You want to start an online business want to make some money fast? Or you have heard about dropshipping and how you can sell product in your ecom store without owning any product up front. You have heard all the advantages about starting your online business with Shopify and how you can make money, but you have no idea what you gonna sell in your store.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

We if you are stressing yourself, trust me you ain’t the only one. I had the same problem when I got started. I have studied many gurus and shopify experts to learn different ways to find so called super profitable niches online. Thats good and dandy but the question raise on my mind how do I know that this niche will be working in my local market. Most of us advertise the product in USA, so we need to find the product and niches which has a solid data of selling in US market.

So I hacked my way running different types of experiment and I will share with you 3 ways you can find profitable niches whether you want to start dropshipping from AliExpress or run a Print On Demand ecom store.

What is A Niche?

A niche is simply a category. Niche groups various kind of product and service under a particular category. In ecommerce or for dropshipping, selecting a niche simply means, choosing product that falls under particular category.

There are literally hundreds of niches out there to chose from. You can blindly go after any niche but the chance to become successful is vary minimal. You have to be very careful when you start your ecommerce business online. Over 95% dropshippers fails in dropshipping cause they blindly go for niche that they think could work. Some come out to be successful and most fails.

I am not saying, I have not failed, but I learned from my mistakes.

I forced myself to rethink and became data driven rather than making decision using my emotion. Keep in mind you are building a business and the most important thing in business is data.

Today I will share with your 3 ways you can make data driven decision that will help you to become successful with dropshipping.

Method 1: Find Profitable Product Using Amazon:

Amazon, the world’s biggest ecommerce platform in the world. They have enormous amount of data and collection of product that is unmatch by anyone in the world. Amazon is where I found my hidden gems, hacking Amazon data probably given me my first AHA moment.

I literally knew that hacking Amazon’s data will give me the ultimate edge over 99% of the dropshippers online. So how do you find great product ideas for US market that you can dropship. Well its very simple.

First you find the best of the best that Amazon have to offer. Amazon Best Sellers page, where amazon is showcasing all the top selling product in their platform. You will literally going to see hundreds of categories and niches from the left hand side of the page and best selling product for each one of this niche.


Select any niche from hunderds of the given choice and you will see product that has thousands of reviews. You can also check the BSR’s of the product. BSR simply stand for best seller ranking. In a given day any product belongs to BSR between 1 and 100 makes hundreds of sales.

Now you might think that’s rubbish and how should I could know all that? Well I have a secret tool that I use to verify my niche and any product sales volume before I list that product in my store. I use a tool call Jungle Scout that spits out important data like estimates sales volume for most of the product listed in Amazon.

It’s a paid chrome extension that spits out the datas like estimated sales number and the monthly revenue for any give product. I know its not free but the investment is well worth. All you have to so is go to any specific niches and click on the chome extension from your browser.

And BOOM you will find out everything that you need to know about that product before start listing and promoting that product.

As you can see one of the best selling product Baby Carrier sales over 300 units per day and makes of $31k last month. It obvious that there is a market and demand for this product. That is solid history of this product being sold profitably in Amazon.

Now you can turn to website call AliExpress and find the same product in cheaper product, list it on your shopify store and run ads with confident cause you know there is a solid demand in USA market and you can take a little piece of the pie to make some good money via dropshipping.

Word of Caution, don’t be so sure you hit a jackpot once found a proven product in Amazon that sales. Still your sales depends on you product copy, marketing, targeting and building trust and repur with your customer. Don’t think for a single second finding the right product is everything. Your marketing and ads have to match with you target market.

Method 2: Use AliExpress to Find Hot Product that Sales:

AliExpress probably the biggest global e-commerce platform of the world. It’s gigantic and has as much or may be more customer data than Amazon. Even though its not all US market but you can find product in real demand from the worldwide customers. The process of finding product in AliExpress is very simple, but first you have to come up with a niche idea. You can use amazon to find a niche that you want research in.

Simply search the niche from the search bar and select the filter “Order” from the product result page. You will see the product that were sold most in AliExpress for that particular niche and what people are saying about those top selling product. Once you find any product with good review and that catches your eyes, simply list that product in your shopify store and mark the product with profit in mind.

That’s how simple it is.

Method 3: Find the Sales Record from Print on Demand Platform

Now the last method is mostly related to the people who wants to sell custom designed t-shitrt and other apparel on their shopify store. If you are thinking to sell custom designed apparel, you need to get deign ideas to put on those products. You have to make sure those designs are unique and has a emotional connection to your target market.

I am successfully doing print on demand for over 2 years now and here is how I found my best ideas based on data. I use a print on demand platform call GearBubble and then from the home page I select, the Top Sellers and New Releases to find product designs that killing it in the market.

I then take those design ideas and give that to my designer to remake a similar version of that design. Since I know the design already works in the market/niche, its less risky for me to go out there and spend money, because there is a sales proof. I use this method for past few years now and it works like a charm.

You can also use other print on demand platform to find design ideas, but since I am talking all about data driven search to find profitable product ideas, my method does not apply to any other platform as this moment.

Also, I hate to overcomplicate things, so I drive my business based on proven data. Hope some of the tricks will help you to make your decision as well, once you focus on data driven business approach.