you have content, you’ve done all your research and gotten off to the best possible state. What’s next? Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement! You need to share your content yourself and see about getting others to share it also.

You can do this by going to something like BuzzSumo. What you want to do is go on there, see who shared similar content to your own, and then message these people. These people post content like yours, so hit them up and ask them to share your content as well. Tell them why your content is better, maybe it’s more thorough or it holds more information than the content they shared but give them a reason to share.

Not only does this get your content shared more widespread across the internet to reach more people and make more money, but it also creates valuable connections you can utilize again and again in the future, connections that can become revenue in the future.

You can also use this with websites that share articles like yours. Hit up different websites, point out that they previously shared content similar to yours, and see if they would be interested in sharing your article as well. Doing this is free and can help you get out there, starting a traffic stream you may not have been able to create just on your own. It is super important to use all of the resources out there for you, and the internet is a big one of those. Just by utilizing Twitter or utilizing your ability to look up shared posts, you can create traffic for free easily, which makes you more money in the long run.

Another way of doing this is by going to your competitors. Sounds crazy, right? Well hear me out: go to your competitors and compliment them. Tell them what their article covered. Tell them you’re a fan of their work, that you read it, and ask them if they would be willing to share your work in exchange for sharing theirs. Again, it’s a connection, and a new stream of traffic. The worst thing that can happen with any of these is simple: they say no. One no is worth the possibility of more traffic and more revenue, always.

Repurpose Content:

So, you have blog posts, you’ve promoted your posts, you’ve done the steps up until this point. What’s next? What you’re doing right now is creating a process, getting yourself out there, and letting people know what you’re good at. All you’re going to do next is continue that track and continuing working towards that goal.

Google the content reusage framework by Aleyda Solis and follow this next. You have a blog post, what can that blog post become? Maybe it would make a great video or a great podcast as well. So, do that! Repurpose your work to make the most out of it. With one blog post you can make three different forms of content at least, if not more by breaking it up into different sections.

This is going to again get your more traffic and more promotion which will make you more money, which is what all of these steps are about. Continue to use this framework over time and continue to make more content.

On-Page SEO:

You have to basics down, so it’s time to finetune your on-page SEO. Use the Yoast SEO plug-in or something similar to optimize your title tags, optimize your meta-descriptions, link the right keywords, do all of the things that is going to improve upon your content over time, so that you continue making more and more traffic and revenue off of the things you’ve already made.

You already put the time in and done the work, why not make the most of it? You can do this by ensuring your content lasts through the test of time by optimizing it continually. Just by making sure your on-page SEO is at its best, you’re going to do your best over time.


Now that you have all of your process and you’ve started a good flow, you need to leverage your time. Go to ProBlogger and hire people to create your content to leverage your time and your process, so that you can go and double down on what’s going on and make yourself more money. Suddenly, you have the ability to put out massive amounts of content while being able to effectively skip a full couple steps in the process, by jumping straight to promotion and optimization. This is going to save you time, which saves you money, while also making you a lot more money.


So now you have a full brand, ready to go. Go on UpWork or a site similar and hire translators. What you want to aim to do is expand internationally by taking your best content and translating it to other languages, to reach other areas and more people. Now, you don’t just need to hire for translation, but also for adaptation to their local market. What you make for the USA, for example, isn’t going to be exactly accurate and reflect to the best of its ability for the UK.

You want to hire translators who can do just that, for all areas of the world that you feel are going to make you the most money. Make sure you note what region you are targeting through Ahrefs! Now your content is going to skyrocket through other regions, and you’ll have made the most of everything you’ve created.